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  List of Accepted Contributions - HS9 Modelling water and energy budgets from catchment to global scales (co-listed in AS, CL & OS) (co-sponsored by iLEAPS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Roads, J.
GEWEX Water and Energy Budget Studies

Argaman, E; Ben-Asher, J; Blumberg, D G
A model for evaluation of local and regional surface Evapotranspiration by Remote Sensing

Wetterhall, F.; Chen, D.; Halldin, S.; Xu, C.-Y.
Statistical downscaling of daily precipitation in two catchments in western China

Younger, P.M.; Beven, K.J.; Gadian, A.M.; Freer, J.E.
A coupled atmospheric-hydrology model for flood forecasting

Falloon, P; Betts, R; Good, P
Modelling river flow in a GCM - evaluation with measured data and climate impacts analysis

Lashkaripour, G.R.; Nakhaei, M.; Vaghefi, S.
Development of a quantitative model for the assessment of Zahedan aquifer, southeast Iran (withdrawn)

Bertò, A.; Zardi, D.; Frisia, S.; Miorandi, R.; Borsato, A.
Monthly isotopic signal of the precipitated water in the Alps: lagrangian analysis and discussion of measurements

Ngo-Duc, T.; Laval, K.; Polcher, J.; Lombard, A.; Cazenave, A.
Effects of land water storage on the global mean sea level over the last half century

Sini, F.; Boni, G.; Entekhabi, D.
Satellite data assimilation model for the estimation of surface energy fluxes on southern italian region

Menzel, L.; Schulze, K.
Diagnostics of the Global Hydrological Model WaterGAP Using Alternative Data Sources

Nasonova, O.N.; Gusev, Ye.M.
Investigation of applicability of global data sets for regional river runoff prediction using a land surface model

Overgaard, J.; Butts, M.; Rosbjerg, D.
Validation of a coupled hydrological and meteorological model system for investigating feedback effects

Jung, G.; Kunstmann, H.
Coupled Regional Climate – Hydrology Simulations for the Volta Basin (West Africa)

Hirschi, M.; Seneviratne, S. I.; Schär, C.
Evaluation of PRUDENCE regional climate simulations over Europe using basin-scale combined water-balance data

Swenson, S; Wahr, J
Closing the large-scale water budget with observations of terrestrial water storage from GRACE

Decharme, B.; Douville, H.
Impact from regional to global scales of a sub-grid hydrology in the ISBA land surface model.

Widén, E.; Xu, C-Y.; Halldin, S.
Managing input data and parameter estimation in a global water-balance model

Hanasaki, N.; Kanae, S.; Oki, T.
A reservoir operation scheme for global river routing models

Clark, D.B.; Gedney, N.
The parameterisation of subgrid runoff generation in a land surface model (MOSES)

Hagemann, S.; Arpe, K.; Roeckner, E.
Influence of different vertical and horizontal model resolutions on the simulated hydrological cycle of the GCM ECHAM5

van Beek, R.; Bierkens, M.
Influence of the quality of climate input on the performance of a MHM for several large catchments

Verseghy, D.; Bartlett, P.
Landscape and ecosystem influences on the energy and water cycles of the Mackenzie River basin

Miguez-Macho, G.; Fan, Y.; Weaver, C. P.; Robock, A.
The impact of water table dynamics on climate

Früh, B.; Schipper, J.W.; Pfeiffer, A.; Wirth, V.
Downscaling Precipitation in the upper Danube Catchment for Use in a distributed hydrological Model

Juen, I.; Wagnon, P.; Kaser, G.; Pouyaud, B.
Modelled and measured ablation and runoff from a glacier in the tropical Cordillera Blanca, Perú. (withdrawn)

Delclaux, F.; Schweblin, M.; Coudrain, A.; Condom, T.
Linking lacustrine dynamics to climate variability: application to lake Titicaca basin, South America.

Gabellani, S.; Silvestro, F.; Rudari, R.; Sini, F.; Boni, G.
Calibration of a hydrological model for flash flood prediction with satellite retrieved data

Jacob, D.; Lorenz, P.
The Baltic Sea Coupled Regional Modeling System - BALTIMOS

Schipper, J.W.; Früh, B.; Pfeiffer, A.
A fast statistical dynamical downscaling method applied to the Alpine region

Schipper, J.W.; Pfeiffer, A.
Building a simulated and observed climatological Time Series for Precipitation from a relatively short Time Period

Ólafsson, H.; Friðriksson, R. F.
Mapping precipitation in a windy and snowy climate by precipitation corrections based on snow observations

Ólafsson, H.; Rögnvaldsson, Ó.
Precipitation downstream of a mesoscale mountain range – Results from the Reykjanes Experiment (REX)

Ólafsson, H.; Rögnvaldsson, Ó.
The M-curve of orographic precipitation and its application for estimating precipitation in the mountains

Nigam, S.
Warm-season hydroclimate variability over the Great Plains in observations, reanalysis, and atmospheric model simulations

Marofi, S.
On pan coefficient estimation for crop water requirement in the Hamadan Province of Iran

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