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  List of Accepted Contributions - MPRG9 Modelling the geomagnetic field from core to space

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Filippov, S.; Gromova, L.; Dremukhina, L.; Levitin, A.; Zvereva, T.
Influence of the solar wave and corpuscular radiation variation on the calculation of the secular variation of the Earth’s main magnetic field

Lesur, V.; Asari, S.; Wardinski, I.; Mandea, M.
Core magnetic field models under flow constraints

Velimsky, J.; Martinec, Z.; Soucek, O.
Global EM induction in the Earth: Inverse time-domain modelling based on the adjoint approach

Balasis, G.; Velimsky, J.; Martinec, Z.; Egbert, G. D.; Daglis, I. A.; Eftaxias, K.
Advances in external source model assumptions for satellite induction studies

Purucker, M.
Modelling and interpretation of the African crustal magnetic field in light of possible annihilators

Hagedoorn, J.; Greiner-Mai, H.; Ballani, L.; Stromeyer, D.
Determination of the toroidal geomagnetic field in the lower mantle considering a radial electric conductivity profile

Ballani, L; Stromeyer, D; Greiner-Mai, H; Hagedoorn, J
Case studies for the 1991 3D-secular variation impulse at the CMB

Olsen, N.; Mandea, M.; Sabaka, T. J.
xCHAOS - A Magnetic Field Model Derived from Nine Years of Recent Satellite Data

Jault, D.; Gillet, N.; Pais, A.
A grand circumpolar quasigeostrophic westward current within the Earth’s core?

Schachtschneider, R.; Holschneider, M.
Error Distribution in regional Modelling of Potenial Fields from Satellite Data

Tomas, A. T.; Luehr, H. ; Rother, M.; Manoj, C.; Olsen, N.; Watari, S.
Do solar eclipses trigger counter equatorial electrojets ?

Wardinski, I.; Lesur, V.
Modelling secular variation and acceleration of the geomagnetic main field

Vennerstrom, S.; Moretto, T.; Lu, G.; Christiansen, F.; Rastätter, L.; Raeder, J.
Modelling magnetospheric Currents and their Effect on the near Earth magnetic Field

Matzka, J.; Olsen, N.; Fox Maule, C.; Kuvshinov, A.; Sabaka, T. J.
SAADAN! The South Atlantic Anomaly Danish Magnetic Field Project

Kuvshinov, A.; Pankratov, O.; Semenov, A.; Jackson, A. ; Olsen, N.
3-D imaging of mantle conductivity based on inversion of satellite C-responses: First proof of concept

Kuvshinov, A.; Olsen, N.
Mantle conductivity model derived from 7 years of CHAMP, Ørsted, and SAC-C magnetic data

Wardinski, I.; Lesur, V.; Kuvshinov, A.; Mandea, M.
The time-invariant ocean-magnetic field: Prediction and Observation

Beggan, C.D.; Whaler, K.A.; Macmillan, S.
Core flow modelling from satellite-derived ‘Virtual Observatories’

Penquerc'h, V.; Chulliat, A.
Ionospheric magnetic field modelling from ground-based and satellite data

Costin, S.O.; Mandea, M.
Modelling a marine sediment paleomagnetic record from geodynamo simulations data

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