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  List of Accepted Contributions - SSS18 Soil quality indicators to assess degradation and rehabilitation processes (co-listed in BG)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Monkiedje, A; Spiteller, M; Maniepi, S.J.
Influence of metalaxyl- and mefenoxam-based fungicides on chemical and biochemical attributes of soil quality under field conditions in a southern humid forest zone of Cameroon

Abakumov, E.V.
Spoilbanks grounds of quarries in Russian North-West: influence on speed of soil regeneration and revegetation

Kemmers, R.H.; Van Delft, S.P.J
Humus forms as an early warning system for soil degradation

Cerda, A.
Land management affects soil losses on Spanish rain fed orchards. The El Teularet soil erosion experimental station

Amezketa, E.
A mobile and geo-referenced electromagnetic sensing system to assess soil salinization at spatial and temporal scales in irrigated fields

Aromolo, R.; Francaviglia, R.
Effects on soil quality of mineral and organic fertilisation

Soru, D.; Leirós, M.C.; Gil-Sotres, F.; Trasar-Cepeda, C.
Effect of management of forest soils under Quercus suber L. on their soil biochemical quality

Perotti, E.; Bouzas, S.; Leirós, M.C.; Trasar-Cepeda, C.; Gil-Sotres, F.
Biochemical indicators of degradation of soils contaminated with 2,4-diclorophenol

Bellas, R.M.; Trasar-Cepeda, C.; Gil-Sotres, F.; Leirós, M.C.
Problems in evaluating contamination of soils with heavy metals

Paz, J.; Leirós, M.C.; Trasar-Cepeda, C.; Gil-Sotres, F.
Use of enzymes involved in the carbon cycle as indicators of the intensity of soil management in grassland soils from Galicia (NW Spain)

Zornoza, R.; Mataix-Solera, J.; Guerrero, C.; Arcenegui, V.; Mataix-Beneyto, J.; Morales, J.; Mayoral, A.M.
Modelling an index for soil quality evaluation based on natural forest soils under Mediterranean conditions

Szajdak, L.; Szczepanski, M.
Effect of secondary transformation of organic soils on the chemical properties soil’s organic matter and changes chemical compounds in ground water

Poggio, L.; Vrscaj, B.; Ajmone Marsan, F.
Heavy metals and human health risk in a peri-urban park

Pompili, L. ; Nisini, L.; Meconi, C.; D'Angelo, B.; Benedetti, A.
Soil biological fertility in Pavia Province: LUCAS survey to monitor territory

Rao, M.A.; Scelza, R.; Russo, F.; Gianfreda, L.
Soil enzymatic activities as potential indicators of organic soil pollution

Andrade, M.L.; Covelo, E.F.; Vega, F.A.
Soil quality changes caused by forest transformation into vineyard

Zornoza, R.; Guerrero, C.; Mataix-Solera, J.; Mataix-Beneyto, J.; Gómez, I.; Morales, J.; Mayoral, A.M.; Martínez, M.
The use of near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) for soil quality and soil degradation assessment

Blagodatskaya, E.V.; Bogomolova, I.N.; Pampura, T.V.; Blagodatsky, S.A.
Sensitivity of eco-physiological indicators of soil quality with respect to agricultural and industrial impact

Provenzano, M.R.; Cilenti, A.; Gigliotti, G.; Senesi, N.
Hydrophobic and hydrophilic fractions of dissolved organic matter in soils of different salinity

BESCANSA, P.; Imaz, M.J.; Virto, I.; Enrique, A.
Particulate Organic Matter as a soil quality indicator in semiarid agricultural soils

Dell'Abate, M.T.; Benedetti, A.; Poletti, P.; Pompili, L.; Mocali, S.; Dentice, A.; De Angelis, M.
Microbial monitoring of a petroleum bioremediation process in soil

Grundmann, S.; Brahushi, F.; Ruoss, J.; Laschinger, M.; Munch, J.C.; Schroll, R.
Enhanced mineralization of organic chemicals in soils enriched by active microbial soil communities

Schroll, R.; Becher, H.H.; Dörfler, U.; Gayler, S.; Grundmann, S.; Hartmann, H.P.; Ruoss, J.
Enabling a comparison of the mineralization of various chemicals in different soils – quantifying the influence of soil humidity

Pompili, L.; Mellina, A. S.; Benedetti, A.
Microbial indicators for evaluating soil quality in differently managed soils

Canu, A.; Zucca, C.
Change in soil properties as indicators of soil quality in an agropastoral area of Sardinia.

Marinari, S.; Liburdi, K.; Moscatelli, M.C.; Brunetti, G.; La Ghezza, V.; Matarrese, F.; Grego, S.
Microbial biomass activity as dynamic indicator of horizons characteristics

Sanchez, F.; Carter, E.; Klepac, J.
Does incorporating forest slash into the soil improve soil quality?

Czanik, P.; Tolner, L.; Kovacs, Z.; Rekasi, M.
Iso-pH titration method for estimating soil acidity

Revetnev, A.A.; Blagodatskaya, E.V.
Versatile indices for quantifying of soil quality indicators

Dilly, O.; Repmann, F.; Grünewald, H.; Fitz, W. F.; Wenzel, W.W.; Custovic, H.; Schneider, B. U.; Hüttl, R. F.; RECOAL TEAM
Microbial characteristics of young soils on disposal sites of coal ashes

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