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  List of Accepted Contributions - AS1.12 Climate and Weather of the Sun-Earth System (co-listed in CL)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Kubin, A.; Langematz, U.; Matthes, K.; Nissen, K.; Brühl, Ch.
Sensitivity studies on the dynamical transfer of the 11-year solar signal into the Troposphere

Lu, H; Jarvis, M; Young, P; Horne, R
Solar and Stratospheric Influences on the Northern Atlantic Oscillation and the Southern Annular Mode: Nonlinear Interaction

Kazeminejad, S; Notholt, J; Burrows, J.P; von Savigny, C; Sinnhuber, M
Analysis of NOx mixing ratios in the middle atmosphere

Vieira, L.E.; Silva, L.
Cosmic rays modulation of the cloud effects on the radiative flux in the Southern Hemisphere Magnetic Anomaly region (withdrawn)

Barliaeva, T.; Ponyavin, D.
Solar signal in climatic records. Results of EMD and cross wavelet analysis (withdrawn)

Buchvarova, M.; Velinov, P.
Determination of Galactic and Anomalous Cosmic Ray Spectra depending on the Solar Activity

Rigozo, N.; Nordemann, D. ; Silva, H. ; Echer, E.; Souza-Echer, M.; Prestes, A.
Solar Activity Imprints in some Southern Hemisphere Proxies

Krizan, P.; Balcar, T.; Lastovicka, J.
Impact of geomagnetic super-storms and total ozone at higher middle latitudes

Vogel, B.; Konopka, P.; Groo\ss{}, J.-U.; M\"uller, R. ; Reddmann, T. ; Stiller, G. ; von Clarmann, T. ; Funke, B. ; Lop\'{e}z-Puertas, M.
Model simulations of NOx-induced ozone loss processes in the upper and middle stratosphere caused by the solar proton events of October-November 2003

Bittner, M.; Höppner, K.
Evidence for Solar Signals in the Mesopause Temperature Variability above a Midlatitude Station in Europe

Wissing, J. M.; Bornebusch, J. P.; Kallenrode, M.-B.
Spatial Precipitation Patterns of Energetic Particles

Bornebusch, J. P.; Wissing, J. M.; Kallenrode, M.-B.
Particle precipitation at the poles

Luebken, F.-J.; Berger, U.; Herbort, F.
A new model of mesospheric ice layers: first results and implications for coupling mechanisms

Oberheide, J.; Wu, Q.; Hagan, M.E.; Killeen, T.L.; Roble, R.G.
A global climatology of nonmigrating tides in MLT winds: Results from the TIMED Doppler Interferometer

Jacobi, Ch.; Jakowski, N.; Pogoreltsev, A. ; Fröhlich, K.; Hoffmann, P.; Borries, C.
CPW-TEC: Climatology of Planetary Waves seen in Ionospheric Total Electron Content Perturbations

Grygalashvyly, M.; Sonnemann, G.R.; Berger, U.; Hartogh, P.
Coupling processes of minor constituents in the MLT-region and the OH-layer calculated by means of advanced 3D-models

Boberg, F; Berg, P; Thejll, P; Stendel, M; Arnold, N; Christiansen, B; Hesselbjerg, J; Gleisner, H
The solar influence on the troposphere: Regression and GCM studies

Le Huy, M; Amory-Mazaudier, C; IGRGEA
Vietnamese participation to CAWSES programme : Atmospheric, Ionospheric and Magnetic surveys for the year 2005

Huth, R.; Bochnícek, J.; Hejda, P.
Solar activity affects the annularity of the Arctic Oscillation

Stiller, G.P.; von Clarmann, T.; Höpfner, M.; Funke, B.; López-Puertas, M. ; THE IMK/IAA MIPAS-ENVISAT TEAM
Enhanced upper stratospheric HNO3 during Antarctic winter 2003 and Arctic winter 2003/2004

Stiller, G.P.; von Clarmann, T.; Glatthor, N.; Höpfner, M.; Linden, A.; THE IMK/IAA MIPAS-ENVISAT TEAM
Mean age of stratospheric air as derived from MIPAS/ENVISAT SF6 distributions

Winkler, H.; Glassmeier, K.-H.; Kallenrode, M.-B.; Notholt, J.; Schulze, K.; Sinnhuber, M.; Steinhilber, F.; Vogt, J.
Modelling of long term impacts of Solar Proton Events on the Earth's middle atmosphere

Ern, M.; Krebsbach, M.; Preusse, P.; Fr\"ohlich, K.; Stober, G.; Jacobi, C.; Schmidt, T.; Wickert, J.
Gravity wave coupling processes and their decadal variation (GW-CODE): first results

