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  List of Accepted Contributions - GD5 The Origins of Melting Anomalies

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Perchuk, L. L.
Mantle plume and the formation of marginal sea depressions

Chuvashova, I.; Rasskazov, S.
Collision-derived Late Cenozoic Dynamics of a Melting Anomaly beneath Central Mongolia: magmatic and tectonic Evidence

Puchkov, V.
On alternative models for the origin of time-progressive volcanic chains

Pilet, S.; Baker, M.B.; Stolper, E.M.
Origin of alkaline OIBs: constraints from experimental petrology and melting behavior

Ivanov, A.V.; Demonterova, E.I.
Was depth of magma generation in the Baikal rift controlled by extension?

Ivanov, A.V.; Litasov, K.D.
What is the role of subduction in the flood basalt origin?: Siberian Traps case study

Rocchi, S.; Marroni, M.; Pandolfi, L.; Mazzotti, A.; Di Biase, D.
Melting anomalies and tectonic activity on “passive” margins

Castro, M.C.
A primordial, solar-like He and Ne signature in Michigan Basin brines - basic two-layered mantle convection model assumptions revisited

Rasskazov, S.; Chuvashova, I.; Yasnygina, T.
Cenozoic Magmatism in Asia: Geochemical Signatures of slab-related Processes

Sobolev, A.V.; Hofmann, A.W.; Brugmann, G.; Batanova, V.G.; Kuzmin, D.V.
Linking crustal recycling and osmium isotopes

Gurenko, A.; Sobolev, A. V.; Hoernle, K.A.; Hauff, F.; Schmincke, H.-U.
Origin of pyroxenite component in the source of the Canary shield stage magmas constrained from olivine phenocryst - radiogenic isotope relationships

Burov, E. ; Guillou-Frottier, L.; Huet, B.
Plume head–lithosphere interactions (PLI) near intra-continental plate boundaries and heterogeneities: a model based on thermo-mechanically and thermo-dynamically realistic formulation for the lithosphere and mantle

Jones, A P
Impact volcanism and upper mantle melting

Wilson, M
Fluid streaming from the Transition Zone as a trigger for within-plate magmatism

Osmaston, M.F.
Thick plates and a two-layer mantle: basis for a single model of mantle magmagenesis, all the way from MORB to OIB to flood basalts to kimberlite (withdrawn)

Serrano Durán, L; Ferrari, L; López Martínez, M
New Ages and Geochemical Data for Gorgona Island, Colombia: indication of a ~30 Ma long history of heterogeneous mantle melting in the formation of the Caribbean Large Igneous Province

Presnall, D.; Gudfinnsson, G.
Plumeless Oceanic Volcanism Challenges Whole Mantle Convection

Foulger, G.R.
Challenges to Plume and Plate – Telling it like it is

Nielsen, S.B.; Stephenson, R.; Thomsen, E.
Dynamics of mid-Paleocene North Atlantic and African plate boundaries linked by European intra-plate deformations

Ballmer, M. D.; van Hunen, J.; Ito, G.; Tackley, P. J.; Bianco, T. A.
Non-hotspot volcano chains from small-scale sublithospheric convection (a 3D-numerical study)

White, R.S.; Smith, L.K.; Roberts, A.W.; Christie, P.A.F; Kusznir, N.J.
The case for a thermal origin of magmatism on the North Atlantic continental margin

Sharma, Kamal
Rodinia supercontinent break-up: Not a result of Superplume tectonics

Jourdan, F.; Bertrand, H.; Féraud, G. ; Le Gall, B.
Proterozoic to Jurassic LIP mantle source evolution: example from the 180Ma-Karoo and 1.1Ga-Umkondo provinces, Africa.

Kipf, A.; Werner, R.; Gohl, K.; Hauff, F.; van den Bogaard, P.; Hoernle, K.
Age and origin of magmatism at the Marie Byrd Seamounts (Amundsen Sea)

Jourdan, F.; Féraud, G.; Bertrand, H.
Giant dyke swarms and triple junctions do not necessarily define a mantle plume signature

O'Connor, J.; Stoffers, P.; Wijbrans, J.; Worthington, T.
A broad Galápagos hotspot melting anomaly linked to disturbance of the underlying core-mantle boundary?

Coltice, N.; Phillips, B.R.; Bertrand, H.; Rey, P.; Ricard, Y.
Non-plume generation of large-scale melting beneath supercontinents

Morgan, W.J.; Phipps Morgan, J.
Two-stage melting and noble gases

Horner-Johnson, B.; Gordon, R. G.
Evidence for True Polar Wander since mid-Cenozoic time: A Paleomagnetic Investigation of the Skewness of Magnetic Anomaly 12r (32 Ma) Between the Galapagos and Clarion Fracture Zones on the Pacific Plate

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