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  List of Accepted Contributions - ST5.3 Coupling processes in the middle atmosphere, thermosphere and ionosphere (co-listed in AS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Aburjania, G.D.; Chargazia, Kh.Z.; Lominadze, J.G.; Khantadze, A.G.; Kharshiladze, O.A.
The global weather forming ULF electromagnetic wave structures in the ionosfephere (withdrawn)

Kopnin, S. I.; Popel, S. I.
Dust acoustic mode in Earth’s ionosphere

Mahrous, A.; Radicella, S.
F2-Region Response to the Geomagnetic Storm of 21 October 1999 (withdrawn)

Offermann, D.; Jarisch, M.; Grossmann, K.U.; Donner, M.; Knieling, P.; Gusev, O.A.; Oberheide, J.; Russell III, J.M.; Mlynzcak, M.G.
The Wave Turbopause: Concept and consequences

Grieger, N.; Schmitz, G.; Achatz, U.; Becker, E.; Schmidt, H.
On the influence of the diurnal tide on mesospheric and lower thermospheric mean zonal wind

Chuo, Y.J.
Ionospheric responses to the 15-16 July 2000 magnetic storm in the western Pacific region

Haldoupis, C; Meek, C; Christakis, N; Pancheva, D; Bourdillon, A
Tidal effects on midlatitude sporadic E layers inferred from ionogram Height-Time-Intensity observations

Oberheide, J.; Offermann, D.; Russell III, J.M.; Mlynczak, M.G.
Multi-Year Comparison of OH*(3,1) Rotational Temperature and Kinetic Temperature from 15 um CO2 Limb Emissions in Nearly Coincident Air Masses

Verronen, P.T.; Seppälä, A.; Kyrölä, E.; Tamminen, J.
Mesospheric production of odd hydrogen during a solar proton event

Stober, G.; Jacobi, Ch.; Fröhlich, K.; Kürschner, D.
Meteor Radar Temperatures measured over Collm (51.3° N, 13° E)

Jacobi, Ch.; Fröhlich, K.; Viehweg, C.; Stober, G.
Correlation of midlatitude Mesosphere/lower Thermosphere Winds and Temperatures during Winter

Zherebtsov, G.A.; Pirog, O.M.; Polekh, N.M.; Romanova, E.B.; Tashchilin, A.V.; Shi, J.K.; Wang, X.
Modeling of season effects in storm time variations of ionospheric parameters in East Asia

Amory-Mazaudier, C.
Some ascpect of the coupling between Ionosphere with neutral middle atmospher and thermosphere

Krebsbach, M.; Preusse, P.; Ern, M.; Oberheide, J.; Eckermann, S.D.; Warner, C.D.; Picard, R.H.
Analysis of gravity waves (GWs) in mesospheric temperatures from SABER

Bencze (1), P.; Illés-Almár (2), E.; Almár (2), I.
Large amplitude neutral density waves in the thermosphere, effect of meteor trails?

Bencze (1), P.; Illés-Almár (2), E.; Verõ (1), J.
Coupling between the neutral upper atmosphere, ionosphere and inner magnetosphere

Balan, N.; Alleyne, H. ; Kawamura, S.; Aylward, A. D.; Hagan, M. E.; Nakamura, T. ; Yamamoto, M. ; Fukao, S. ; Oliver, W. L.
Simultaneous MLT and Thermospheric F-region Observations

Saetre, C.; Stadsnes, J.; Ostgaard, N.; Barth, C. A.; Bailey, S. M.; Germany, G.; Baker, D. N.
Electron precipitation – Energy deposition and chemical effects in the lower thermosphere

Luan, X.; Liu, L.; Wan, W.; Yu, T.
The shape factors of the electron density in topside ionosphere at two low-mid latitude stations in Asia

Tsutsumi, M.; Aso, T.; Hall, C.
Gravity wave analysis using Tromsoe meteor radar

Seppälä, A.; Kyrölä, E.; Verronen, P.T.; Sofieva, V.; Tamminen, J.; Hassinen, S.; Backman, L.
Observations of Energetic Particle Effects on the Stratosphere

Aruliah, A.L.
Thermospheric preconditioning of the ionosphere and response to geomagnetic activity

Ekeberg, J.; Belova, E.; Kirkwood, S.; Osepian, A.
EISCAT D-region spectral widths during a solar proton event as a diagnostic of atomic oxygen

Brattli, A.; Hoppe, U.-P.; Blix, T. A.; Lie-Svendsen, Ø.; Lübken, F.-J.; Rapp, M.; Singer, W.; Latteck, R.; Friedrich, M.
Polar mesosphere winter echoes: evidence for a turbulent process

TURUNEN, E.; Verronen, P. T.; Ulich, Th.; Rodger, C.
Sunset transition effects in the D-region ionosphere

Feofilov, A.G.; Kutepov, A.A.; Marshall, B.T.; Gordley, L.L.; Pesnell, W.D.; Goldberg, R.A.; Russell III, J.M.
Specifics of temperature retrievals in the polar summer mesosphere and lower thermosphere: application to TIMED SABER

Mutiso, C.; Azeem, S.M.I; Sivjee, G.G.; Shen, D.
Mesosphere-lower thermosphere coupling through tidal features observed in OH Meinel (6,2) and O2 atmospheric(0,1) nightglow emissions.

Kalogerakis, K. S.; Pejakovic, D. A.; Closser, K. D.
O(1D) Relaxation by O(3P)

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