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  List of Accepted Contributions - GM12 Dynamics of landscape transience (co-listed in GD)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Richardson, K.; Carling, P.A.
Hydraulics of supraglacial channels: effects of sinuosity and discharge on longitudinal dispersion: implications for bed rock channel evolution

Malverti, L.; Lajeunesse, E.; Metivier, F.
Response of an experimental micro-scale river to a vertical offset of its bed

Mohammadi, A.; Mosaedi, A.; Alaghmand, S.; Zlatic-jugovic, J.
Investigation on changes of the Gorgan River morphology in the vicinity of Gonbad City

Hobley, D.; Sinclair, H.; Cowie, P.
The role of knickzones in governing downstream channel evolution

Nield, J.M.; Baas, A.C.W
Modelling Vegetated Dune Field Response to Changes in Environmental Conditions

Lague, D.; Turowski, J.
Numerical modelling of transient bedrock channel dynamics and terrace formation

Stüwe, K.; Fabel, D.; Kusch, H.
Morphological evolution of the Mur valley, Austria. Constraints from cosmogenic burial ages

Hergarten, S.
Longitudinal river profiles as tectonic archives

Whittaker, A.; Cowie, P.; Attal, M.; Tucker, G.; Roberts, G
Characterising river response to active normal faulting: From transient landscape to topographic steady state.

Carcaillet, J.; Mugnier, J. L.; Chabreyrou, J.; Koçi, R.; Jouanne, F.
Tectonic, eustatic, and climatic controls on terrace development: the example of the Albanian terraces

Attal, M.; Tucker, G.E.; Cowie, P.A.; Whittaker, A.C.; Roberts, G.P.
Modelling fluvial incision and transient landscape evolution: reconciling theory and field observations

Cowie, P; Attal, M; Whittaker, A; Roberts, G; Ganas, A
Using non-steady state landscapes in active tectonic settings to quantify the effect of sediment flux in controlling bedrock incision rates

Turowski, J.M.; Hovius, N.; Lague, D.; Hsieh, M.-L.; Horng, M.-J.
Sediment Controls on Bedrock Channel Morphology

Turowski, J.M.; Lague, D.; Hovius, N.
Bedrock Channel Response to Tectonic Forcing

Haviv, I.; Enzel, Y.; Whipple, K.; Zilberman, E.; Ari, M.; Stone, J.; Fifield, K.
Controls on lip elevation, lip-to-toe height and rate of face retreat of vertical knickpoints

Van Melle, J. ; van der Beek, P.; Pêcher, A.; Latif, M.
Why is Deosai so high (and flat)?

Krugh, W.; Densmore, A.; Seward, D.
Range Scale Pattern of Denudation along the Ruby Mountains/East Humboldt Range, Nevada, USA; new insights from low-temperature thermochronology. (withdrawn)

Vassallo, R.; ritz, J-F.; braucher, r.; jolivet, m.; carretier, s.; larroque, c.; todbileg, m.; arzhannikova, a.; arzhannikov, s.; bourlès, d.
Incision of fluvial terraces within an uplifting massif in the Gobi-Altay mountain range (Mongolia) : deciphering between tectonic and climatic processes

Otto, J.C.
Paraglacial landform quantification in the Turtmann Valley, Swiss Alps

Francalanci, S.; Solari, L.
A monitoring activity on bedrock incision in the Cardoso River (Tuscany, Italy) (withdrawn)

Mugnier, JL; Granjeon, D
Fill terraces and evolution of river profiles in a mountain belt: a view from a numerical modelisation of the upper catchment of the Rio Pilcomayo (Bolivia)

Govers, G.; Van Oost, K.; Poesen, J.
Responses of a semi-arid landscape to human disturbance: A

Bell, R.; Hoffmann, T.; Meyer, N.
Transient perturbation of fluvial systems by landsliding: Examples from the Swabian Alb (SW-Germany)

Heyman, J.; Stroeven, A.P.; Hättestrand, C.; Harbor, J.; Zhou, L.P.; Dong, J.Y.; Li, Y.K.; Alexanderson, H.; Caffee, M.W.; Haizhou, M.
Landscape evolution of the northeastern Tibetan plateau – relict surfaces and fluvial margins

Barbour, J. R.; Stark, C. P.; Lin, C.-W.; Chen, H.; Zhong, H.; Horng, M.-J.
Planform and cross-sectional geometry of incising mountain rivers

Babault, J.; Teixell, A.; Arboleya, M.L.; Charroud, M.
Evidence for late Cenozoic surface uplift of the Atlas of Morocco

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