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  List of Accepted Contributions - BG1.09/SSS26 Biomineralization and bioweathering (co-organized by SSS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Kappler, A.; Schaedler, S.; Burkhardt, C.; Posth, N.; Straub, K.L.
Micro-XRD analysis and FIB-SEM Characterization of Cell Mineral Aggregates Formed During Anaerobic Oxidation of Ferrous Iron

Etzel, K.; Toporski, J.; Depmeier, W.; Huber, H.; Rachel, R.; Thomm, M.; Schmalz, G.
Pyrite surface alteration as effect of microbial activity and crystallographic orientation

Boyle, RA; Lenton, TM; Watson, AJ
A Biological Trigger for Snowball Earth?

Tretiach, M.; Crisafulli, P.; Favero-Longo , S. E.; Furlani, S.; Girlanda, M.; Mathieu, M.; Modenesi, P.; Perotto, S.; Piervittori, R.; Salvadori, O.
Mechanisms and rates of carbonates dissolution by endolithic lichens

Inskeep, W.; Macur, R.; Kocar, B. ; Borch, T. ; Kozubal, M. ; Taylor, W.; Ackerman, G. ; Korf, S.; Fendorf, S.
Biomineralization of Fe(III)-oxides in geothermal environments: Relationship among aqueous geochemistry, microbial populations and solid-phase composition and structure

Orberger, B.; Vymazalova, A.; Wagner, C.; Fialin, M.; Gallien, J.P.; Pasava, J. ; Montagnac, G.
Trace metals and nitrogen in Mo-S-C phases (Cambrian Black Shales, Southern China)

Motelica-Heino, M.; Delorme, F.; Garrido, F.
Microbial Mats and Trace Metals Interaction in Surface Sediments (withdrawn)

Kydralieva, K.; Jorobekova, Sh.; Hudaibergenova, E.; Li, S.
Biodegradation of soil humus substances by autochtonous microorganisms

Dittrich, M.
Role of the cell surface in calcite precipitation on cyanobacteria (withdrawn)

Sverjensky, D.; Fukushi, K.
The attachment of aqueous organic species to oxide mineral surfaces: prediction of the surface speciation as a function of environmental parameters

Benzerara, K.; Yoon, T.H.; Morin, G.; Miot, J.; Casiot, C.; Farges, F.; Brown Jr, G.E.
Nanoscale study of As and Fe redox transformations by bacteria in acid mine drainage

Banerjee, N.R.; Benzerara, K.; Menguy, N.; Tyliszczak , T.; Guyot, F.; Brown Jr, G.E.
A TEM and STXM study of microbial alteration of submarine basaltic glass from the Ontong Java Plateau

Sanz-Montero, M.E.; Rodr´guez-Aranda, J.P.; García del Cura, M.A.
Silica-dolomite microbial mats in lacustrine systems from Tertiary basins of Central Spain.

Kraemer, S. M.; Wiederhold, J. G.; Teutsch, N.; Borer, P.; Reichard, P. U.; Halliday, A. N.; Kretzschmar, R.
Elucidation of the mechanisms of non-enzymatic biological iron oxide dissolution by investigation of dissolution kinetics and iron isotope fractionation

Paskiewicz, I.; Berthelin, J.
Influence of maize rhizosphere and associated microflora on weathering of Fe and Mn oxides and availability of trace elements in a New Caledonia Ferralsol

Van Roy, S. ; Vanbroekhoven, K. ; Ryngaert, A. ; Diels, L. ; Dejonghe, W.
Competititive dissimilatory iron reduction during in situ bioprecipitation of metals

Lalonde, S.; Konhauser, K.
Cell surface reactivity during silicification

Aouad, G.; Geoffroy, V.A.; Crovisier, J.L.; Meyer, J.M.; Damidot, D.; Stille, P.
The role of biofilms on the alteration kinetics of waste matrixes

Horen, H.; Carlut, J.; Benzerara, K. ; Janots, D.; Menguy, N.
Magnetic evidence of bacterial alteration in oceanic basalts

Ona-Nguema, G.; Zegeye, A.; Abdelmoula, M; Carteret, C.; Jorand, F.
Role of electron donor upon the formation of hydroxysulphate green rust 2 in Shewanella putrefaciens cultures

Adamo, P.; Vingiani, S.; Terribile, F.
The micromorphological approach to lichen-rock interactions: a case study of Mt. Etna

Kosir, A.
Calcite biomineralization in plant roots: an important process of secondary CaCO3 accumulation in soils

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