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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH8.02/BG1.06 Heavy-metal contamination of water, air, soil, and foodcrops (co-organized by NH and BG) (co-listed in SSS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Casagrande, J. C.; Mouta, C.E.; Soares, M. R.; Silva, L.C.F; Maniero, M.A.
Parameters and evidences for heavy metals adsorption mechanisms from batch adsorption studies with variable charge soils

Dolin, V.; Sobotovich, E.
Sustainability of biosphere: implication of artificial matter in biogeochemical cycles (withdrawn)

Al Chami, Z.; Terzano, R.; Mondelli, D.; Vekemans, B.; Janssens, K.; Miano, T.; Ruggiero, P.
Effect of compost amendment on zinc speciation in soil and edible plants (Eruca vesicaria Cavalieri): Evaluation with conventional and advanced techniques.

Lyapina, E.E.; Golovatskaya, E.A.; Preis , Yu.I.
Concentration and distribution of mercury in the West Siberian peatlands

Saghatelyan, A.; Arevshatyan, S.; Sahakyan, L.
Heavy metals in system "soil-farm produce-organism" within the area of environmental impact of ore-mining production

Quezada, R.; Matera, V.; Adatte, T.; Föllmi, K.
Transfer of cadmium from rock substratum to the soil and associated vegetation under natural and experimental conditions

Holden, J.A.
Heavy metal contamination and health in urban agriculture produce in Lusaka, Zambia: realities and perceptions.

Holden, J.A.; Malamud, B.D.; Harpp, K.S.
Health hazard quantification of heavy metal contaminated food crops in Chunga, Lusaka, Zambia

Saari, H.-K.; Schmidt, S.; Coynel, A.; Huguet, S.; Schäfer, J.; Blanc, G.
Potential impact of former Zn ore extraction activities on uranium distribution in the Riou-Mort watershed (France)

Reyes, C.; Duenas, R.; Saltikov, C.
The role of multiheme c-type cytochromes in Shewanella sp. ANA-3 with respect to iron (III) reduction

Karlik, J.; Craigmill, A. ; Sanden, B.
Uptake and potential toxicity of chemical elements, including heavy metals, into almond trees planted over waste trenches

Dolenec, T.; Serafimovski, T.; Dolenec, M.; Dobnikar, M.; Tasev, G.; Pivko, B.
Influence of mining related activity on heavy metals in water and sediment from the Kalimanci Lake (NE Macedonia)

Rogan, N.; Dolenec, T.; Serafimovski, T.; Dolenec, M.; Tasev, G. ; Dobnikar, M.
Trace metal concentrations of metal, paddy soil and rice of the Kočani field (Eastern Macedonia) due to base metal mining activities

Hanesch, M.; Rantitsch, G.; Scholger, R.
Delineation of polluted areas by evaluation of magnetic susceptibility maps – comparison of different background definitions

Nnadi, F.; Fulkerson, M.
Simplified approach to predicting Mercury deposition

Belviso, C.; Cavalcante, F.; Fiore, S.
Synthesis of zeolites from coal fly ash by hydrothermal process with salt and distilled water. Potential utilization to the reduce amount of heavy metals in contaminated areas

Pezzarossa, B; Petruzzelli, G ; Malorgio, F; Ferri, T
The effects of carboxymethylcellulose on selenium speciation in soil and selenium uptake by plants

Saghatelyan, A.; Sahakyan, L.
Evolution of heavy metal concentrations in soils during man-made pollution

Moulin, J.; Reyss, J-L.
Study of natural U-Th series radionuclides behaviour in superficial water for management of water quality in U mine environment

Mouta, E.R.; Melo , W.J. ; Soares, M.R.; Frade Junior, E.F.; Torres, L.S.; Melo, G.M.P
Parameters of selenium adsorption in Brazilian Oxisols

Kanevski, M.; Pozdnoukhov, A.; Timonin, V.; Maignan, M.
Machine learning and geostatistics for multivariate soil contamination mapping

Saghatelyan, A.; Nalbandyan, M.
Geochemical characteristic of heavy metal contents for Armenia's rivers

Galvez, R; Locat, J; Aubé-Turcotte, I
Speciation and mobility of heavy metals in sediment at the Saguenay River (Quebec, Canada) after a major flood Event

