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  List of Accepted Contributions - SSS14 New frontiers in soil chemical analysis

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Mladkova, Z; Docekalova, H; Docekal, B
Effect of soil moisture content on the metal concentration measured by diffusive gradients in thin films technique (DGT) (withdrawn)

Shrestha, B. M.; Certini, G.; Forte, C.; Singh, B. R.
Soil organic matter quality under land use changes in a Nepalese watershed

Campbell, J. L.; Gellert, R.; Maxwell, J. A.; O'Meara, J. M.
The first “On-the-Spot" Determination of Water Content of Martian Soils

Conte, P.; Berns, A.E.
New understanding of cross-polarization dynamics in amorphous and heterogeneous natural organic substances

Zaichick, V.; Zaichick, D.
INAA and XRF Applications in the Assessment of Chemical Element Contents in the Topsoil of Moscow’s Park

Harutyunyan, D ; Ohanyan, I
The analysis of Persistent Organic Pollutants in the ground sediments in Kura River Basin by extraction Spectral-photometry

Deraed, C.; Tessadri, R.; Nehm, R. ; Cosnier, A. ; Vélasquez, S. ; Lebouil, S.
Geological samples by ACTIVA-M ICP-AES (withdrawn)

Carlsson, T.; Muurinen, A.
Redox Measurements in Water-saturated Bentonite

D’Acqui, L.A.; Pucci, A.; Calamai, L.
In situ characterization of SOM as revealed by coupled LTA-PAS-FTIR approach

Pinto, V.; Cremisini, C.
A rapid screening method for the evaluation of the mobility of “heavy metals” in contaminated soils

Santoro, A. ; Terzano, R.; Spagnuolo, M.; Fiore, S.; Blo, G.; Medici, L.; Ruggiero, P.
Assessing mercury distribution and speciation in the colloidal fraction of contaminated soils

Terzano, R.; Santoro, A.; Spagnuolo, M.; Ruggiero, P.; Vekemans, B.; Vincze, L.; De Nolf, W.; Janssens, K.; Denecke, M.A.; Mangold, S.
Mercury speciation in polluted soils by combined spectroscopic and microspectroscopic techniques employing synchrotron generated X-rays

Gomez-Tena, M.P.; Gazulla, M.F.; Zumaquero, E.; Machi, C.
The use of HT-XRD and TGA-EGA for complementary characterization on chromites

Gbefa, K; Dean, J; Entwistle, J; Ma, R
Bioavailability and bioaccessibility of Metals in the Environment using ICP-CCT-MS

Fiore, S.; Lettino, A.; Medici, L.; Santoro, A.; Terzano, R.
Trace elements in contaminated soils and sediments: microscopic chemical and mineralogical characterization of particles containing trace metals

Heltai, Gy; Flórián, K; Halász, G; Fekete, I; Rusnák, R; Remeteiová, D; Boková, V; Horváth, M
Comparative studies of different sequential extraction schemes for characterization of environmental mobility of heavy metals in soils, sediments and gravitation dusts

Kampfl, Gy.; Kristof , K.; Balint , A.; Torkos , K.; Debreczeni , K.; Heltai , Gy.
Correction of water interference in gas chromatographic measurements of N2O and CO2 of soil origin

Klaue, B; Houlahan, T
The rapid development of handheld x-ray fluorescence analyzers into a wide-spread essential field analysis tool for geological and environmental applications

Cristache, C; Duliu, O.G.; Margineanu, R.M.; Simion, C.A.; Matei, M.
Epithermal Neutron Activation Analysis and Radiometric Investigation of Slanic Prahova (Romania) salt mine evaporites

Papp, T.; Papp, A.T.; Maxwell, J.A.; Kawata, N.; Utaka, T.; Taniguchi, K.
Toward a maximum information utilization approach in EDXRF analysis of soil samples