Mileta, M.
Trends of number of the days with unusual temperatures in Zagreb

Reddmann, Th.; Ruhnke, R.; Kouker, W.; Uhl, R.
Modelling disturbed stratospheric Chemistry during solar induced NOx Intrusions observed by MIPAS-ENVISAT

Calisesi, Y.
The stratospheric ozone response to the 11-year solar cycle as observed by ground-based NDSC instruments over 1 - 3 decades

Hoffmann, P.; Jacobi, Ch.; Pogoreltsev, A.; Jakowski, N.; Fröhlich, K.; Borries , C.
Analysis of Planetary Waves seen in ionospheric total Electron Content (TEC) Perturbations

Sinnhuber, B.-M.; Sinnhuber, M.; von der Gathen, P.
Observation of large decadal scale changes of polar stratospheric ozone suggest solar influence through energetic electron precipitation

Mlynczak, M.; Martin-Torres, F. ; Thompson, R. ; Marshall, B.; Kratz, D.; Gordley, L. ; Russell, J.
Evidence for solar cycle influence on the radiative cooling of the thermosphere (withdrawn)

Ward, W.E.; Oberheide, J.; Gurubaran, S; Lieberman, R.S.; Marsh, D.R.; Nakamura, T.; Pancheva, D.; Mlynczak, M.; Hagan, M.; Forbes, J.
The CAWSES global tidal campaign

Thejll, P.; Gleisner, H.; Boberg, F.; Stendel, M.; Hesselbjerg, J.; Berg, P.; Arnold, N.
The solar influence on the troposphere: The circulation response in GLIMPSE data

Bochnicek, J.; Hejda, P.; Huth, R.
Strong geomagnetic storms and changes in the winter lower atmosphere

Funke, B.; Sinnhuber, M. ; IMK/IAA MIPAS/ENVISAT team
Atmospheric composition changes caused by particle precipitations during the 2002-2004 polar winters as observed by MIPAS/Envisat

OUALI, A.; Chaabane, M.; Maalej, A.; Hannachi, A.
2003 exceptional weather phenomena in Tunisia

Gabriel, A.; Peters, D.
The influence of zonally varying radiation perturbations in the stratosphere on Rossby wave developments

von Zahn, U.; Berger, U.
Critical topics in the modeling of noctilucent clouds

Kopp (1), G.; Palm (2), M.; Hochschild (1), G.; Notholt (2), J.; Raffalski (3), U.; Reddmann (1), Th.; Ruhnke (1), R.; Sinnhuber (2), M.; Wiehle (1), M.
Ground-based Microwave Observations and Model Calculations of Ozone Depletion in the Arctic Atmosphere due to the Solar Proton Events in October/November 2003

Rapp, M.; Strelnikova, I. ; Röttger, J.
Mesospheric aerosol particles studied with the European Incoherent SCATter (EISCAT) radars

Kopp, G.; Diez y Riega V., E.; Groß, J.; Hochschild, G.; Hoffmann, P.
Measurements of Ozone in the Stratosphere and lower Mesosphere at the Tropical Mérida Atmospheric Research Station (MARS) by ground-based Microwave Radiometry

Fiedler, J.; Baumgarten, G.; Berger, U.; Heinrich, D.; Schoech, A.; von Cossart, G.
High resolved properties of noctilucent clouds derived from a multi-annual data set above ALOMAR

Schoech, A.; Baumgarten, G.; Fiedler, J.
Seasonal variation of middle atmosphere temperatures at 69N above ALOMAR in Northern Norway

Meza, A; Van Zele, M. A.; Rovira, M; Brunini, C
Solar flare effect on the geomagnetic field and Ionosphere

Troshichev, O.A.; Egorova, L.V.; Vovk, V.Ya.
Influence of the disturbed solar wind on atmospheric processes in Antarctica

Gomez, L; Sabione, J. I.; Van Zele, M. A.; Meza, A.; Brunini, C.
Geomagnetic Storm and Substorm effect on the total electron content using GPS at subauroral latitudes

Gusev, O.; Kaufmann, M.; Grossmann, K.-U.; Schmidlin, F. J.; Shepherd, M. G.
Atmospheric neutral temperature distribution at the mesopause altitude

van Eyken, A ; Strømme, A; Rietveld, M; Westman, A; Häggström, I; Markkanen, J
The September 2005 extended Incoherent Scatter Radar Campaign: high quality ionospheric monitoring for CAWSES

Halenka, T.
On the analysis of spectral composition of solar irradiation and changes with solar activity, connections to circulation patterns

Gianibelli, J.C.; Quaglino, N.
The thermal amplitude at La Playa City, Argentina, and its relationship with the geomagnetic activity

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