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  List of Accepted Contributions - G6 Geodetic and Geodynamic Programmes of the CEI (Central European Initiative)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Sledzinski, J.
Establishment of the Polish part of the EUPOS network of reference stations

Savchuk, S.; Zablotska, O.; Zablotskyj, F.
Analysis of coordinates change of the SHAZ GPS permanent station

Simek, J.; Dousa, J. ; Kostelecky (jun.), J.; Kostelecky, J.; Palinkas, V.
A contribution of the Geodetic Observatory Pecny - Ondrejov to regional and global geodynamics

Banachowicz, A.; Banachowicz, G.; Wolski, A.
The geometric aspect of ship position coordinates determination accuracy

Rus, T.; Besutiu, L.; Buse, I.; Stoian, I.; Nacu, V.
Current geodynamic investigations in Romania in the frame of CERGOP-2

Rus, T.; Ghitau, D.; Buse, I.; Besutiu, L.; Stoian, I.; Nacu, V.; Stanescu, G.
Aspects of geodetic and geodynamic investigations in Romania – CERGOP-2/Environment Project

Czarnecki, K.; Papco, J.; Mojzes, M.; Talich, M.; Vyskocil, P.
Horizontal Deformations within the area of Tatra Mts.

Filler, V.; Kostelecky jr., J.
GPS Antenna Calibrations at the Geodetic Observatory Pecny, Czech Republic

Zablotskyj, F.; Tretyak, K.
Recent movements of the earth’s surface of the Carpathian region

Bober, R.; Szewczuk, T.; Wolski, A.
Examination of the accuracy of position determination by the DGPS system

Banachowicz, A.; Dolgopolow, A.; Kozlowski, Z.; Wolski, A.
The application of the DGPS system in offshore depth changes survey

Bakula, M.; Oszczak, S.
Experiences of RTK Positioning in Hard Observational Conditions During Nysa Klodzka River Project

Bajgarová, T.; Čepek, A.
Combining GPS and leveling observations in GNU Gama

Novak, P.; Kostelecky, J.; Klokocnik, J.
Testing new geopotential models through comparison of high-resolution quasi-geoid models with GPS/levelling data

Haslinger, C.; Stangl, G.
The CERGOP2 database after the project - EU project CERGOP2/Environment work package 1

Moroz, O.; Savchuk, S.; Tymoshenko, N.
About determination of velocity of coordinates’ change of the permanent GPS stations on the territory of Ukraine

Caporali, A.
Time series of permanent GPS stations in Central Europe

Medak, D.; Pribicevic, B.; Prelogovic, E.; Djapo, A.; Medved, I.
Final report on research activities within the project CERGOP2/Environment in Croatia

Medak, D.; Pribicevic, B.; Prelogovic, E.
Geodesy, Tectonics and Geodynamics of Dinnarides

Medak, D.; Pribicevic, B.; Djapo, A.; Medved, I.
Five years of EUREF-Permanent GPS-stations in Croatia

Pribicevic, B.; Medak, D.; Djapo, A.; Medved, I.
Two-frequencies bathymetry of Plitvice Lakes

Drescher, R.; Becker, M.; Schoenemann, E.
Central European intraplate velocities from GEGRN campaigns

Liwosz, T. ; Kruczyk, M.; Rogowski, J. B.
NRT system for GPS tropospheric delay estimation, on-line GPS processing user service and analysis of the results

Schoenemann, E.; Becker, M.
A software module for quality control of CEGRN sites

Milev, G.; Vassileva, K.; Becker, M.
Vienna 2006 CERGOP-2 project activities of Bulgaria

Milev, G.; Vassileva, K.
Monograph "Geodynamics of Balkan Peninsula"

Haslinger, C.; Stangl, G.
The Time Series of the permanent CERGOP stations - First velocity estimations of the non-EPN sites

Pálinkás, V.; Kostelecký (jr.), J.
Seasonal gravity variations at the station Pecný

Pesec, P.; Fejes, I.
CERGOP-2/ENVIRONMENT, Summary of the third year

Rogowski, J. B.; Barlik, M.; Bogusz, J.; Hefty, J.; Klek, M.; Kujawa, L.; Moskwinski, M.
Polish astro-geodetic geoid – final results

Barlik, M.; Bogusz, J.; Olszak, T.; Pachuta, A.
Activities of gravimetric laboratory at Jozefoslaw observatory in the frame of geodynamic investigations

Klek, M.; Rogowski, J. B.
Determination of deformations of the central Europe from CERGOP GPS observations campaigns

Prof.Dr. Vodopivec, d.i.g
Crustal Movements in the Eastern Alps and the North Mediterranian

Nuckelt, A.; Westerhaus, M.; Knöpfler, A.
Time series analysis for the GPS permanent station Bucharest

Hefty, J.; Igondova, M.
Geokinematical implications inferred from analysis of permanent stations in Central European region

Mulic, M.; Bilajbegovic, A.; Altiner, Y.
Study of the effects of processing strategy variation on GPS position estimates

Bilajbegovic, A.; Bilajbegovic, D.; Mulic, M.
Systematization of the GPS-errors and multipath-effects in B&H CEGRN 05, BIHPOS and SAPOS-Sachsen networks

Stepanek, P.; Hugentobler, U.; Filler, V.
DORIS data processing at GOPE by using the Bernese GPS Software: development of the method and first results

Hefty, J.; Becker, M.; Liwosz , T.; Drescher, R.; Caporali, A.; Stangl, G.; Grenerczy, Gy.; Haslinger, C.; Kraus, S.; Kratochvil, R.
Analysis of CEGRN 2005 as the eighth of CERGOP observing campaigns

Banaszek, K; Fellner, A; Sledziński, J; Tromiński, P; Zajac, J
Air - Net of Polish Permanent Stations RTK DGPS in European CNS/ATM

Mantlik, F.; Schenk, V.; Schenkova, Z.; Kottnauer, P.; Fucik, Z.
GEOdynamical Network of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (GEONAS) – Permanent GPS observations, their remote control and transfer to data centres

Schenk, V.; Schenková, Z.
Geodynamics of the NE part of the Bohemian Massif

Walo, J.; Czarnecki, K.; Olszak, T.; Pachuta, A.; Szpunar, R.
Local Geodynamic Network in the Pieniny Klippen Belt - Results of seven GPS Measurement Epochs

Walo, J.; Pachuta, A.; Adamek, A.; Wezka, K.; Malinowski, Z.; Rajner, M.
Using GPS reference station near Polish Polar Station in Spitsbergen for environment monitoring and geodynamic purposes

Walo, J.; Puczko, D.; Adamek, A.; Wezka, K.; Malinowski, Z.; Rajner, M.
Monitoring of the Hans-glacier movement dynamics (Hornsund SW Spitsbergen, Svalbard)

Vespe, F.; Garramone, L. ; Marzo, C.; Rutigliano, P.; Pacione, R.
A report of ASI activities in CERGOP II framework and discussion of the results

Bosy, J.; Kontny, B.; Cacon, S.
The earth crust surface movements in SW Poland from GPS and leveling data

Grenerczy, Gy.; Borza, T.
The 2005 HGRN and CEGRN GPS campaigns and their integrated analysis

Savchuk, S.; Tymoshenko, O.
Local improvement of the transformation parameters of coordinates

Mojzes, M.; Bogusz, J.; Czarnecki, K.; Husar, L.; Janak, J.; Papco, J.; Valko, M.; Walo, J.
Using of Deflections of the Vertical for Testing of Gravimetric Quasigeoid in the Mountains

Wozniak, M.
Investigation of using total station with ATR system in monitoring of displacements

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