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  List of Accepted Contributions - HS29 Lakes and enclosed seas under anthropogenic pressure (co-listed in BG & OS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Zavialov, P.
Quasi-synoptic hydrographic survey in the Western and Eastern Aral Sea in the fall of 2005

Ni, A.; Ishniyazov, D.; Tomashevskaya, I.
Metamorphization of the salt composition of the Aral Sea during the desiccation of the sea

Kurbaniazov, A.; Kurbaniyazov, S.
Anthropogenic contamination of ground water in the area of newly dry bottom of the Aral Sea

Matchanov , A.; Kurbaniazov, A.; Kosnazorov, M.
Present state of the collector-drain waters of the Aral Sea basin and their link to lakes and reservoirs of Karakalpakstan

Kurbaniyazov, S.
Recent hydrological and geochemical changes of lake Kyzyl-Kul (southern Kazakhstan)

Sapozhnikov, Ph.; Simakova, U.
Present-day state of benthic algal coenoses of Aral Sea

Khan, V.; Zavialov, P.; Ni, A.; Petrov, M.
Temporal variability of snow characteristics over the Aral Sea region based on surface measurements, NOAA satellite, and reanalysis data

Belokopytov, V; Sergeeva, O; Gorbunov, V; Turner, T; Roddie, B
Caspian biodiversity information system (withdrawn)

Alpar, B.; Unlu, S.; Kirbasoglu, C.
Records of anthropogenic pollution in sediment of Gemlik Bay (Marmara Sea, Turkey) during the last 15 years

Unlu, S.; Topcuoglu, S.; Alpar, B.; Kirbasoglu, C.; Yilmaz, Y.Z.
Hydrological processes and sediment pollution in the semi-enclosed bays of the Marmara Sea, Turkey

Stanichny, S; Burduygov, V; Soloviev, D; Stanichnaya, R
Satellite observations of the processes in the Aral Sea. (withdrawn)

Naftz, D.; Waddell, B.; Darnall, N.; Perschon, C.; Garbarino, J.
Great Salt Lake, United States: Evidence of anthropogenic pressures to the fourth largest terminal lake in the world

Junge, F.W; Hanisch, Chr.; Kuchenbuch, V.; Wennrich, R.; Zerling, L.
The Osternienburg Lakes – geochemistry and development of a post mining lake site in Central Germany

Kashulin, N.A.; Shumilov, O.I.; Kasatkina, E.A.; Vandysh, O.I.; Sandimirov, S.S.
Heliogeophysical and man-made effects on zooplankton communities of the Imandara Lake (Kola Peninsula, Russia), 1993-2003

Nguyen, A.D.; Savenije, H.H.G; van der Wegen, M.
Effects of horizontal residual circulation on salinity distribution in estuaries

Jago, C.F.; Ishak, A.K.; Goff, M.R.G
An ephemeral estuarine turbidity maximum generated by resuspension of biological material in a macrotidal estuary. (withdrawn)

Gorelkin, N.; Kudyshkin, T.
Water budget of the Aral Sea at the beginning of the millenium

Pinkhasov, B.; Pryadunenko , T.; Esenbaev , G.; Izteleulov , M.
Groundwater component in the Aral Sea water budget

Beldowski, J.; Pempkowiak, J.
Changes of sedimentary mercury speciation and bioavailability in the course of coast to basin transport

Zaborska, A.; Papucci, C.; Pempkowiak, J.
Sediment characteristics and sediment biota interections in an Arctic fjord

Lensky , N.G.; Dvorkin, Y.; Lyakhovsky , V.; Gertman , I.; Gavrieli , I.
Water, salt and energy balances of the Dead Sea

Normatov, I.Sh.
Ecological Aspects of Water Resources Management in Aral Sea basin

Gavrieli, I.; Lensky, N.G.; Dvorkin, Y.; Gertman, I.; Lyakhovsky, V.
The Dead Sea: a highly disturbed water balance, outcomes and possible solutions

Friedrich, J.; Delacruz, J.; Gilbert, A.; Mee, L.
Analyzing Ecosystem State Changes on the North-Western Black Sea Shelf with Conceptual Models

Dvorkin, Y.; Lensky, N.; Lyahovsky, V.; Gertman, I.; Gavrieli, I.
The necessity of salt precipitation for the Dead Sea modeling

Andersson, P.; Andersson, L.
Long term trends in the seas surrounding Sweden. Part one - nutrients

Kostianoy, A.; Lebedev, S.
Sea level variability in the Caspian Sea

Staneva, J.; Kourafalou, V. ; Stanev, E.; Tsiaras, K.
The response of the Black Sea shelf ecosystem to anthropogenic forcing

Tse, K. C.; Jiao, J.; Leung, J.; Zhang, Y.
Preliminary study of submarine groundwater discharge in Tolo Harbour, Hong Kong

Chiu, A.; Tse, K. C.; Leung, J.K.C; Jiao, J.
2 dimensional particle tracking model ¡V Prediction of movement of dissolved particles in Tolo Harbour, Hong Kong

Valdmann, A.; Kask, A.; Kask, J.; Rannat, K.
Sustainable planning of underwater sand mining and beach protection in vulnerable semi-enclosed sea areas under heavy anthropogenic pressure

Ghadouani, A.; Pinel-Alloul, B.; Prepas, E. E.
Forest harvesting as a trigger to toxic algal blooms; implications for lake foodwebs

Sokoletsky, L.; Kokhanovsky, A.
Spectral diffuse reflectance of Dead Sea

Abdoulaev, S.
A rapid transgression of suburban lake: anthropogenic or natural causes?

Jung, S.; Winiarski, T. ; Dorioz, J.M.; Tassin, B.
Impact of urbanisation on a lacustrine environment through sediment analysis

Closter, R. M.; Guldberg, A.
Influence of weather on lake thermal stratification: A case study by model simulation from 1953 to 2005 on the Danish lakes Esrum Sø And Store Gribsø

Gertman, I; Hecht, A; Murashkovsky, A; Lensky, N
Hydrometeorological Monitoring of the Dead Sea

Lane, A
Lagrangian sediment modelling for estimating bathymetric evolution of the Mersey Estuary (UK)

Feola, A.; Caylor, K.; Rodrguez-Iturbe, I.; Paola, C.; Marani, M.; Rinaldo, A.
Delta geomorphological patterns

Kulaksiz, S.; Bau, M.
Estuarine behaviour of anthropogenic Gadolinium as compared to natural Rare Earth Elements and its input into coastal seawater

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