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  List of Accepted Contributions - HS13 Linking climate change modelling to impacts studies: downscaling techniques for hydrological impact studies (co-listed in AS & CL)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Haylock, M; Cawley, G; Harpham, C; Wilby, R; Goodess, C
Downscaling heavy precipitation over the UK: a comparison of dynamical and statistical methods and their future scenarios

Walawege, R.P; Hewitson, B.C
Assessing simulated streamflow through the use of different downscaled climate data sets in a hydrological model for the Western Cape, South Africa.

Steynor, A; Hewitson, B
The use of Kohonen self-organising maps in assessing the impact of global climate change on the runoff of the Breede River in South Africa (withdrawn)

Ddumba, S. D
The assessment of the UK PRECIS model simulations over Uganda

Hingray, B; Horton, P; Mezghani, A; Schaefli, B; Musy, A
Prediction of climate change impacts on Alpine discharge regimes under A2 and B2 SRES emission scenarios for two future time periods (2020-2049, 2070-2099)

Tadross, M; Jack, C; Hewitson, B
RCM hydrological cycles and projected changes in climate over southern Africa

Charles, S.; Bates, B.; Viney, N.
Linking stochastic downscaling to hydrological modelling in southern Australia

Dibike, Y.; Gachon, P.
Uncertainty analysis of statistical downscaling model outputs from two global climate models in northern Canada

Bronstert, A.; Kolokotronis, V; Schwandt, D; Straub, H
Comparison and Evaluation of regional Climate Change Scenarios for Hydrological Studies

Leith, N.; Onof, C.J.; Chandler, R.E.; Isham, V.S.; Wheater, H.S.
Stochastic downscaling of climate model outputs for continuous hydrological simulation

Diaz-Nieto, J; Wilby, R
Use of statistical downscaling for assessing future low flows in the River Thames basin

Boe, J.; Terray, L.; Habets, F.; Martin, E.
Statistical-dynamical downscaling of the Seine basin climate for hydrometeorological studies

Benito García-Morales, M.; Dubus, L.
Forecasting precipitations for hydroelectric power management : how can an end user exploit seasonal forecasts ?

Salathe, E
Considerations for selecting downscaling methods for integrated assessments of climate change impacts

Blenkinsop, S. ; Fowler, H.J.
Regional Climate Model (RCM) performance for European catchments and future changes in drought

van der Velde, M.; Javaux, M.; Vanclooster, M.; Clothier, B.E.
El Niño-Southern Oscillation controls the quality of freshwater lenses under coral atolls in the Pacific Ocean

Buytaert, W; Iñiguez, V; De Bièvre, B
The impact of climate change on the water supply of the Andean highlands

Scheifinger, H.; Boehm, R.; Widmann, M.; Frei, C.
Climatological evaluation of the REMO (REgional MOdel) precipitation simulation over the Alps 1971 – 1999

Rosberg, J.; Andreasson, J.
Moving on from Delta change towards direct use of RCM output by scaling – A method for transient impact simulations

Wagner, S; Widmann, M; Jones, J
Statistical downscaling for paleo-precipitation in southeastern Patagonia

Panagoulia, D; Bárdossy, A; Lourmas, G
Multi-scale responses of precipitation and temperature to global warming

Dadson, S; Bell, V; Jones, R
Predictions of river flow in NW Europe using a coupled hydrological and regional climate model.

Bell , V. A.; Moore, R. J.; Kay, A. L.; Jones, R. G.
A high resolution grid-based river flow model for use with Regional Climate Model output

Zanetti, S.; Marani, M.
Non-power-law scale properties of time rainfall: Consequences for downscaling and stochastic generation models

Dankers, R.; Feyen, L.; Christensen, O.B.; de Roo, A.
Simulating floods and droughts in European river basins using very high resolution climate model data and a spatially distributed rainfall-runoff model

Caspary, H. J.; Katzenberger, B.
Adaptation of design flood calculation standards to Climate Change in southern Germany using downscaling from ECHAM4

Orlowsky, B.; Gerstengarbe, F.-W.; Werner, P.-C.
Rearranging the Past for future Climate Scenarios

Schipper, J.W.; Pfeiffer, A.; Früh, B.; Zängl, G.
A Wind-Direction Dependent Downscaling Method for Precipitation Fields

Bachner, S.; Kapala, A.; Simmer, C.
Estimation of rainfall variability and rainfall extremes from regional climate modeling

Kjellström, E.; Bärring, L.
Evaluating the Method of Pattern-Scaling in Time

Gachon, PG; Dibike, YD
Climate change and extremes in northern Canada: Results from a statistical downscaling method using two driving coupled GCMs

Leander, R.; Buishand, T.A.
Linear and non-linear bias correction of RCM rainfall for the simulation of extreme river flows

Wilby, R.L.
Statistical downscaling: from theory into practice

Nawaz, N.R.; Bellerby, T.J.
Nile Basin Rainfall Scenarios for Climate Impacts Investigation

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