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  List of Accepted Contributions - CR135 Modelling sea ice and ice-ocean interactions (co-listed in OS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Gusev, A.; Bagno, A.; Diansky, N.
Coupled North Atlantic and Arctic ocean circulation modelling (withdrawn)

Gusev, A.; Bagno, A.; Diansky, N.
Coupled North Atlantic and Arctic ocean circulation modelling (withdrawn)

Brabant, F.; Verbeke, V.; Tison, J.-L.
A model for the evolution of gas properties during sea ice growth

Meylan, M. H.; Kohout, A. L.
An elastic plate model for the attenuation rates of ocean waves in the marginal ice zone (withdrawn)

Kohout, A.L.; Meylan, M.H.
Wave damping and floe breakup in the MIZ (withdrawn)

Esau, I.
Turbulence-resolving simulations for circulations near ice edge

Feltham, D. L.; Taylor, P. D.; Sammonds, P. R.; Hatton, D.
Sea ice rheology and the sub-grid scale

Flocco, D.; Feltham, D. L.
A continuum model of melt pond evolution on Arctic sea ice

Jourdain, N.; Gallee, H.
Atmosphere-sea ice-ocean interactions in the Ross Sea sector, Antarctica

Smedsrud, L.H.; Skogseth, R.; Nilsen, F.
Observations of in-situ supercooled water in an Arctic polynya

Dorn, W; Dethloff, K; Rinke, A; Gerdes, R
Sensitivities and uncertainties in the simulation of Arctic sea ice with a coupled regional atmosphere-ocean-ice model

Walkington, I. A.; Maqueda, M. M.; Willmott, A. J.
A 1-D polynya model using shock techniques

Dulière, V.; Fichefet, T.
On the assimilation of ice velocity and concentration data into large-scale sea ice models

Rollenhagen, K.; Timmermann, R.; Janjic, T.; Schröter, J.
Sea ice drift assimilation in a finite element sea ice model using a Singular Evolutive Interpolated Kalman filter

Bouillon, S.; Fichefet, T.; Morales-Maqueda, M. A.; Legat, V.
Elastic-viscous-plastic rheology in the Louvain-la-Neuve sea-ice model: comparison of different spatial discretizations and different grid types

Scott, F; Feltham, D
A model of the evolution of Arctic sea ice melt ponds and surface topography

Lietaer, O.; Bouillon, S.; Fichefet, T.; Legat, V.
Simulations of the Arctic Basin with a finite element sea-ice model

Sedlacek, J.; Lemieux, J.-F.; Mysak, L. A.; Tremblay, L. B.; Holland, D. M.
The granular sea-ice model in spherical coordinates and its application to a global climate model

Gerdes, R.; Koeberle, C.
Arctic Sea Ice Thickness Variability over the 20th Century in coupled Climate Models and Ocean-Sea Ice Hindcasts

Vancoppenolle, M. ; Fichefet, T.; Goosse, H.
LIM3, an advanced sea ice model for climate studies

Ridley, J
Rapid changes in the ice front in the HadGEM1 climate model

Muzylev, S.V.
Influence of internal waves on deflections of sea ice cover

Sundfjord, A. ; Fer, I.
Vertical mixing in the marginal ice zone of the Barents Sea

Delille, B.; Borges, A.V.; Lannuzel , D.; Becquevort, S.; Schoemann , V.; Lancelot , C.; De Jong , J.T.M; Tilbrook , B.; Delille , D.; Tison, J.-L.
Spring CO2 dynamics within sea ice: abiotical versus biological control

McClymont, E.L.; Rosell-Melé , A.
Tropical and high-latitude surface ocean circulation across the mid-Pleistocene transition: teleconnections and impacts for ice-sheet growth

Morales Maqueda, M. A.
A parameterisation of frazil ice collection thickness in leads and polynyas for sea ice models

Schroeder, D
Sensitivity to sea ice initial conditions in the Hadley Centre Climate Model (HADCM3) on timescales from seasonal to decadal

Nilsson, J.; Björk, G.
Heat flux from the Atlantic waters to the Arctic ice cover, verifying an ice-ocean model with SHEBA data and quantifying ice growth and melt.

Tison, J.-L.; Verbeke, V.; Brabant, F.; Garrison, D.; Gowing, M.; Jeffries, M.
Early winter pack ice gas properties from the Ross Sea (Antarctica): controls from the physical and biological parameters of the sea ice cover

HIBLER, W.; Roberts, A.
Modeling Tidal and Inertial Variability in Sea-Ice Drift and Deformation

Holland, P. R.; Feltham, D. L.; Jenkins, A.
Ice Shelf Water plume flow beneath Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf, Antarctica

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