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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH1.02 Diagnosis, modelling and forecasting of meteorological and hydrological hazards produced by extreme weather and climate change (co-listed in AS & CL)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Krakovska, S.; Goettel, H.; Jacob, D.; Pfeifer, S.
Study of the flood events in the Carpathians and along the Elbe river with aid of the numerical models

Shahabfar, A.R.
Construction of a Flood Risk Management System in a watershed by Using Statistical Models(Case Study : Kardeh Watershed)

Lana, X.; Martinez, M.D.; Burgueño, A.; Serra, C.
Return period maps of dry spells for Catalonia (NE Spain) based on the Weibull distribution and L-moments

Theriault, J.; Stewart, R.E.
A mixed-phase precipitation simulation scheme that predicts different types of winter precipitation

Fita, L.; Romero, R.; Luque, A.; Emanuel, K.; Ramis, C.
Intercomparison of Mediterranean hurricane like storms using an axisymmetric, nonhydrostatic, cloud resolving model

Huguet, F; Parey, S; Dacuhna-Castelle, D; Malek, F
Trends in extremely high water temperatures in France for power plants cooling

Homar, V.; Jansà, A.; Campins, J.; Genovés, A.; Ramis, C.
Sensitivities of Mediterranean high impact weather. A systematic climatology

Kononova, N.
Use of the classification of the Northern Hemisphere atmospheric circulation for the analysis of the Natural Hazards

Vasiliades, L.; Loukas, A.
Artificial neural network spatiotemporal drought interpolation

Schmeits, M.J.; Kok, C.J.; Vogelezang, D.; van Westrhenen, R.
Probabilistic 0-6 h forecasts of (severe) thunderstorms in the Netherlands

Gelfan, A. N.
Snowmelt flood frequency estimation by a physically-based hydrological model combined with a weather generator and assessment of the estimation’s uncertainty

Sánchez , J.M.; Martín, F.
The extratropical transition of the Tropical Storm Delta

Dubrovsky, M.; Kysely, J.
Reproduction of extreme temperature and precipitation events by two stochastic weather generators

Sodemann, H.; Schwierz, C.; Wernli, H.
Identification of moisture sources for extreme precipitation events in Europe simulated with a mesoscale model

Becker, B
The Monthly Outlook from the Met Office

Santos, J.; Corte-Real, J.
The 2004/05 winter drought in Portugal: dynamical structure

Caesar, J; Alexander, L; Ansell, T
Climate extremes: Observational data sets for climate change studies and monitoring

Perekhodtseva, E.
The model of automated forecast of dangerous and hazards wind including squalls and tornadoes for the territory of Europe

De Zolt, S.; Lionello, P.; Nuhu, A.; Tomasin, A.
Extreme characteristics of the 4 november 1966 storm over Italy

Llasat, M.C.; Altava-Ortiz, V.; Barnolas, M.; Barrera, A.; Bota-Moliner, L.; Ceperuelo, M.; Gibergans-Báguena, J.; Llasat-Botija, M.; Rigo, T.; Prat, M.A.
An overview of a Mediterranean flash flood event: from the forecast to the social impact

Bliefernicht, J.; Bárdossy, A.
Probabilistic forecast of daily areal precipitation focusing extreme events

Kok, C.J.; Vogelezang, D.H.P
Warning system of extreme precipitation amounts for the Dutch Water Boards

Ágústsson, H.; Ólafsson, H.
Forecasting Wind Gusts in Iceland

Stan-Sion, A.; Stumpf, G.; Antonescu, B.
An exceptional tornado outbreak during 2005 in southeastern Romania

Caian, M.; Cazacioc, L.; Boroneant, C.; Oancea, S.
Ensemble numerical simulations with a regional climate model of two extreme precipitation episodes over Romania

Boroneant, C.; Nedelcu, G.; Popa, F.; Ionita, M.
Meteorological and hydrological context of extreme precipitation events in Romania during 2005

van de Poll, M.; Grubb, H. ; Hodges, K.
A Statistical Test for Spatial and Temporal Clustering of Extra-Tropical Cyclones over Europe

Loukas, A.; Llasat, M.; Ulbrich, U.
Research on meteorological and hydrological hazards

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