Semhi, K.; Chaudhuri, S.; Al Khirbash, S.; Rollinson, H.; Abdalla, O.
Mobility of rare earth elements in soil-plant-groundwater systems in Oman

Angelova, V.; Ivanova, R.; Ivanov, K.
Heavy metals uptake by plants from family Lamiaceae growing in the polluted soils

Schueler, A; Mahler, C
Soil contamination provoked by solid waste leachate

Frade Junior, E.F.; Melo, W.J. ; Mouta, E.R. ; Guedes, A.C.T; Melo, G.M.P
Enzyme activities in a cadmium-contaminated sewage sludge

Martin, A; larson, S; wiess, c; malone, p; fabian, g; o'conner, g; warminski, m; mackie, d
Passive Reactive Berm (PRBerm) to Provide Low Maintenance Lead Containment (withdrawn)

Liu, W; Yang, Y.S.
Impact assessment of cadmium contamination on rice (Oryza sativa L.) seedlings at molecular and population levels using multiple biomarkers

Park, K.S.; Kim, Y.; Lee, J.E.
Mobility of heavy metals related to mineralogical changes in the mine tailings deposited on the riverside

Chishala, B. H.; Malamud, B. D.; Kapungwe, E.; Volk, J.; Holden, J. A.; Imasiku, M.
Challenges of Investigating Heavy Metal Contamination of Water and Food Crops in Zambia: A Comparison of Laboratories

Chrysochoou, M.; Shen, G.; Dermatas, D.; Grubb, D.G.; Braida, W.; Christodoulatos, C.
Tungsten (W) and lead (Pb) leaching behavior in firing range soils

Chrysochoou, M.; Dermatas, D.; Grubb, D.G.
Comparison of the TCLP, sequential extraction test and SPLP for evaluating lead leachability in firing range soils

Matera, V.; Le Bayon, R.C.; Quezada, R.; Gobat, J-M.; Föllmi, K.
Transfer kinetics of cadmium from naturally enriched rocks to Lupinus albus

Santoro, A.; Terzano, R.; Spagnuolo, M.; Fiore, S.; Medici, L.; Ruggiero, P.
Mercury distribution and speciation in agricultural soils around a polluted site in the South of Italy

Zanuzzi, A.; Faz, A.
Phytostabilization assisted by amendments: a low cost alternative for mine soil reclamation in Cartagena-La Unión Mining District, SE Spain

Souza, L.C.; Campos, H.M.; Oliveira, L.R.; Mouta, E.R.; Melo, G.M.; Melo, V.P.; Melo, W.J.
Barium in an Oxisol treated for nine consecutive years with sewage sludge and cropped with maize

Faz, A.; Zanuzzi, A.; Carmona, D.; Mermut, A
Mining soil remediation using pig manure: an alternative for its sustainable reutilization

Campos, H.M. ; Melo, W.J. ; Melo, G.M.P; Souza , L.C. ; Mouta, E.R.; Oliveira, L.R.
Effect of Heavy Metals in Oxisol amended with sewage sludge

Kapungwe, E.; Chishala, B. H.; Malamud, B. D.; Volk, J.; Holden, J. A.; Imasiku, M.
Heavy Metal Levels in Sugarcane Irrigated with Wastewater in Peri-Urban Areas Of Zambia

Chandra, S; Jokhan, A. D.
Heavy metal retention and uptake in spiked soils from Fiji

Adam, K.; Kourtis, A. ; Dimopoulou, E. ; Voudouris, N.; Shiathas, A.; Konstantinides, D.
Development and application of an integrated in-situ monitoring and remote sensing methodology for the assessment of soil quality and reclamation priorities in old industrial sites

Holden, P.J.; Ben-David, E.A.; Wilde, K.L.; Hammerton, K.M.; Stone, D.J.; Russell, R.A.; Foster, L.J.R
Evaluation of the use of microbial measures to characterise impact of acid rock drainage on Australian rivers

Li, L. Y.; Huong, N. T.; Ohtsubo, M.
Industrial effluent impact assessment of the major river system and agriculture soil in Hanoi City, Vietnam

Kostarelos, K.; Ringenary, M.J.
Long-term sediment bioassay of lead (Pb) toxicity in two generations of the marine amphipod ‘elasmopus laevis’

Singh, A.; Sharma, R.K.; Agrawal, M.; Marshall, F.
Heavy metal contamination of food baskets in an area having long term uses of treated and untreated sewage water for irrigation

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