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  List of Accepted Contributions - CL013 Climatic Extremes and their Impacts

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Ullmann, A.; Pirazzoli, P.A; Tomasin, A.
Sea surges in Camargue (French Mediterranean coast): evolution and statistical analysis on the 20th century (withdrawn)

Benestad, R.E.
Future Changes in Extreme Rainfall over Northern Europe

Falarz, M.
Extreme nival conditions in Poland in relation to the atmospheric circulation

May, W.
The Simulation of the Variability and Extremes of Daily Precipitation over Europe by the HIRHAM Regional Climate Model

Martius, O.; Schwierz, C.; Davies, H. C.
Stratospheric intrusions as precursors to heavy Alpine precipitation - variability and trends

Christidis, N.; Stott, P. A.; Brown, S.; Caesar, J.
Human contribution to recent trends in climatic extreme indices

Fowler, H.J.; Blenkinsop, S.; Smith, A.P.; Ekstrom, M.; Kilsby, C.G.
Changes in UK extreme rainfall projected by the PRUDENCE regional climate models

Kysely, J.
Implications of enhanced persistence of atmospheric circulation over Europe for the occurrence and severity of temperature extremes

Raible, C. C.; Yoshimori, M.; Stocker, T. F.; Renold, M.
On the relationship of extremes in cyclones, wind-speed, and precipitation in an ensemble of Maunder Minimum AOGCM Simulations

Trömel, S.; Schönwiese, C.-D.
Statistical modelling of precipitation time series including probability assessments of extreme events

Radziejewski, M.; Kundzewicz, Z. W.
Changes in the occurrence of extreme river flows

Christensen, O. B.; Christensen, J. H.
Changes of extreme precipitation and heat waves under global warming in a very-high-resolution RCM over Denmark

Lakatos, M; Szalai, S
Effect of climate change on the return period of heat waves

Parey, S.
Estimation of extremely high temperature at the end of the century in France for power plant dimensioning

Giannakopoulos, C.; Psiloglou, B.; Holt, T.; Kostopoulou, E.
Links between meteorological factors and cardio-respiratory hospital admissions in Athens, Greece.

The August 2005 flood event in the Alps: warnings for a warmer climate?

Dobrovolný, P.; Brázdil, R.
Long-term trends in strong winds in the Czech Republic

Chromá, K.; Brázdil, R.; Tolasz, R.
Temporal and spatial variability of hailstorms in Moravia and Silesia (Czech Republic) in the 19th–20th centuries

Wang, S.; McGrath, R.; Semmler, T.; Nolan, P.
High-resolution modelling of extreme precipitation over Ireland under different climate scenarios

Anagnostopoulou, Chr.; Tolika, K.; Maheras, P.
Extreme rainfall events over eastern Mediterranean: Application of the Generalized Extreme Value (GEV) distribution and Pareto distribution

Márton, L
Climate variability as precipitation and fertilization impacts on pea (Pisum sativum L.) yield formation

Achberger, C.; Chen, D.
Spatial structure in trends of Scandinavian extreme precipitation during 1961-2004 (withdrawn)

Bukantis, A.; Stankunavicius, G.; Valiuskeviciene, L.
Statistical parameters and weather patterns of the daily air temperature oscillations around 0°C in Lithuania

Carril, A. F.; Gualdi, S.
An analysis of potential relationships between extreme events in the Euro-Mediterranean region and the large-scale circulation

Lucio, P. S.; Cavalcanti, I. F.; Cardoso, A. O.; Rodriguez, D. A.; Andrade, K. M.; Alves, L. M.; Serrano, A. I.; Silva, A. M.
Multidecadal assessment of CPTEC/COLA AGCM extremes. Target regions: South America (Brazil) and Iberian Peninsula (Portugal).

Balin, I; Higgins, C; Couach, O; Simeonov, V; van den Bergh, H; Parlange, M
August 2003 heat wave: Swiss Alpine LIDAR measurements and modeling of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer

Kostopoulou, E; Holt, T; Giannakopoulos, C
Is rainfall from regional climate models better than reanalysis (withdrawn)

Kiktev, D; Caesar, J; Alexander, L
Assessment of the performance of a multi-model ensemble of inter-decadal climate change simulations

Dankers, R.; Feyen, L.; Christensen, O.B.; de Roo, A.
An integrated modeling framework to assess future changes in flood and drought risks on a pan-European scale

Goubanova, K.; Li, L.
Comparison of modeled and observed temperature and precipitation extremes around the Mediterranean.

Pongracz, R. ; Bartholy , J.; Kis , ZS.; Toro, K.; Szlavik , N.; Dunai , GY.; Keller, E.
Analysis of meteorological effects on sudden cardiovascular death cases in Budapest

Melo, M.
Warmer and Colder Seasons Existing in Canadian Coupled GCM Outputs for Central European Region

Shongwe, M. E.; van Oldenborgh, G. J.; Panja, D.
Assessing the skill of seasonal forecast systems in predicting extreme seasons

Mörner, N.-A.
The most severe “climatic extreme” and its effects

Friederichs, P.; Hense, A.
Statistical down-scaling of extreme events using quantile regression

Rathmann, J.; Philipp, A. ; Jacobeit, J.
Classification of reconstructed daily SLP patterns 1850-2003 and links to the occurrence of extreme events in Central European climate

Mendes, S.; Corte-Real, J.; Christensen, J.
Energetic Analysis of Severe Precipitation Events Simulated by a Regional Climate Model

Abaurrea, J.; Asin, J.; Cebrian, A.C.; Centelles, A.
On the need of a changing threshold in heat wave definition

Abaurrea, J.; Asin, J.; Cebrian, A.C.; Centelles, A.
An analysis of precipitation extreme event evolution in the Ebro River Basin (1951-2002)

Mares, C.; Mares, I.; Stanciu, A.
Extreme value analysis in the lower Danube basin discharge time series in the 20-th century

Zolina, O.; Simmer, C. ; Kapala, A.; Gulev, S.K.
Climate variability in statistical properties of daily precipitation from European rain gauges (withdrawn)

Ólafsson, H.; Rögnvaldsson, Ó.
Extremes in a climate prediction for the Iceland region

Faust, A.; Ashkenazy, Y.
Ancient Settlement Fluctuations and Environmental Changes in Israel’s Coastal Plain (withdrawn)

Bärring, L; Persson, G; Kjellström, E; Samuelsson, P
Evaluation of climate extremes in transient runs with the new Rossby Centre regional atmospheric model

Bielec-Bakowska, Z.
Long-term variability of thunderstorm occurrence in Poland in the light of synoptic situations

Etienne, C.
Aggregation of Topography and Landcover to Assess the Roughness Length Parameter (z0): Numerical Simulations over Switzerland

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