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  List of Accepted Contributions - AS3.08 Aerosol chemical composition and water uptake

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Querol-Balaguer, M.A.; Delgado-Saborit, J.M.; Amigó-Descarrega, J.M.; Esteve-Cano, V.J.
Elemental and ionic analysis of pm-10 airborne particulate at a Mediterranean coastal site.

Collignon, B.; Hoang, P.N.M; Picaud, S. ; Rayez, J.C.
Ab initio study of the water adsorption on hydroxylated graphite clusters modelling soot surfaces.

Spencer, M; Sipin, M; Qin, X; Prather, K
Analysis of Organic Coated Soot Aerosol Using Aerosol Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry (withdrawn)

Badger, C. L.; Griffiths, P. T.; George, I.; Braban, C. F.; Abbatt, J. P.; Cox, R. A.
Phase transitions and hygroscopic growth of humic acid and mixed humic acid and ammonium sulphate aerosols

Fiedler, V.; Dal Maso, M.; Boy, M.; Aufmhoff, H.; Hoffmann, J.; Schuck, T.; Birmili, W.; Arnold, F.; Kulmala, M.
The contribution of sulphuric acid to atmospheric particle formation and growth: a comparison between boundary layers in Northern and Central Europe

Stenby, C.; Winterhalter, R.; Nielsen, O.J.; Moortgat, G.K.
Ozonolysis of monoterpenes: Temperature dependence of SOA yields

Chand, D; FACE-2004 Team
Optical properties of dry and humid aerosols at an elevated site in central Europe (Kleiner Feldberg 8.44 E, 50.22 N, 810 m asl)

Kgabi , N.A. ; Pienaar , J.J. ; Kulmala , M.
Trace metal composition of atmospheric aerosols in the North West province of South Africa

Kelektsoglou, K; Rapsomanikis, S; Balis, D; Kourtidis, K; Meleti, C; Kelesis, A
Optical properties of aerosol in Thessaloniki, Greece

The Feldberg Aerosol Characterization Experiment (FACE) 2004 – Overview

Marcolli, C.; Krieger, U. K.
The Deliquescence / Efflorescence Cycle of Organic / Ammonium Sulfate Particles: Phases, Phase Transitions, and Salt Effects

Trebs, I.; SMOCC inorganic aerosol team
Inorganic aerosol composition in a tropical environment (Rondōnia, Brazil): Intercomparison of integrating samplers with a real-time technique

Zardini, A; Krieger, U; Peter, T
The effects of organic compounds on the water uptake of inorganic aerosols

Decesari, S.; Fuzzi, S.; Facchini, M-.C.; Mircea, M.; Tagliavini, E.; Moretti, F.; Hoffer, A.; Claeys, M.; Maenhaut, W.; Rudich, Y.
A simplified representation of the water soluble organic fraction for modelling the aerosol hygroscopic behaviour over the Amazon Basin.

Mircea, M.; Facchini, M.C.; Decesari, S.; Cavalli, F.; Emblico, L.; Fuzzi, S. ; Swietlicki, E.; Frank, G.; Rudich, Y.; Artaxo, P.
Can the aerosol growth and activation be predicted without the knowledge of organic aerosol? - a case study in the Amazon Basin.

Simonics, R.; Pósfai, M.
Single carbonaceous aerosol particles from the continental atmosphere

Anttila, T.; Kiendler-Scharr, A.; Tillmann, R.; Mentel, T. F.
Formation of Organic Films Through Condensation of Monoterpene Oxidation Products on Aqueous Seed Aerosols: A Model Study

Kiendler-Scharr, A.; Tillmann, R. ; Anttila, T.; Mentel, Th.F.
Experimental Evidences for the Formation of Organic Films

Pöschl, U.; Mikhailov, E.
Water interactions of aerosol particles composed of protein macromolecules and salts: hygroscopic growth, microstructural rearrangement, electric and kinetic effects

