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  List of Accepted Contributions - IS72 - ERE8/GMPV28 Advances in CO2 storage in geological systems (co-organized by ERE & GMPV)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Li, D.Y.; Liu, Q.F.; Gensteblum, Y.; Krooss, B.M.; Busch, A.
Methane and carbon dioxide thermodynamic and kinetic sorption/desorption behaviour of Chinese coals

Han, F.; Yang, J.; Liu, Z.; Busch, A.; Krooss, B.M.
Permeation of CO2 and methane in coal matrix blocks

Bachaud, P.; Berne, Ph.; Leclerc, J.P.; Renard, F.
Determination of the petrophysical characteristics of caprock samples for carbon dioxide storage in deep saline aquifers

Oppermann, B.I.; Michaelis, W.; Schulz, H.M.; Krüger, M.
Effects of Elevated CO2 Concentrations on Microbial Populations at a Terrestrial CO2 Vent at Latera, Italy

Faber, E.; Poggenburg, J.; Teschner, M.; Spickenbom, K.; Rann, N.; May, F.; Möller, I.
CCS-related experiences of near surface soil gas monitoring experiments

Kitamura, K; Xue, Z
Experimental study of residual CO2 saturation in the sandstones with different pore structures

Day, S.; Sakurovs, R.; Weir, S.
On the relationship between gases and their sorption capacity by coals (withdrawn)

Kühn, M.; Meyer, R.; Back, M.; Clauser, C.; Stanjek, H.; Peiffer, S.
Storage capacity of CO2 by mineral trapping in the hydrogeothermal reservoir structure at Stralsund, Germany

Jeandel, E.J.; Battani, A.B.; Sarda, P.S.
CO2 storage monitoring using noble gas geochemistry

Chiodini, G.; Baldini, A.; Caliro, S.; Cardellini, C.; Costa, A.; Folch, A.; Frondini, F.; Granieri, D.; Morgantini, N.
Degassing of natural geological CO2 in central and southern Italy: accumulation at depth and release at surface.

Geloni, C.; Marcolini, M.; Battistelli, A.; Gherardi, F.; Biagi, S.
Modeling of water-rock reactions driven by the injection of supercritical CO2 – H2S mixtures in a natural gas layer

Accornero, M.; Marini, L.
Improvement of the Pitzer thermodynamic database of the EQ3/6 software package for the geochemical modeling of geological CO2 disposal

Luquot, L.; Andreani, M.; Gouze, Ph.
Fluid-rock reactions along the CO2 migration pathway in limestone reservoir: experimental results and modeling

Cantucci, B.; Procesi, M.; Buttinelli, M.; Montegrossi, G.; Vaselli, O.; Quattrocchi, F.
Mineralogy and geochemical trapping of CO2 in an Italian carbonatic deep saline aquifer: preliminary results

Kempka, T.; Schlüter, R.; Kunz, E.; Golz, N.; Fernández-Steeger, T.
UCG-CCS - An economic and sustainable approach for future energy generation?

Wandrey, M.; Lerm, S.; Morozova, D.; Würdemann, H.
Characterisation of the microbial community of the CO2 reservoir in saline aquifer in Ketzin, Germany

Marcolini, M.; Geloni, C. ; Battistelli, A.; Gherardi, F.; Biagi, S.
Near wellbore processes and water-rock reactions driven by the geologic sequestration of dry CO2 in a natural gas layer.

Quattrocchi, F.; Buttinelli, M.; Procesi, M.; Cantucci, B.; Moia, F.
Development of an Italian catalogue of potential CO2 storage sites: an approach from deep wells data

Wollenweber, J.; Alles, S.; Busch, A.; Stanjek, H.; Krooss, B.M.
Mineral Alteration and Changes in Transport Properties in Caprocks due to CO2 Treatment – an experimental Study

Andreani, M.; Luquot, L.; Gouze, Ph.; Godard, M.; Gibert, B.
Experimental carbonation of peridotite by percolation of CO2-rich fluids at 160°C and 120 bars

Huet, B; Prevost, J; Scherer, G
Reactive transport modeling of cement degradation in brines: effect of pH and CO$_{2}$ content

Naderi Beni, A.; Kühn, M. ; Meyer, R.; Clauser, C.
Geological sequestration of CO2 in North Rhine Westphalia (Germany)

Annunziatellis, A.; Beaubien, S. E.; Ciotoli, G.; Coltella, M.; Lombardi, S.
Development of a rapid, low-cost technique for sensitive CO2 leakage mapping

Hoth, N.; Muschalle, T.; Kassahun, A.; Ehinger, S.; Seifert, J.; Schlömann, M.
Autoclave experiments in the system sequestrated CO2/ autochthonic biocenosis and formation waters/ rock material for the Upper Carboniferous sandstone gas reservoir Schneeren (NW-Germany)

Boschi, C.; Dini, A.; Dallai, L.; Gianelli, G.; Ruggieri, G.
The role of cyclic hydro-fracturing and Si-rich fluids on efficiency of serpentinite carbonation: the example of Malentrata magnesite deposit (Tuscany, Italy)

Ghergut, I.; Sauter, M.; Licha, T.
Single-well and inter-well spiking design for characterizing potential CO2 storage sites in deep geologic formations in Germany

Kopp, A; Class, H; Helmig, R
Dimensional Analysis on CO2 Injection Processes in Saline Geologic Formations

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