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  List of Accepted Contributions - PS3.1 Mercury

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Koch, Ch.; Christensen, U.R.; Kallenbach, R.
Extraction of tidal Love number and forced libration amplitude of Mercury from synthetic laser altimetry records

Marti, K.; Gunderson, K.; Seiferlin, K.; Thomas, N.
The BepiColombo Laser Altimeter Rangefinder Electronics

Echer, E.
Foreshock and magnetosheath waves at Mercury studied with wavelet analysis (withdrawn)

Kallio, E.; Jarvinen, R.; Janhunen, P.; Liu, K.
Induced magnetic field within Mercury

Kameda, S; Yoshikawa, I; Nozawa, H; Ono, J
Temporal variability in Mercury's exospheric sodium density

Travnicek, P.; Schriver, D.; Hellinger, P.; Hercik, D.; Slavin, J.A.; Anderson, B.J.; Acuna, M.H.; Krimigis, S.M.; Solomon, S.C.; Zurbuchen, T.H.
Case study of the structure of Mercury's magnetosphere: Comparison of three dimensional hybrid simulations with observations during MESSENGER's first Mercury flyby

Ferrandiz, J.M.; Barkin, Yu.V.
Generalized Cassini’s motion of Mercury with liquid core and its librations

Laurenza, M.; Storini, M.; Gardini, A.
SEP contribution to Mercury’s fluorescence [*]

Zurbuchen, T.H.; Raines, J.M.; Gloeckler, G.; Kabin, K.; Krimigis, S.M.; Slavin, J.A.
First Ion Plasma Measurements in the Mercury Magnetosphere

Livi, S.A.; Ho, G.; Haggerty, D.
STROFIO: Exospheric Sampling of Mercury's Surface Composition

Sasaki, S.; Hiroi, T.
Difference of space weathering among the Moon, Mercury, and asteroids

Borin, P.; Cremonese, G.; Marzari, F.
Statistical analysis of micrometeoroids flux at the heliocentric distance of Mercury

Erard, S.; Bézard, B.; Despan, D.; Doressoundiram, A.; Vernazza , P.
Resolved NIR spectra of Mercury

Sprague, A.L.
Mercury: A Review of Observed Characteristics and Formation Possibilities

Iafolla, V.; Fiorenza, E.; Lefevre, C.; Nozzoli, S.; Peron, R.; Persichini, M.; Reale, A.; Santoli, F.
The ISA accelerometer: fundamental support to the BepiColombo mission for the exploration of planet Mercury

Saito, Y.; Sauvaud, J. A.; Hirahara, M.; Barabash, S.; Delcourt, D.; Takashima, T.; Asamura, K.
Mercury Plasma/Particle Experiment (MPPE) onboard BepiColombo/MMO

Rivoldini, A.; Van Hoolst, T.; Verhoeven, O.
The Interior Structure of Mercury

Rothery, D. A.
The global average crustal composition of Mercury – a useful measurement or not?

Mura, A.; Wurz, P.; Lammer, H.; Milillo, A.; Orsini, S.; Lichtenegger, H.; Schleicher, H.; Massetti, S.
The Sodium exosphere of Mercury. Comparison between observations and model

Donaldson Hanna, K. L.; Sprague, A. L.; Kozlowski, R. W.; Helbert, J.; Maturilli, A.; Hora, J. L.; Grosse, F. A.; Boop, T.
Mg-rich mineralogy and K-spar west of Caloris Basin on Mercury's surface

Solomon, S. C.; McNutt Jr., R. L.; Bedini, P. D.; Finnegan, E. J.; the MESSENGER Team
MESSENGER’s First Mercury Flyby: An Overview of Observations

Kozyrev, A; Mitrofanov, I; Litvak, M; Rogozhin, A; Sanin, A; Tretyakov, V; Gurvits, L; Schvetsov, V; Mokrousov, M
Mercury gamma-ray and neutron spectrometer (MGNS) for exploration of Mercury subsurface composition onboard ESA BepiColombo mission

Blomberg, L. G.; Cumnock, J. A.; Glassmeier, K.-H.; Treumann, R. A.
Plasma waves in the Hermean magnetosphere

Iess, L.; Milani, A.; Tommei, G.
Precise orbitography of BepiColombo and the determination of Mercury's gravity field.

Benkhoff, J
BepiColombo- A mission to explore Mercury

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