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  List of Accepted Contributions - G8 Monitoring of the lower atmosphere and ionosphere by space geodetic techniques

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Afraimovich, E.L.
GPS global detector for monitoring of ionospheric disturbances

Dekkiche, H.; Kahlouche, S.; Kadri, C.B.
GPS-based ionospheric TEC mapping over Algeria: Comparison with the IAACs TEC maps solutions

Ning, T.; Johansson, J. M.; Elgered, G.
The impact of the electromagnetic environment of the antenna on GPS measurements of atmospheric water vapour

Angling, M. J.; Cannon, P. S.
On the testing of the electron density assimilative model (EDAM) with data from a globally distributed network of ionosondes

Altiner, Y.; Söhne, W.; Weber, G.
Near Real-Time Estimation of Tropospheric Zenith Total Delays and Coordinate Monitoring

Dousa, J.
The Quality of Precise GPS Orbits Predictions for 'GPS-Meteorology'

Jin, S.G.; Park, J.; Cho, J.
Retrieval of ionospheric slab thickness and its variations from 3-D GPS observations

Alizadeh E., M.M.; Todorova, S.; Kudryashova, M.; Weber, R.; Schuh, H.
Assessment of GNSS and Satellite Altimetry Combined Global Ionospheric Maps using Precise Point Positioning

Hobiger, T.; Ichikawa, R.; Takasu, T.; Koyama, Y.; Kondo, T.
Ray-traced tropospheric total slant delays for precise point positioning

Heki, K.; Tsugawa, T.
Ionospheric holes by rocket launches and small comets: observations with dense GPS arrays

Arras, C.; Lee, W.-K.; Wickert, J.; Heise, S.; Schmidt, T.; Beyerle, G.; Rothacher, M.; Jakowski, N.
Ionospheric electron density profiles obtained with CHAMP/GPS occultation measurements – initial results from GFZ

Pottiaux, E.
The Belgian contribution to the EUMETNET GPS water vapour program (E-GVAP): recent developments and applications

Pany, A.; Böhm, J.; Wresnik, J.; Schuh, H.
PPP Simulations for Troposphere Delay Modelling in VLBI

Krankowski, A.; Hernández-Pajares , M.
Current performance of IGS ionosphere TEC maps: final and rapid products

Crespi, M.; Luzietti, L.; Marzario, M.
Investigation in GNSS ground-based tropospheric tomography:benefits and perspectives of the combined Galileo, Glonass and GPS constellations.

Brenot, H.; Lejeune, S.; Warnant, R.
Detection of small-scale structures in the neutral atmosphere using double differences of GNSS measurements.

Smirnov, V.M.; Smirnova, E.V.
The peculiarity of the profile restoration of an electronic concentration of the Earth ionosphere by radio translucence method

Schmidt, M.; Bilitza, D.; Shum, C.; Zeilhofer, C.; Dettmering, D.; Zhang, J.; Tsai, L.
Multi-dimensional representations of VTEC from satellite data and IRI

Igondova, M.; Hefty, J.
Experiences from six years of PWV monitoring using the permanent GPS observations in Slovakia

Pacione, R.; Vespe, F.
Assessment of the uncertainties of near real time estimates of the zenith tropospheric delays by ground GPS network

Choliy, V.
Second shadow function: interference on terminator in ionosphere

Karslioglu, M.; Nohutcu, M.; Güclüer, B.; Schmidt, M.; Zhang, J.
Local Modeling of VTEC Using GPS Observations and B-spline Expansions

NAHMANI, S.; Bouin, M.N.; Bock, O.; Doerflinger, E.; Masson, F.
GPS data processing modelling for water cycle studies over West Africa

Heise, S.; Gendt, G.; Dick, G.; Schmidt, T.; Wickert, J.; Rothacher, M.
Validation of integrated water vapour from IGS ground-based GPS observations with sun photometer measurements

Aragon-Angel, A.; Hernández-Pajares, M.; Juan, J. M.; Sanz, J.; Ramos-Bosch, P.
Validation of ionospheric density retrievals using Abel transform improvement with COSMIC/FORMOSAT-3

Rohm, W.; Bosy, J.
The tropospheric tomography model above the local GNSS network

Schön, S.; Brunner, F.K.
Refractivity fluctuations in space geodetic measurements – case study GPS carrier phase observations

Zandbergen, R.; Ballereau, A.; Lorenzo, M.; Dow, J.; Wollenweber, F.; Marquardt, C.
Ground support network for the Metop GRAS atmospheric sounding mission

Dick, G.; Bender, M.; Gendt, G.; Wickert, J.; Ramatschi, M.; Rothacher, M.; Zus, F.
Validation and assimilation of GPS water vapor and slant delays from COPS campaign

Champollion, C.; Flamant, C.; Masson, F.; Gégout, P.; Brousseau, P.; Dick, G.; Van Baelen, J.; Richard, E.
First results from GPS tomography during the COPS field experiment

Baek, J.; Cho, J.; Choi, B.K.; Lee, J.W.
The near real-time GPS precipitable water vapor retrieval system in KASI: progress and plan

Lee, W.-K.; Chung, J.-K.; Cho, S.; Yoon, J.-C.; Chun, Y.-S.; Wickert, J.
Comparison of electron density profile from CHAMP GPS radio occultation data with CHAMP PLP and ionosonde measurements during the Halloween event in 2003

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