Bayer, J.V.; Bryant, R.; Cheng, S.; Doerr, S.H.
Laser scanning confocal microscopy – soil particle fluorescence

Meheust, Y.; Fossum, J.O.; Knudsen, K.D.; Maloy, K.J.; Helgesen, G.
Mesoscopic changes of a model clay soil due to the microscopic swelling of its crystallites

Jakubowska, M.; Pasieczna, A.; Zembrzuski, W.; Lukaszewski, Z.
Thallium in fractions of soil formed on glaciofluvial sands and gravel of a Zn-Pb mining and smelting area

Andreu, V.; Rubio, J.L.; Pascual, J.A. ; Picó, Y.
Application of liquid chromatograpy/tandem mass spectrometry to pesticide residue determination l’Albufera lake (Valencia, Spain)

Kizek, R.; Trnkova, L.; Sileny, J.; Adam, V.; Hubalek, J.
Flow microsensors in analysis of heavy metal ions

Adam, V.; Kizek, R.; Trnkova, L.; Huska, D.; Hubalek, J.
Protein based biosensors in analysis of heavy metal ions

Trnkova, L.; Krizkova, S.; Sileny, J.; Hubalek, J.; Adam, V.; Beklova, M.; Kizek, R.
Detection of silver ions by means of electrochemical sensors

Lepane, V.; Hinnov, M.; Tõnno, I.; Alliksaar, T.
Spectroscopic analysis of chromatographically separated molecular fractions of sedimentary dissolved organic matter

Tamburini, F.; Bernasconi, S.M.; Frossard, E.
From marine to terrestrial ecosystems: Oxygen isotope geochemistry of phosphate as a tool to study P dynamics

Yamamoto, T.; Kudo, T.; Yamamoto, T.; Kawai, J.
Analysis of coordination environment of aluminum species in zeolites by X-ray fluorescence, XAFS and EXEFS

Figueiredo, M.O.; Silva, T.P.; Veiga, J.P.
Oxidation state and coordination of iron in red pre-soils: first results from a

De Giacomo, A.; Dell'Aglio, M.; De Pascale, O.; Senesi, G.S.; Zaccone, C.; Miano, T.M.
Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) application in monitoring of heavy metals polluted soils

El-Shishtawy, A.; Al-Dousky, B.; Salem, I.; El-Assy, I.; Aly, G.
Mineralogical and Geochemical Characteristics of Cretaceous Kaolin Deposits from West Central Sinai, Egypt

Bulgariu, D; Bulgariu, L; Rusu, C
separation and deterimination of si, Al and Fe speciation forms from soils by solid-liquid extraction and extraction in aqueous PEG-based two-phase systems

Bulgariu, D; Bulgariu, L; Rusu, C
The study by Raman and FTIR spectrometry of structure and stability of organic-minerals combinations from soils

Goettlicher, J.; Steininger, R.
Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory for Environmental Studies: A combinatory approach with X-ray methods

Fiala, K.; Krhovjakova, J.
Application of loss-of-ignition method to the soil organic carbon determination

Ghirlanda, S.; Henderson, S.E.; Carlson, R.E.; Richter, B.E.; Cavalli, S.
Advances in Automated Sample Preparation

Ghirlanda, S.; Henderson, S.E.; Carlson, R.E.; Richter, B.E.; Cavalli, S.
Innovations in Solvent Extraction: Evolution you can see

Lind, O.C.; Strømman, G.; Skipperud, L.; Rosseland, B.O.; Janssens, K.; De Nolf, W.; Jaroszewicz, J.; Burkitbayev, M.; Salbu, B.
Speciation and source identification of U from contaminated TENORM sites

k.muraoka, k.m.; y.araki, y.a; n.kawada, n.k.; t.papp, t.p.; t.utaka, t.u.; k.taniguchi, k.t.
Analysis of Hazardous Elements in Soil

Kukushkin, S.A.; Moos, E.N.; Seltser, I.A.
Electron Emission under X-rays

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