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  List of Accepted Contributions - GMPV4 Mantle metasomatism in intra-plate and suprasubduction settings

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Orejana, D.; Villaseca, C.; Paterson, B.A.
Heterogeneous metasomatism in cumulate xenoliths from the Spanish Central System: implications on percolative fractional crystallization of lamprophyric melts

Orejana, D.; Villaseca, C.
An enriched heterogeneous mantle beneath the Spanish Central System: inferences based on the composition of the Permian alkaline lamprophyres

Khazan, Y.
Distribution of trace elements between the mantle rock minerals: observational evidences of diffusive equilibrium and its implications

Ashchepkov, I.V.; Vishnyakova, E.V.
Monomineral ilmenite thermo- and oxybarometry and it’s application to reconstruction of the magmatic systems and metasomatism within the mantle ńolumns of Siberian platform

Beccaluva, L.; Azzouni-Sekkal, A.; Benhallou, A.; Bianchini, G.; Ellam, R.M.; Marzola, M.; Siena, F.
Geochemical evidence of strongly alkaline-carbonated HIMU metasomatism in mantle xenoliths from the Manzaz-Atakor District (Hoggar, Algeria)

Beccaluva, L.; Bianchini, G.; Ellam, R.M.; Marzola, M.; Oun, K.M.; Siena, F.
Metasomatic events in the lithospheric mantle beneath NW Libya: petrological evidence from the Gharyan peridotite xenoliths

Ishimaru, S.; Arai, S.
Geochemical characteristics of highly depleted harzburgite from mantle wedge beneath Avacha volcano, the southern Kamchatka arc, Russia

Arai, S.; Ishimaru, S.
Petrological characteristics of the mantle wedge deduced from peridotite xenoliths from arcs

Jagoutz, O.; Schaltegger, U.; Müntener, O.; Burg, J.P.
The long-term temporal evolution of the sub-arc mantle: Isotopic evidence for continuous mantle source enrichment

Gasperini, D.; Bosch, D.; Braga, R.; Bondi, M.; Macera, P.; Morten, L.
Petrological and geochemical evidence for multiple metasomatism of the SE Alps mantle lithosphere

Faccini, B.; Bonadiman, C.; Coltorti, M.; Ntaflos, T.; Siena, F.
Subduction-related and intraplate metasomatism in Kapfenstein lithospheric mantle (Styrian Basin, eastern Austria)

Ismail, M; Delpech, G; Moine, B; Grégoire, M; Bilal, A; Cottin, J.Y
Petrological and geochemical constraints on the composition of the lithosphere beneath the Syrian rift

Dantas, C.; Gregoire, M.; Koester, E.; Conceicao, R.V.; Mallmann, G.
Nature and evolution of the lithospheric mantle beneath the Somoncura Plateau, Northern Patagonia (Argentina): evidence from mantle xenoliths sampled by alkaline lavas.

Cvetković, V.; Höck , V.; Downes, H.; Prelević, D.; Lazarov, M.
Mantle evolution in a collision-related setting: from depletion in a suboceanic arc environment to re-fertilization in an intracontinental setting – the example of East Serbian lithospheric mantle

Langlade, J.A.; Dantas, C.; Gregoire, M.; Ceuleneer, G.
Nature and evolution of the lithospheric mantle beneath the passive margin of East Oman: evidence from mantle xenoliths sampled by alkaline lavas.

Ntaflos, Th.; Tschegg, C.; Akinin, V.; Coltorti, M.; Kosler, J.
Spinel lherzolites from the lithospheric Mantle part of the paleo-Pacific Plate in Viliga, NE-Russia.

Neumann, E.-R.; Simon, N.S.C
The abyssal Mantle Lithosphere as indicated by Xenoliths from Ocean Islands

Perinelli, C.; Orlando, A.; Conte, A.M.; Borrini, D.; Armienti, P.
Metasomatism induced by alkaline magma on upper mantle of the Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica): an experimental approach

Perinelli, C.; Sapienza, G.T.; Armienti, P.; Morten, L.
Metasomatism in the Hyblean upper mantle: evidence from pyroxenes and glass in peridotite xenoliths

Touron, S.; Renac, C.; O’Reilly, S.Y. ; Cottin, J.Y.; Griffin, W.L.
Characterisation of metasomatic agent using in-situ trace-element and stable isotope compositions in mantle xenoliths from Devčs, Massif Central (France)

Arndt, N.T.; Boullier, A.-M.; Clement, J.-P.; Dubois, M.; Schissel, D.
What olivine, the forgotten mineral, tells us about kimberlite petrogenesis

Perinelli, C.; Conte, A.M.; Dolfi, D.; Gaeta, M.; Misiti, V.; Mollo, S.; Scarlato, P.
Experimental phase relations and liquids evolution of the Roman Province ultrapotassic magmas

Pearson, N; Griffin, W; O'Reilly, S; Alard, O
New insights into mantle metasomatism using in-situ isotopic analysis

Malkovets, V.G.; Litasov, K.D.; Griffin, W.L.; O'Reilly, S.Y.
Armalcolite and rutile-bearing mantle peridotites, Vitim volcanic field, South Russia: petrography and mineralogy

Chauvel, C; Marini, J-C; Kelley, K.A.; Plank, T; Ludden, J
Oceanic sediment contribution to the chemistry of island arcs and mantle evolution

Batanova, V.G.; Brügmann, G.E.; Raczek, I.; Bazylev, B.A.; Sobolev, A.V.; Kamenetsky, V.S.; Hofmann, A.W.
Mineral composition and isotope geochemistry of Mamonia peridotites (Cyprus).

