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  List of Accepted Contributions - OS1 Open Session on Coastal and Shelf Oceanography

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Smirnov, S.A.; Boyer, D.L.; Yankovsky, A.E.; Baines, P.G.
Scattering of Coastal-Trapped Waves on Topographic Irregularities

Navrotsky, V.V.; Izergin, V.L.
Internal wave generation and their influence on thermocline structure in the shelf zone of sea

Kapochkina, A.B.
Effects of exchange processes in system ocean – lithosphere.

Zavala-Hidalgo, J.; Martínez-López, B.
Seasonal and interannual variability of cross-shelf transports of chlorophyll in the Gulf of Mexico

Hordoir, R.; Nguyen, K.D.; Polcher, J.
Simulating tropical river plumes, a set of parametrisations based on macroscale data. Comparison with observations in the Mekong delta region of freshwater influence

O'Neill, C.K.; Shapiro, G.I.; Lavender, S.
Cold water formation over Rockall Bank: A view from space

Shapiro, G.I.; Aleynik, D.L.; Mee, L.D.
Interannual and interdecadal variability of the physical environment in the Black Sea revisited

Kauker, F.; Meier, H.E.M
Reconstructing atmospheric surface data of the 20th century to force of a coupled sea ice- ocean model of the Baltic Sea

Kim, K; Lee, L; Lee, L; Park, P
Physical and Acoustic Characteristics of Gassy Sediment in Jinhae Bay, the South Sea of Korea: Implications for Sedimentary Environment

Akivis, T.; Antsyferov, S.
On regimes of sediment-laden flow over erodable seabed

Yoshikawa, C.; Nakatsuka, T.; Wakatsuchi, M.
The distribution of N* in the Sea of Okhotsk and the use of N* as a biogeochemical tracer of the Okhotsk Sea Intermediate Water

Palmer, M. R.; Rippeth, T. P.; Simpson, J. H.; Sharples, J.
Thermocline mixing in the seasonally stratified Celtic Sea

Inazu, D; Hirose, N; Kizu, S; Fukudome, K; Hanawa, K
Response of the Japan Sea to synoptic atmospheric forcing

Rezende, L. F.; Silva, P.; Peliz, A.; Dubert, J.; Cirano, M.
A nested model for the Eastern Brazilian Shelf: Cross - shelf eddy interactions and validation on altimeter data.

Forget, P. ; Barbin, Y. ; Broche, P. ; Gaggelli, J. ; Garreau, P.
HF radar measurements of surface currents in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea: first results

Neuhuber, S; Bistrow, G; Taillefert, M
Tidal forcing on biogeochemical element cycling in intertidal salt marsh sediments, Skidaway Island, Georgia

Sharples, J.; Holligan, P. M.; Tweddle, J. F.; Simpson, J. H.; Rippeth, T. P.; Palmer, M.
Spring-neap pulses of primary production in the seasonal shelf sea thermocline.

Grignon, L.; Webb, D.J.
Tidal Resonances on the Northwest European Shelf

Criado-Aldeanueva, F.; Sánchez-Román, A.; García-Lafuente, J.; Vargas, J.M.; Del Río, J.; Delgado, J.; Sánchez, J.C.
On the selection of a reference level depth for geostrophic calculations in the Gulf of Cadiz (SW Iberia)

Trasvina, A.; Barton, E.D.; Niiler, P.
Gulf of Tehuantepec, Mexico: summer mesoscale circulation

Winther, N.; Johannessen, J. A.
North Sea circulation: Atlantic inflow and its destination

BADIN, G.; Williams, R.G.; Roussenov, V.M.; Holt, J.T.; Fernand, L.J.
Are eddies important in coastal seas?

Pnyushkov, A.; Korablev, A.
Investigations of the Barents Sea circulation using three-dimensional mathematical shelf model

Jarosz, E.; Wang, D. W.; Teague, W. J.; Field, R. L.
Observations on shelf currents and drag coefficient evolution during Hurricane Ivan

Wolff, J.-O.; Stanev, E.V:
Dynamics and Sediment Dynamics in the East Frisian Wadden Sea

Warn-Varnas, A.; Hawkins, J.; Burgos, G.; Chin-Bing, S.; King, D.; Lamb, K.; Piacsek, S.
Solitary wave generation in the Strait of Luzon

Staneva, J.; Bolding, K.; Stips, A.; Burchard, H.
A nested grid circulation model for the German Bight

Kapochkin, B.B.; Kucherenko, N.V.; Kapochkina, A.B.
The physical model formation accumulative forms the relief of the sea-bottom.

Barton, E.D.; Lavin, M.F.
Gulf of Tehuantepec, Mexico: coastal response to winter offshore wind outbursts

Hansen, C.; Samuelsen, A.; Winther, N.
The influence of fronts and eddies on the primary productivity: preliminary results

Osinski, R.; Jakacki, J.; Maslowski, W.; Piechura, J.; Walczowski, W.
Investigation of the dynamics and transport in the southern Baltic Sea with a numerical model and observations

Valdimarsson, H.; Jonsson, S.; Olafsdottir, S.
Fresh water distribution and currents in a coastal area off East Iceland in late summer

Sánchez, R.F.; Relvas, P.; Peliz, A.; Miller, P.; Martinho, A.
Observation and modelling of an upwelling filament west of cape São Vicente, SW Portugal

Yüksek, A.; Okuþ, E.; Uysal, A.; Altýok, H.; Müftüoðlu, E.
The effects of oxygen deficiency on demersal and benthic fauna in a two-layered system

Uehara, K.; Scourse, J.D.; Horsburgh, K.J.; Lambeck, K.; Purcell, A.P.
Tidal evolution of the northwest European shelf seas from the Last Glacial Maximum to the present

Balkýs, B; Aksu, A
Metal (Pb, Cd and Hg) inputs via the rivers to the Southern Marmara Sea Shelf, Turkey

Cravo, A.; Cardeira, S.; Madureira, M.; Relvas, P.
Impact of the Cape Sao Vicente (SW Iberia) upwelling filament on the nutrient and chlorophyll distributions

Muzylev, S.
Kelvin waves under an ice cover

Halldorsdottir, S.; Olafsson, H.; Bjornsson, H.; Olafsson, J.; Olason, E.
Impact of runoff on the Icelandic coastal current

Jones, SE; Mithelson-Jacob, G; Gaffney, S
Relative contributions of primary production and local resuspension to suspended particle populations in the Western Irish Sea.

Bouffard, J; Maraldi, C
Comparison of altimetric and tide gauges data with numerical modelling of physical coastal processes : methodology and results for the Ligurian sea and the Kerguelen region.

Halldorsdottir, S.; Olafsson, H.; Olafsson, J.; Bjornsson, H.; Olason, E.
Effects of strong wind forcing on ocean currents around Iceland

Jordi, A.; Klinck, J. M.; Basterretxea, G.; Orfila, A.; Tintoré, J.
Shelf-slope exchanges induced by baroclinic instability

Stanev, E.V.; Gemein, N.; Staneva, J.; Badewien, T.; Wolff, J.-O.; Reuter, R.; Flemming, B.
Downscalling dynamics and sediment dynamics from regional to coastal: The East-Frisian Wadden Sea

Mancero Mosquera, I.; Gacic, M.
Measuring of sea bottom subsidence: how wavelets can help

Saraceno, M.; Strub, T.; James, C.; Venegas, R.
Mesoscale interannual variability off the Oregon coast based on satellite data

Ardalan, A.; Gatabi, M.
On the weighted constraint design of DGPS reference stations for hydrography and navigation applications

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