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  List of Accepted Contributions - HS12 Geothermal energy and brine transport

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Badia, C.
geothermal energy in Tunisia (withdrawn)

Wessling, S.W.; Backers, T.B.
An approach to simulate coupled fracture propagation and fluid flow in fracture-matrix systems

Bergemann, M.; Khristoforova, N.
Thermal regimes and hydrodynamics defines oil and gas potentials in the Volga region

Yu, H-L; Christakos, G; Tartakovsky, D; Modis, K; Papantonopoulos, G
Composite Stochastic Solution of a 3-D Geothermal Model i Nea Kessani (Greece)

Hidalgo, J. J.; Carrera, J.; Medina, A.
Fluid mass balance inconsistency in density-dependent flow

Povarov, O.A.; Fedotov, S.A.; Sobissevitch, A.L.; Sugrobov, V.M.; Trukhin, Ju.P.; Utkin, I.S.; Utkina, L.I.
Studying of the possibility of recovery of ther-mal energy of the magmatic chamber of the Avachinsky volcano by means of deep wells

Konz, M.; Ackerer, P.; Younes, A.; Gechter, D.; Zechner, E.; Huggenberger, P.
New 2D benchmark experiment for the density-dependent saltpool problem

Lunati, I.; Jenny, P.
An efficient multiscale finite-volume method for modeling density driven flow in porous media

Munoz, G.; Ritter, O.; Krings, T.
Magnetotelluric measurements in the vicinity of the Gross Schoenebeck geothermal site

El Soueidy, Ch.P.; Younes, A.; Ackerer, Ph.
Numerical simulations for the saltpool benchmark problem using the mixed hybrid and discontinuous finite element methods with locally varying time steps

Krumbholz, M.; Burchardt, S.; Gudmundsson, A.
Structure of active and extinct geothermal systems in Iceland

Karaman, A; Dinç, A. N.
Geophysical identification of a low-temperature hydrothermal system in Anzer glacial valley, Ikizdere, Rize, Turkey

Rühaak, W.; Rath, V.; Wolf, A.; Clauser, C.
Finite-Volume groundwater modeling with non-orthogonal grids, using a coordinate transformation method (withdrawn)

Jorand, R.; Pechnig, R.; Mottaghy, D.; Koch, A.; Clauser, C.
Determination of thermal and hydraulic Proprieties for different Lithologies of Southern Germany

Rühaak, W.; Rath, V.; Clauser, C.
Modeling the impact of deep fault zones on the thermal regime in a sedimentary basin

Moebius, R.; Blum, P.
Depth- and facies-specific dependency of the well productivity in the karstic aquifer of the Upper Jurassic (Malm)

Barberi, F.; Carapezza, M. L.; Luigini, G.; Ranaldi, M.
CO2 diffuse degassing and geothermal conditions in the area SW of Mts. Sabatini volcanic district, Central Italy

Baldini, A.; Barberi, F.; Carapezza, M. L.; Cardellini, C.; Chiodini, G.; Frondini, F.; Granieri, D.; Ranaldi, M.
Carbon Dioxide degassing from the geothermal systems of Latera caldera (Italy): Quantification and modeling of gas release

Neuville, A.; Toussaint, R.; Schmittbuhl, J.
Hydro-thermal coupling in a rough fracture

Philipp, S.L.; Thaeter, D.; Oelrich, A.; Gudmundsson, A.
Fault displacements, damage zones, and associated fracturing in geothermal reservoirs

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