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  List of Accepted Contributions - BG3.01 Coastal biogeochemistry and its response to anthropogenic perturbations: inputs, gas exchange, carbon and nutrient cycling (co-listed in OS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Liu, Z.; Wei, H.; Bai, J.; Zhang, J.; Liu, D.; Liu, S.
Nutrients seasonal variation and budget in Jiaozhou Bay, China: A 3-dimensional physical-biological coupled model study

Zeldis, J.
Comparing natural and mussel farm-derived fluxes of carbon and nitrogen in the Firth of Thames, New Zealand

Wu, Z. J.; Zhou, H. Y.; Peng, X. T.
Anaerobic oxidation of methane in coastal sediments off Qiao Island, Pearl River Estuary, China

Gazeau, F.; Middelburg, J. J.; Loijens, M.; Vanderborght, J.-P.; Pizay, M.-P.; Gattuso, J.-P.
Phytoplanktonic primary production in a nutrient-rich estuary – comparison of methods

Dolenec, T.; Rogan, N.; Lojen, S.; Kniewald, G.; Dolenec, M.
d15N mapping of POM and marine biota from the Murter Sea (Central Adriatic): implications for the evaluation of aquaculture and municipal waste on marine coastal ecosystems

Martin, S.; Thouzeau, G.; Richard, M.; Chauvaud, L.; Jean, F.; Clavier, J.
Effects of the invasive gastropod, Crepidula fornicata L., on benthic carbon and nitrogen fluxes in the Bay of Brest (France)

Kuliñski, K.; Pempkowiak, J.
Remarks on the dynamic of carbon cycling in the Baltic and its influence

Lecroart, P.; Schmidt , S.; Léauté, F.; Tixier, C.; Tronczyñski, J.; Jouanneau, J.-M.
Tracing sediment dynamic at the water-sediment interface of the Thau Lagoon using Be-7 and Th-234: time-series and modelling

Borges, A.V.; Schiettecatte, L.-S.; Abril, G.; Delille, B.; Gazeau, F.
Carbon dioxide in European coastal waters

Liu, M.; Xu, S.; Yang, Y.; Hou, L.; Ou, D.; Cheng, S.; Hofmann, T.
Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the Yangtze Estuary: Distribution, accumulation and effects

Plattner, G.-K.; Nagai, T.; Gruber, N.; Frenzel, H.; McWilliams, J. C.
Ocean carbon cycling and CO2 air-sea exchange along the U.S. West Coast

Hohn, S.; Voelker, C.; Schartau, M.; van Beusekom, J.; Loebl, M.; Wolf-Gladrow, D.
modelling carbon and nitrogen regulated growth of phytoplankton in the Sylt-Rømø Bight

Schiettecatte, L.-S.; Gazeau, F.; van der Zee, C. ; Brion , N.; Borges, A.V.
Time series of the partial pressure of carbon dioxide (2001-2004) and preliminary inorganic carbn budget in the Scheldt plume (Belgian coastal waters)

Thomas, H.; Prowe, F.; van Heuven, S.; Bozec, Y.; de Baar, H.J.W; Schiettecatte, L.-S.; Koné, M.; Suykens, K.; Borges, A.V.
Why is pCO2 in the North Sea rising faster than in the Atmosphere?

Léauté, F.; Tixier, C.; Munschy, C.; Schmidt, S.; Lecroart, P.; Tronczynski, J.
Post-depositional distribution of selected PAHs, PCBs and organochlorine pesticides in the mixed zone of the surface sediments in the Thau Lagoon (Mediterranean)

Paetsch, J.; Kuehn, W.; Emeis, K.
Benthic denitrification counteracts the effect of anthropogenic nitrogen loading into the North Sea

Al Raei, A.M.; Böttcher, M.E.; Hilkert, Y.; deBeer, D.; Ferdelman, T.G.; Jansen, S.
Pore water gradients below oxidized and reduced surfaces of intertidal surface sediments

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