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  List of Accepted Contributions - TS2.1 Crustal extension: from syn-orogenic extension to the formation of rifted margins

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Yutsis, V.V.; Arzate Flores, J.A.; Martínez Reyes, J.; Mitre Salazar, L.M.; Pacheco, J.; Tamez Ponce, A.
Tectonics of Querétaro and San Juan del Río valleys (Central Mexico): gravity data analysis

Nemcok, M.; Rosendahl, B.R.
Breakup and subsequent deformation in the Equatorial Atlantic region

Structural Pattern for Normal Faulting of West Central Iran

Martínez-Martínez, J.M.; Booth-Rea, G.; Azañón, J.M.
Lateral interaction between metamorphic core complexes and less-extended, tilt-block domains: the Alpujarras strike-slip transfer Fault Zone (Betics, SE Spain)

Martínez-Martínez, J.M.; Booth-Rea, G.; Azañón, J.M.; Torcal, F.
Active transfer fault zone linking a segmented extensional system (Betics, southern Spain): insight into heterogeneous extension driven by edge delamination in the context of Africa-Europe convergence.

Fournier, M.; Huchon, P.; Khanbari, K.
Asymmetry and segmentation of passive margin in Socotra, Eastern Gulf of Aden, controlled by detachment faults?

Klingelhoefer, F.; Lafoy, Y.; Géli, L.; Nouzé, H.; Cosquer, E.
Crustal structure of the basin and ridge system west of New Caledonia (Southwest Pacific) from wide-angle and reflection seismic data

Beccaletto, L.; Bonev, N.
Tertiary exhumation processes and related kinematic record in the northern Aegean: evidence from the Eastern Rhodope-Thrace (Bulgaria-Greece) and the Biga Peninsula (NW Turkey)

Osmundsen, P.T.; Ebbing, J.
Styles of extension offshore Mid-Norway and implications for mechanisms of Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous rifting

Van Avendonk, H.J.A; Shillington, D.J.; Holbrook, W.S.; Nunes, G.T.; Tucholke, B.E.; Louden, K.E.; Hopper, J.R.; Larsen, H.C.
Deep crustal structure of the rifted margin of eastern Grand Banks, Newfoundland, Canada

Yamasaki, T.; Gernigon, L.
The style of lithospheric extension influenced by magmatic underplating

Corti, G.; van Wijk, J.
Modelling the architecture of the East African Rift System

Gloaguen, R.; Niemeyer, I.; Marpu, P.
Fault Patterns as indicators for increasing Strain: a Remote Sensing Approach

Nielsen, C.; Sandrin, A.; Nielsen, L.; Thybo, H.
Reflection seismic image of a large mafic batholith - The ESTRID 2005 profile

Armitage, J.; Henstock, T.; Minshull, T.; Hopper, J.; Dean, S.
Major element composition of melts formed during lithospheric extension

Lohr, T.; Krawczyk, C.; Tanner, D.; Oncken, O.; Endres, H.; Samiee, R.; Trappe, H.; Kukla, P.
Fault-growth by segment-linkage over time - an example from Permian normal faults in the NW German Basin

Simon, N.S.C; Podladchikov, Y. Y.
The effect of mantle petrology on lithosphere dynamics during extension

Mauduit, T; Brun, J.P
Do listric fault exist in salt tectonics?

Rodger, M.; Watts, A. B.; Greenroyd, C.; Peirce, C.; Hobbs, R.
Gravity anomalies, crustal structure, and flexure at the NE Brazil rifted continental margin

Scott, C; Shillington, D; Minshull, T; Edwards, R; White, N
Structure of the eastern Black Sea basin inferred from wide-angle seismic data

Kosunen, P.; Korja, A.; Nironen, M.; Working Group, FIRE
Evidence for post-collisional extension in Central Svecofennian, Central Finland

Elouai, D.; Yamada, Y.; Zhang, M.; Nakajima, H.; Matsuoka, T.
Structural Evolution of an Intra-arc Basin, Example of the Neogene Northern Fossa Magna Basin, Central Japan

Nagel, T. J.; Buck, W. R.
A solution for the stretching value paradox

Greenroyd, C.J.; Peirce, C.; Rodger, M.; Watts, A.B.; Hobbs, R.W.
Crustal structure of the French Guiana continental margin

Chabert, A.; Ravaut, C.; Readman, P.W.; O'Reilly, B.M.; Shannon, P.M.
Crustal structure of the Hatton Basin (North Atlantic) from a wide-angle seismic experiment

Ravaut, C. ; Readman, P.W.; Operto, S. ; O'Reilly, B.M.; Shannon, P.M.
Wide-angle seismic imaging of the West Hatton Continental Margin: Preliminary results from combined traveltime and full-waveform inversions

Edel, J-B.; Schulmann, K.; Kratinova, Z.
A new plate tectonic model of crustal extension of rheologically weakened lithosphere resulting from recurrent tectonic switching above Paleozoic subduction zone

Fais, S.; Klingelé, E.E.
Geophysical interpretation of the magnetic anomalies of the Gulf of Cagliari in the Southern Sardinian Margin (Western Mediterranean).

Aerden, D.; Galindo Zaldivar, J.; Badri, M.
Structural correlation across the Nevado-Filabride Complex, Betic Cordillera, using inclusion-trails as reference elements

Rohrmoser, I.; Pelz, K.
Tectonic evolution of the Fortuna basin – interaction between strike-slip and dip-slip faults

Booth-Rea, G.; Azañón, J.M. ; Martínez-Martínez, J.M.; Azor, A. ; Tuccimei, P.; Soligo, M.
Forward migration of recent extension related to the exhumation of the Sierra Nevada elongated dome (Betics, southern Spain)

Pedrera, A.; Galindo-Zaldívar, J.; Sanz de Galdeano, C.; López Garrido, A.C.
Folds and faults interactions during the development of a Tortonian elongated narrow basin: the Almanzora corridor (SE Betic Cordilleras)

Soto, J.I.; Fernandez-Ibañez, F.
Is the Betic-Rif Arc still collapsing?

Ranero, C.; Pérez-Gussinyé, M.
A New Model for the Development of the Asymmetry of Conjugate Margins During Continental Rifting

Garrido, C. J.; Sautter, V.; Gueydan, F.; Booth-Rea, G.; Precigout, J.; Gervilla, F.
Unequivocal Garnet Peridotite Assemblages from the Ronda Peridotite and their Implications for the Extensional Exhumation of Subcontinental Mantle in the Alboran basin

Westaway, R.
The mechanics of low-angle normal faulting

Morley, C.K.; Westaway, R.
Post-rift subsidence in the super-deep Pattani and Malay basins of Southeast Asia: a test of the McKenzie stretching model

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