Galán, G; Oliveras, V; Paterson, B
Types of metasomatism in ultramafic xenoliths enclosed in Neogene Quaternary alkaline mafic lavas from Catalonia (NE Spain)

Vils, F. A.; Pelletier, L.; Kalt, A.; Müntener, O.; Ludwig, T.
Light element (Li, Be and B) concentrations in peridotites from the Mid-Atlantic-Ridge; ODP Leg 209

Carpentier, M.; Chauvel, C.; Mattielli, N.
Sedimentary input flux in the Lesser Antilles arc system

Nazzareni, S.; Comodi, P.; Braga, R.; Morten, L.; Cera, F.
Mantle-fluid interaction in soprasubduction continental slab: evidences from crystal-chemistry of hydrous phases in the Ulten Zone peridotites (Eastern Italian Alps)

Paludetti, L.; Bonadiman, C.; Coltorti, M.; Duggen, S.; Thirlwall, M.; Upton, B.G.J
Pre-Mesozoic metasomatized lithospheric mantle beneath the Scottish Highland Terrane

Seghedi, I.; Ntaflos, T.; Pecskay, Z.
Pleistocene lamproite occurrence at the southeastern edge of Pannonian Basin (Romania): evidence for an enriched lithospheric mantle source

Labanieh, S; Chauvel, C; Wulput, L; Maury, R
Isotopic constraints on the origin of high-alumina and high-magnesia basalts in the southern Lesser Antilles arc

Kocks, H.; Meisel, T.; Melcher, F.; Burgath, K.
PGE- and Os-isotope data of chromites in the Shebeniku ophiolitic complex, Albania: evidence for two stage melting in a supra subduction zone environment

Demény, A.; Casillas, R.; Vennemann, T.W.; Hegner, E.; Nagy, G.; Ahijado, A.; De La Nuez, J.; Sipos, P.
Plume-related stable isotope compositions in the seamount series of La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

de Hoog, J.; Vrabec, M.; Janák, M.
Eclogites and Garnet Peridotites as recorders of partial melting and metasomatism during continental subduction: Examples from Pohorje Mts., Slovenia

Yamamoto, S.; Takafuji, N.; Komiya, T.; Maruyama, S.
Diopside and coesite exsolution lamellae in Cr-spinel from Podiform Chromitite in the Luobusa Ophiolite, Tibet

Martins, S.; Mendes, M.H.; Mata, J.; Munhá, J.; Caldeira, R.
Mantle metasomatism (carbonatitic?) at Santiago Island (Cape Verde)

Carbonatite melt in the Indian oceanic upper mantle (Kerguelen Archipelago, TAAF)

Piccardo, G.B.; Zanetti, A.
The extreme heterogeneity of the ophiolitic peridotites from the Jurassic Ligurian Tethys: causes and consequences.

Bouilhol, P.; Jagoutz, O.; Burg, J-P.; Schmidt, M.W.; Bodinier, J-L.; Hussain, S.; Dawood, H.
Arc mantle processes in the ultramafic rocks of Sapat (Kohistan-Pakistan)

Sprung, P.; Schuth, S.; Münker, C.; Hoke, L.
Intraplate Volcanism in New Zealand: The Role of Fossil Plume Signatures and Lithospheric Properties

Piccardo, G.B.; Spagnolo, G.; Zanetti, A.
Structural and compositional effects of melt-peridotite interaction: the reactive peridotites of Mt. Arpone (Lanzo South – Western Alps).

Dantas, C.; Rieck Jr, N.; Conceicao, R.V.; Koester, E.; Schilling, M.; Gregoire, M.
Lithospheric mantle beneath Cerro de los Chenques documented by xenoliths from alkali basalts, Patagonia, Argentina.

.Afanasiev , V.P; Ashchepkov , I.V.; Palessky, S.V.
Trace elements and PT conditions of pycroilmenites and pyropes from Archangelsk region.

Van den Bleeken, G.; Müntener, O.; Ulmer, P.
Melt impregnation and reaction processes in the thermal boundary layer: An experimental investigation

Toksoy-Köksal, F.; Göncüoglu, M.C.; Oberhaensli, R.
Hydrous aluminosilicate metasomatism in an intra-oceanic subduction zone: implications from the Kurancali ultramafic-mafic cumulates within Alpine Neotethys Ocean, Turkey (withdrawn)

Delpech, G.; O'Reilly, S.Y.; Moine, B.N.; Grégoire, M.; Cottin, J.Y.; Pearson, N.J.
In-situ major, trace elements and Sr isotopes in clinopyroxenes from the oceanic lithosphere beneath Kerguelen Islands (Indian Ocean)

Deschamps, F.; Delpech, G.; Chopin, F. ; Cottin, J.Y.; Arndt, N.T.; Coltorti, M.; Bonadiman, C.
The 28 Ma Mont Havergal flood basalts sequence : insight into old flood basalt genesis on the Kerguelen Archipelago (South Indian Ocean)

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