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  List of Accepted Contributions - GD8 Modelling and Monitoring the Deformation and State of Stress of the Lithosphere (co-sponsored by the International Lithosphere Program Task Force VII)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Nankali, H.R.; Vosoughi, B.; Soboutie, F.; Hessami, K.; Abolghasem, A.
3D Numerical Lithospheric Modeling Constraint on GPS

Jahr, T.; Jentzsch, G.; Gebauer, A.; Lau, T.
Deformation, stress and seismicity induced by the large scale injection experiment at the KTB/Germany

Funiciello, F.; Faccenna, C.; Heuret, A.; Lallemand, S.; Di Giuseppe, E.; Becker, T.W.
Trench migration, net rotation and slab - mantle coupling

Karow , T.; Hampel, A.
Finite-element models on spatiotemporal variations in the slip rates of active faults caused by postglacial unloading and rebound

Di Giuseppe, E. ; van Hunen, J.; Funiciello, F.; Faccenna, C.; Giardini, D.
The role of the plate stiffness in trench migration: Insights from numerical models

Zhong, S. J.; Watts, A. B.; Engen, O
Loading of Young Sediments on Oceanic Lithosphere near Knipovich Ridge in the North Atlantic and its Implications for Bathymetry and Mantle and Lithospheric Rheology

Haderka, P.; Galybin, A.N.
On Identification Of Stresses In Tectonic Plates: Plastic And Elastic Models

Postek, E.W.; Houseman, G.A.; Jimack, P.K.
Generic Models of Linear and Non-linear Visco-elastic Surface Deformation above a Fault

Manea, V.C.; Manea, M.; Besutiu, L.; Tumanian, M.
Thermal stress field and seismicity beneath the Vrancea relict subduction zone

Kaus, B.; Schmalholz, S.
Stress and strength of the continental lithosphere: constraints from geodynamic models.

Furlong, K.P.; Hayes, G.P.; Kamp, P.J.J
Deconstructing the New Zealand plate boundary: Implications for plate boundary formation,extent, and deformation

Reuther, C.-D.; Moser, E.
Current stress directions in the uppermost crust of South America between 30° and 55° S

Moser, E.; Reuther, C.-D.
Monitoring the State of Stress in the uppermost crust by measuring geogenic electromagnetic radiation

Wang, L.; Wang, R.; Roth, F.; Enescu, B.
An Estimation of Viscosities based on postseismic Deformation of the Ýzmit Earthquake

van Benthem, S. ; Govers, R.
Dynamics of the Caribbean and Panama plates

Neves, M.; Paiva, L.; Vales, D.
Modelling the slip potential fault activity in the Horseshoe Abyssal Plain (Gulf of Cadiz): implications for seismic hazard (withdrawn)

Delvaux, D.; Smets, B.; Wauthier, C.; Macheyeki, A.S.; d’Oreye, N.; Oyen, A.; Kervyn, F.
Surface ruptures associated to the July-August 2007 Gelai volcano-tectonic event, North Tanzania

Splendore, R.; Marotta, A. M.; Barzaghi, R.; Borghi, A.; Cannizzaro, L.
SISMA project - Seismic Information System for Monitoring and Alert - present-day surface tectonic stress field at the regional scale in the Tyrrhenian area

Delvaux, D.; Smets, B.; Wauthier, C.; Macheyeki, A.S.; Sariah, E.; d'Oreye, N.; Oyen, A.; Kervyn, F.
Tectonic setting of the July-August 2007 Gelai volcano-tectonic event, North Tanzania

Perez-Peńa, A.; Garate, J.; Martin Davila, J.; Berrocoso, M.
Deformation model in South of Spain and North of Africa region from GPS episodic surveys

Wang, R.; Motagh, M.; Walter, T.
Inversion of slip distribution from co-seismic deformation data by a sensitivity-based iterative fitting method

Dombrádi, E.; Sokoutis, D.; Bada, G.; Cloetingh, S.; Horváth, F.
Large-scale lithospheric folding controlling active deformation and topography development in the Pannonian basin: insights from analogue modelling

Özeren, M. S.; Haines, A. J.
Anisotropic variance-covariance operators to constrain fault conditions in dynamical inversions

Keiding, M.; Lund, B.; Arnadottir, T.
The state of stress along the Reykjanes Peninsula oblique plate boundary, southwest Iceland

Talich, M.
Determination of strain tensors from repeated geodetic measurement by web application

Tzoumerkiotis, E.; Fischer, K. D.
Dynamics of a subducting Slab: Influence of rheological Parameters

Fischer, K. D.; Bischoff, M.; Meier, T.; the EGELADOS working group
The 2006 Kythira (Greece) Earthquake: Observing and modelling sub-millimetre Deformations

Heidbach, O.; Müller, B.; Buchmann, T.; Peters, G.; Oth, A.; Nuckelt, A.
Farewell signals of slab break-off in Vrancea, Romania from observation and numerical modelling

Hergert, T.; Heidbach, O.; Bécel, A.; Hirn, A.
4D stress and strain field of the Marmara Sea from numerical modelling

Motagh, M.; Wang, R. ; Walter, T.R.; Anderssohn, J.
Constraining the slip distribution of the Mw 8 Pisco (15 Aug 2007) and Mw 7.7 Tocopilla (14 Nov 2007) earthquakes with Wide Swath and Image Mode Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar

Shirzaei, M.; Motagh, M.; Walter, T.h.; Golamzadeh, A.; Yamini-Fard, F.
Earthquake mechanism and stress transfer induces salt diapir deformation: Results from hybrid inversion of d-InSAR and aftershock data of the Nov 27 2005 Qeshm Island earthquake, Iran

Barth, A.; Wenzel, F.
Stress field and strain rate analysis for the Baikal region using new focal mechanisms

Funning, G ; Fukahata, Y; Yagi, Y; Parsons, B; Burgmann, R
Combining InSAR with other independent data to improve models of fault slip

Shahpasandzadeh, M.; Koyi, H.; Nilforoushan, F.
An experimental approach to active tectonics of the Alborz Mountains, northern Iran

Popov, A. A.; Sobolev, S. V.
Numerical modeling of lithospheric deformation

Lund, B.; Townend, J.
Calculating the Direction of Horizontal Stress from Partially Known Stress Tensors: Application to Seismically Estimated Stress Components

Malservisi, R.; Hugentobler, U.; Wonnacott, R.; Chacko, R.
How rigid is a rigid plate? Geodetic constraint from the Kalahari craton, South Africa.

Liu, M; Yang, Y
Reconcile short- and long-term crustal deformation in the southwestern US

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