Hings, S.; The FACE-2004 Team
Intercomparison of two Aerosol Mass Spectrometers during the FACE-2004 Campaign

Biskos, G.; Katrib, Y.; Malinowski, A.; Martin, S.T.
Hygroscopic properties of sodium chloride nanoparticles

Mentel, T. F.; Henk, H.; Wahner, A.; Otjes, R.; Bloom, M.; ten Brink, H. M.
Ideal mixtures of non-ideal subsystems: an approach to mixed inorganic/organic aerosols

Yinon Rudich, YR
Size distributions, chemical composition and atmospheric aging process of organics in aerosol particles

Wex, H.; Kiselev, A.; Ziese, M.; Stratmann, F.
Measurements of hygroscopic growth and activation of atmospheric aerosol with LACIS

Hopkins, R. J.; Mitchem, L. ; Reid, J. P.
Investigating the Accommodation of Water and Ethanol on a Single Aqueous Aerosol Droplet

Baltensperger, U. ; THE CLACE TEAM
Aerosol hygroscopic growth closure by simultaneous measurement of hygroscopic growth and chemical composition at the high-Alpine station Jungfraujoch

Nessler, R.; Verheggen, B.; Weingartner, E.; Baltensperger, U.
Effect of humidity on aerosol light absorption and its implications for extinction and single scattering albedo at the Jungfraujoch

Swietlicki, E.; Rissler, J.; Massling, A.; Svenningsson, B.; Bilde, M.; Hoffer, A.; Hoffer, G.; Dusek, U.; Kiss, G.
Hygroscopic growth and critical supersaturations of humic-like substances in atmospheric aerosols

Palumbo, P.; Rotundi, A.; Battaglia, R.; Della Corte, V.; Ferrini, G.; Rietmeijer, F.J.M; Stephens, J.R.; Colangeli, L.; Esposito, F.; Panizza, A.
Development and realisation of an instrument for terrestrial and extraterrestrial dust collection in the stratosphere.

Dusek, U.; Frank, G.P.; Chand, D. ; Curtius, J. ; Drewnik, F.; Metzger, S. ; Schneider, J.; Bingemer, H.; Borrmann, S. ; Andreae, M.O.; The FACE-2004 TEAM
Size resolved CCN measurements during the FACE-2004 field experiment

Shantz, N.C.; Leaitch, W.R.; Phinney, L.; Lohmann, U.; Marshall, J.; Mozurkewich , M.
The effect of organics on the growth rate of cloud droplets

Onasch, T. B.; Canagaratna, M.; Jayne, J. T.; Worsnop, D.R.; Bates, T.; Quinn, P.; Coffman, D.
Aerosol composition and water content during NEAQS 2004

Metzger, S.; Trebs, I.; Hoffer, A.; Andreae, M.O.; Lelieveld, J.; THE MEASUREMENT TEAMS
Introduction of the new EQSAM2 inorganic/organic aerosol model framework with application to various measurements (SMOCC, MINOS, FACE, MOHp)

Adamo, P.; Giordano, S.; Naimo, F.; Spagnuolo, V.
Submicroscopical and microanalytical characterization of airborne fine particles (PM10) collected by automatic device and entrapped by biomonitors in Mediterranean urban environment

Birmili, W.; Schwim, K.; Nowak, A.; Haustein, K.; Massling, A.; Lehmann, K.; Wiedensohler, A.; Brüggemann, E.; Petaja, T.; Boy, M.
Hygroscopic Growth Properties Of Accumulation Mode Particles In Continental Boundary Layers: From Measurement To Global Modelling

Topping, D.O.; McFiggans, G.B.; Coe, H.
A curved multi-component aerosol hygroscopicity model framework for Inorganics and Organics

Curtius, J.; FACE-2004 TEAM, and; FACE-2004 TEAM
Aerosol nucleation events observed during the FACE-2004 campaign: Formation and growth of aerosol particles from secondary organics.

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