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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH2.2 Flood risk and uncertainty (co-listed in GM & HS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Faulkner, H.; Parker, D.; Green, C.; beven, K.
Developing a translational discourse to communicate uncertainty in flood risk

Viviroli, D.; Weingartner, R.; Gurtz, J.
Flood estimation in ungauged Swiss catchments using process-based continuous modelling

Di Baldassarre, G.; Castellarin, A.; Montanari, A.; Brath, A.
Flood risk management: 2D inundation modelling for evaluating resilience strategies

Kuchment, L.S.; Gelfan, A.N.
Estimating extreme floods of low probabilities by a physically-based model of snowmelt runoff formation combined with a stochastic weather generator

Drescher, A.; Glaser, R.; Pfeiffer, C.; Vencatesan, J.; Glaser, S. ; Lechner, M.; Schliermann-Kraus, E.; Dostal, P.
Risk assessment of extreme precipitation in the coastal areas of Chennai as an element of catastrophe prevention (withdrawn)

Lindquist, E.
Interdisciplinary study of urban flooding: a focusing event perspective

McMillan, H. K.; Brasington, J
End-to-end flood risk assessment: A coupled model cascade with uncertainty estimation

Abghari, H; van de Giesen, N.C; Mahdavi, M; Fakherifard, A; Nouri, M
Hydraulic modeling and GIS analysis for flood-hazard risk management for the Jajrood River, Iran

Buchwald, I.; Ebner von Eschenbach, A.-D.; Haberlandt, U.; Belli, A.
Continuous Rainfall Runoff Modelling using different synthetic Precipitation Data for Derived Flood Frequency Analysis

Steinweg, C.M.; Lansink, J.; van Reedt Dortland, M.W.J; Hoekstra, A.Y.; Booij, M.J.; de Kok, J.L.
Compartmentalization: reducing risk and overcoming uncertainties

Büttner, O.; Schulz, M.; Matthies, M.; Böhme, M.; Rode, M.
Uncertainty analysis of pollutant dispersal during extreme floods

Sordo, A.; Jiménez, A.; Garrote, L.; Martín-Carrasco, F.
Accounting for reservoir management strategies in flood risk assessment

Di Crescenzo, G. ; Faillace, P. ; Romano, P.; Santangelo, N.; Santo , A.; Scorpio, V.
Alluvial fan flooding scenarios in southern Italy.

Beven, K J; Young, P C; Leedal, D T; Romanowicz, R
Computationally efficient flood water level prediction (with uncertainty)

Smith, P; Beven, K; Tych, W; Hughes, D; Blair, G
A step towards detailed local flood warnings - The GridStix project.

Ravazzani, G.; Mancini, M.
New trends in flood hazard mapping in urban area

Reusser, D. E.; Herrmann, U. ; Kreibich, H.; Zehe, E.
Flood forecasting for decision makers: coupling uncertain flood predictions with a flood loss model.

Stijnen, J.W.; Maaskant, B.; Silva, W.; Slootjes, N.
Towards a different safety standard in the Netherlands? Uncertainty analysis in a flood-risk approach

Palla, A.; Lanza, L.G.; La Barbera, P.
Green roofs efficiency scenarios in preventing localised flooding in a Mediterranean urban catchment

Hundecha, Y.; Pahlow, M.; Dietrich, J.; Klein, B.; Schumann, A.; Kufeld, M.; Reuter, C.; Schuettrumpf, H.; Hirschfeld, J.; Petschow, U.
Development of an integrated and interdisciplinary flood risk assessment instrument: the River Unstrut study

Schipper, J.W.; Kunz, M.; Mueller, M.; Assmann, A.; Krahe, P.; Rachimow, C.; Daamen, K.; Bliefernicht, J.; Ebert, C.; Hennersdorf, J.
EC FP6 Integrated Project - PREVIEW: Short-range plain flood forecasting and risk management

Gellweiler, I.; Seeling, S.; Nilles, S.
Assessment of complex and unexpected flood events for small and medium size catchments in Eifel and Saar-Nahe highlands

Arnaud-Fassetta, G.; Fort, M.
The space of good functionment in fluvial geomorphology, a tool for mitigating flood risk. Application to the left-bank tributaries of the Aude River, Mediterranean France.

Shieh, C.L.; Tseng, W.H.; Lee, S.P.; Lai, W.C.
Research on the affects to the sediment transportation equilibrium in channel after a large sabo dam broke (withdrawn)

Aronica, G.T.; Fabio, P.; Candela, A.; Santoro, M.
Estimation of flood inundation probabilities using hydrodynamic indexes with uncertainty analysis

Freer, JE; Cloke, H; He, Y; McGregor, G; Pappenberger, F; Wetterhall, F; Wilson, M
Assessing uncertainties in climate impact modelling: flood inundation hazard in the Upper Severn catchment, UK

Montanari, M.; Hostache, R.; Matgen, P.; Pfister, L.
Reducing uncertainty in coupled hydrologic-hydraulic modelling using remote sensing derived flood area information

Kreibich, H.; Seifert, I.; Merz, B.; Thieken, A.
Improvements for flood damage assessments in companies

Kreibich, H.; Thieken, A.
Coping with floods during and after the 2002 event in the city of Dresden, Germany

Goutal, N.; Arnaud, A.; Dugachard, M.; Derocquiny, E.; Bernardara, P.
Discharge and Strickler coefficient uncertainty propagation in a one-dimensional free surface hydraulic model

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