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  List of Accepted Contributions - CL25 Aeolian dust as a player and recorder of environmental change (co-listed in SSP)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

von Suchodoletz, H.; Zoeller, L.; Oberhaensli, H.
Wind strength and direction during the Pleistocene at the Eastern Canary Islands (Spain)

Lu, H.; Zhang, F.; Liu, X.; Duce, R.A.
Periodicities of palaeoclimatic variations recorded by loess-paleosol sequence in China

Marx, S.K.; Kamber, B.S.; McGowan, H.A.
Long term estimates of Australian dust flux into New Zealand: The use of modern analogues to assess the sensitivity of dust to environmental change using trace-element calibrated 210Pb as a monitor

Ishizuka, M; Mikami, M; Yamada, Y; Zeng, F; Gao, W
Characteristic of soil water content and its effect on wind erosion process observed in sand dune and gobi desert in the south of the Taklimakan Desert in spring in 2002 and 2003

Kovaleva, N.
Paleoclimatic significance of a loess-paleosol sequences from Tian-Shan, Central Asia (withdrawn)

Grousset, F.; Bory, A.
Aeolian dust as a recorder of climatic changes

Komar, M.; Lanczont, M.
Changes of paleogeographical conditions during the last interglacial-glacial cycle deduced from pollen succesion in two loess sequences in SE Poland

Delmonte, B.; Petit, J.R.; Andersen, K.K.; Basile-Doelsch, I.; Maggi, V.; Lipenkov, V.
east antarctic dust size reveals a regional variability of atmospheric circulation patterns during Termination I

Markovic, S.B.; Hambach, U.; Jovanovic, M.; Zöller, L.; Gaudenyi, T.
Dynamics of aeolian dust sedimentation during the Middle and Late Pleistocene in the Vojvodina, Northern Serbia

Sayago, J.M.; Zinck, A.; Collantes, M.M.
The Holocene loess-paleosol sequences in the subtropical region of northwest Argentina: characterization and paleoclimatic implications (withdrawn)

Kawahata, H.
Possible effect of eolian flux on biogenic production in the mid-latitude of the North Pacific

Boguckyj, A. ; Lanczont, M.; Madeyska, T.; Nawrocki, J.
The Early-Middle Pleistocene loess deposits in the middle Dniester basin (Ukraine) as a recorder of paleoenvironmental changes

Prins, M.A.; Vriend, M.; Vandenberghe, J.; Zheng, H.; Lu, H.; Wen, L.; Weltje, G.J.
Aeolian dust mixing patterns inferred from the grain-size distribution of Late Neogene sedimentary sequences from China

Kishcha, P.; Zilberman, A.; Kopeika, N.S.; Alpert, P.; Stivelman, A.; Krichak, S.O.; Joseph, J.H.
Dust vertical profiles over Israel: model predictions and lidar remote soundings

Lanci, L.; Kent, D.V. ; Biscaye, P.E.
Magnetization of antartic ice as a measure of aerosol concentration; preliminary results

Hambach, U.; Markovic, S.B.; Jovanovic, M.; Gaudenyi , T.; Zöller, L.
A detailed Mid- to Upper Pleistocene enviromagnetic record retrieved from a long loess sequence at Batajnica, Vojvodina, Serbia (withdrawn)

Reynolds, R.; Neff, J.; Urban, F. ; Reheis, M.; Fernandez, D.; Goldstein, H.; Miller, M.; Belnap, J.
Dust emission from grazed grasslands on Colorado Plateau (USA) drylands: Modern events and long-term effects

Lo˙e-Pilot, M.D.; Santoleri, R. ; Sciarra, R.
Saharan dust input to the Mediterranean. Comparison of field data with SeaWiFS satellite outputs for five years (1998 – 2002).

Reuter, H.I.; Funk, R.
Simulation of dust emissions with respect to agricultural landscape structure

Rousseau, D.D.; Antoine, P.; Hatté, C.; Rossignol, J.; Lang, A.
Cyclic dust deposition in the US Great plains during the last deglaciation.

Ding, Z.L.; Derbyshire, E.; Yang, S.L.; Sun, J.M.; Liu, T.S.
Stepwise expansion of desert environment across northern China in the past 3.5 Ma and implications for monsoon evolution (withdrawn)

Granberg, I.; Andronova, A.; Artamonova, M.; Ponomarev, V.; Lapshin, V.; Palei, A.; Yablokov, M.; Semenov, A.; Voloshinov, M.
Fine-dispersed Aerosol: Sources and Influence on the Processes in Different Atmospheric Layers

Mikami, M; Shi, S
Preliminary summary of aeolian dust experiment on climate impact - Japan-Sino joint project ADEC-

Laurent, B.; Marticorena, B.; Bergametti, G.
Pluriannual simulations (1996-2001) of mineral dust emission fluxes from Chinese and Mongolian deserts

Machalett, B.; Frechen, M.; Hambach, U.; Oches, E. A.; Markovic, S. B.; Zöller, L.
An introduction to the dynamics of aeolian dust sedimentation recorded in the long loess sequence of Remisowka, Northern Boundary of Tien-Shan Mountains, Kazakhstan

Gelado, M.D.; Rodríguez, M.J.; Hernández, J.J.; Brito de Azevedo, E.M.; Llinás, O.; Collado, C.; Cardona, P.; López, P.
Dust deposition fluxes to northeastern subtropical Atlantic (Canary Islands)

Zabel, M.; Schefuß, E.; Eglinton, T.I.; Hayes, J.M.
Effects of source variations and biomass burning on organic and inorganic signatures of aerosols collected off West Africa

Tysmans, D.; Haesaerts, P.; Claeys, P.; Finsy, R.; Van Molle, M.
Automated Dynamic Image Analysis (ADIA) of loess sediments from Harmignies, Belgium: a proxy for the intensity of climatic fluctuations?

Lehmkuhl, F.; Stauch, G.
Distribution of sand and loess in Eastern Siberia

Stuut, J-B W; Zabel, M.; Schefuß, E.; Lavik, G.; Schneider, R.
Provenance of present-day eolian dust collected off NW Africa

Winckler, G; Anderson, R.F.
Aeolian dust flux to the central equatorial Pacific during the Mid-Pleistocene Climate Transition

Stout, J.E.
Aeolian dust as a an indicator of changing regional patterns of wind erosion on the Southern High Plains of North America

Stuut, J.B.W; Prins, M.A.; Weltje, G.J.
Aeolian dust in deep-sea sediments

Davenport, R.
Investigation of aeolian dust coupling with oceanic biogeochemistry off NW Africa

Holz, C.; Stuut, J.B.W; Henrich, R.; Meggers, H.
Holocene variability in terrigenous sedimentation processes off NW-Africa and its relation to climate changes

Terhorst, B.
Loess Sequences of Upper Austria

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