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  List of Accepted Contributions - AS1.14 African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis (AMMA) (co-listed in BG, CL, HS, OS & SSS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Lavender, S; Matthews, A
Influence of intraseasonal sea surface temperature anomalies on the West African monsoon

Bouarar, I.; Law, K.; Pham, M.; Hourdin, F.; Szopa, S.; The AMMA Data Team
Evaluation of the LMDzINCA chemistry climate model during the West African monsoon 2006

Knippertz, P.; Fink, A.H.
Forecast Quality of West African Dry-Season Rainfall Events in ECMWF Operational and Reanalysis Data

Gervois, S.; Janicot, S.
Interactions between intraseasonal variability of convection in the African summer monsoon and weather regimes over Europe

Gueye, A.; Niang, A.; Thiria, S.; Janicot, S.; Sultan, B.
Characterization of synoptic weather regimes over Senegal during the summer monsoon through self-organizing maps

Cui, X.; Morse, A.
Evaluations of drying out processes after rainfall in numerical models and its implications for Malaria prediction

Caniaux, G.; Guichard, F.; Bourras, D.; Key, E.; Giordani, H.; Bourlès, B.
Evaluation of sea surface flux fileds from nwp models

Gervois, S.; Losada, T.; Mohino, E.; Rodriguez-Fonseca, B.; Janicot, S.
Analysis of teleconnections between tropical SST and the West African monsoon in ensembles of idealized-SST forced AGCM simulations

Sultan, B.; Janicot, S.
Short-lead predictability of intraseasonal oscillations of the convective activity in West Africa

Sultan, B.; Bella-Medjo, M.; Berg, A.; Quirion, P.; Janicot, S.
Multi-scales and multi-sites analysis of the role of climate in cotton yields in West Africa

de Coëtlogon, G.; Janicot, S.
Intraseasonal variability of the ocean – atmosphere interface in the Gulf of Guinea

Raut, J.C.; Chazette, P.
Radiative budget in the presence of multi-layered aerosol structures in the frame of AMMA SOP-0

Berg, A; Sultan, B; de Noblet, N
Including tropical croplands in a terrestrial biosphere model: application to West Africa.

Taylor, C. M.
Intraseasonal land-atmosphere coupling in the West African Monsoon

Harris, P. P.; Taylor, C. M.
Fine resolution model estimates of the Sahelian surface energy budget through the AMMA SOP

Commane, R.; Floquet, C.; Ingham, T.; Heard, D. E.; Evans, M. J.
HOx in the Free Troposphere over West Africa

Flamant, C.; Lavaysse, C. ; Chaboureau, J.-P.; Todd, M.; Crumeyrolle, S.; Galy-Lacaux, C.; Williams, E. ; Gosset, M.; Pelon, J.
Multi-platform observations of a representative springtime case of Bodélé and Sudan dust emission, transport and scavenging over West Africa

Yamada, T.J.; Kanae, S.; Oki, T.; Hirabayashi, Y.; Enomoto, T.; Ohfuchi, W.
Do gRealistich Subsurface Soil Moistures contribute to the Reproducibility of the West African Monsoon?

Wade, M.W.; Caniaux, G.C.; Dupenhoat, Y.D.; Bourlès, B.B.; Bourras, D.B.; Chuchla, R.C.; Dengler, M.D.; Giordani, H.G.; Key, E.K.; Legain, D.L.; EGEE Group
Analysis of the oceanic diurnal cycle at the PIRATA sites using a 1D model and AMMA/EGEE3 observations

Mohino, E.; Rodriguez-Fonseca, B.; Mechoso, C.R.; Losada, T.
West African Monsoon precipitation response to Equatorial Pacific Sea Surface Temperature anomalies. Dynamical Mechanisms

Lemaître, C. ; Flamant, C.; Pelon, J.; Cuesta, J.
Dust aerosol radiative effect and forcing over west Africa: A case study from the AMMA SOP

Kalapureddy, M.C.R; Lohou, F.; Campistron, B.
Inter-connection of surface and aloft jets on the West African Monsoon dynamics: a case study

Flaounas, E.; Bastin, S.; Janicot, S.; Lavaysse, C.; Bock, O.; Chopin, F.
Simulation of the 2006 West African Monsoon with the WRF model: comparison with AMMA database and sensitivity to the surface albedo.

Nuret, N; Lafore, L; Bock, B; Guichard, G; Agusti-Panareda, A; N'Gamini, N; Redelsperger, R
Correction of humidity bias for Vaïsala RS80 sondes during AMMA 2006 Observing Period

BOU KARAM, D; Cuesta, J; Flamant, C; Pelon, J; Tulet, P; Chaboureau, J.-P
Calipso observations and mesoscale modelling on dust emissions and transport over the Sahel associated with the West African Monsoon Inter Tropical Discontinuity

Bock, O.; Meynadier, R.; Guichard, F.; Lafore, J.P.; Janicot, S.; Bouin, M.N.; Nahmani, S.; Doerflinger, E.; Masson, F.
Multiscale analysis of the West African Monsoon water cycle from GPS data and NWP models.

Andrés Hernández, M.D.; Kartal, D.; Reichert, L.; Schlager, H. ; Burrows, J.P.
Photochemical activity in episodes of formation of convective clouds on the basis of radical measurements

Devine, G.; Parker, D.; Taylor, C.; Harris, P.
Modelling the influence of soil moisture heterogeneity on the dynamics of the atmospheric boundary layer.

Kartal, D.; Andrés- Hernández, M.D. ; Reichert, L.; Burrows, J.P.
Characterization of Dual Channel Reactor System (DUALER) for Airborne Measurements during AMMA

Giordani, H.G.; Caniaux, G.C.
Implementation of a downscaling oceanic model in the gulf of Guinae during the EGEE experiment

Söhne, N.; Chaboureau, J.-P.; Guichard, F.
Forecast verification of cloud cover with satellite observation over West Africa

Guichard, F.; Couvreux, F.; Nuret, M.; Agusti-Panareda, A.
Roles of low-level thermodynamics on surface-convection interactions over West-Africa

Polo, I; Rodríguez-Fonseca, B; Losada, T; García-Serrano, J
Time-evolving Tropical Atlantic SST modes related to West African rainfall

Decharme, B. ; Ottlé, C. ; Saux-Picart, S. ; Boulain, N. ; Cappelaere, B. ; Ramier, D.; Zribi, M.
Transferability of the Noah-WRF meso-scale model in semiarid environments for hydrological applications

Saux-Picart, S. ; Ottlé, C. ; Decharme, B. ; Perrier, A.; Cappelaere, B.
Study of land-use changes impacts on surface hydrology over the Niger super site using a spatialized SVAT model.

Marsham, J.; Parker, D.; Grams, C.; Huang, Q.; Taylor, C.; Haywood, J.; Johnson, B.
Observations of dust uplift and transport in the western Sahara from the GERBILS field campaign

Serça, D.; Lohou, F.; Legorgeu, C.
Nocturnal level jet moistening impact on the surface in the early monsoon in North Benin

Bastin, S.; Taylor, C. ; Parker, D.; Boone, A.
Analysis of the impact of soil moisture patterns on atmospheric dynamics on 1 August 2006 AMMA case based on high resolution numerical simulations performed with Meso-NH.

Mari, C; Cailley, G.; Corre, L. ; Saunois, M.; Attié, J.L.; Thouret, V.; Stohl, A.
Tracing biomass burning plumes from the Southern Hemisphere during the AMMA 2006 wet season experiment (withdrawn)

Beau, I.; Gueremy, J.F.; Pollack, D.
Validation of turbulence and convective schemes on western Africa; comparison of LAM and CRM simulations on a HAPEX-Sahel case study

Wahl, S.; Park, W.; Latif, M.; Richter, I.
Tropical Atlantic Ocean Feedbacks in the Kiel Climate Model

Pospichal, B; Bou Karam, D; Crewell, S ; Flamant, C
Diurnal cycle of the ITD before the monsoon onset over Benin: ground-based measurements and mesoscale modelling

Lothon, M.; Campistron, B.; Chong, M.; Pastuschak, N.; Williams, E.
Life-cycle of a deep convective macroburst observed by the C-band MIT radar during AMMA Special Observing Period

Cuesta, J.; Lavaysse, C.; Flamant, C.; Mimouni, M.; Knippertz, P.
Rainfall and dust event over the Ahaggar massif, Algeria, caused by a northward burst of the West African Monsoon: a case study from the African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis Special Operation Period

Orlandi, E.; Real, E.; Fierli, F.; Law, K.; Borrmann, S.; Cairo, F.; Schlager, H.; Volk, C. M.; Minikin, A.
Analysis of upper troposphere trace gases and aerosols measurements over West Africa during summer 2006

Brücher, T.; Engel, T.; Fink, A.H.
Simulations of the present-day climate of West Africa using a simple vegetation model within ECHAM5

Meynadier , R; Bock, O; Guichard, F; Roucou, P; Boone, A
Assessment of water budgets computed from NWP models and observational datasets during AMMA-EOP

Crumeyrolle, C; Gomes, G; Tulet, T
The impact of the mesoscale convective systems (MCS) on aerosol physical and chemical properties, focusing on hygroscopicity, during the AMMA campaign

Kergoat, L; Timouk, F; Mougin, E; Ceschia, E; Lloyd, C; Hiernaux, P; de Rosnay, P; Le Dantec, V
Response of sensible, latent and CO2 fluxes to lateral water redistribution and vegetation development in a Sahelian landscape at 15.3 °N.

Borbon, A.; Bechara, J.; Jambert, C.; Afif, C.; Colomb, A.; Madec, P.; Perros, P.E.
Behaviour and fate of formaldehyde during the AMMA Special Observation Period of summer 2006

Gruhier, C.; de Rosnay, P.; Kergoat, L.; Mougin, E.
Evaluation of soil moisture products from several sensors over a semi-arid region based on ground soil moisture measurements.

Lavaysse, C.; Flamant, C.; Janicot, S.
Impacts of the intra-seasonal oscillations of West African Heat Low over the Sahel

Rodriguez-Fonseca, B.; Polo, I.; Garcia-Serrano, J.; Mechoso, R.
Recent trends in the connection between Atlantic and Pacific Niños

Garcia-Serrano, J.; Losada, T.; Rodriguez-Fonseca, B.; Polo, I.
Observational and model time-varying atmospheric response to the Atlantic Equatorial mode

de Rosnay, P.; Boone, A.; Drusch, M.; Balsamo, G.; Pellarin, T.; Wigneron, J.-P.
ALMIP-MEM: AMMA Land surface Models Inter-comparison Project - Microwave Emission Model (ALMIP-MEM)

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