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  List of Accepted Contributions - GMPV14 Stable Isotopes in Geosciences (co-listed in AS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Bouthaina, L.; Laurence, L.; Chokri, Y.; Maurice, R.; Sylvia, G.; Rakia, B.
Upper Paleocene ¡V Early Eocene isotopic records (ƒÔ13C, ƒÔ18O) on Touijine section (Tunisia) and ouanina section (Morocco). correlation of isotopic signals in the southern tethyan margin

Shiryaev, A.A.; Wiedenbeck, M.; Reutsky, V.; Melnik, N.N.; Yakimova, R.; Lebedev, A.A.
Carbon and silicon isotope fractionation in synthetic and natural Silicon Carbide

Carbon isotope of Magnesite as indicator of past climate and age of mineralization.

Monsef, R; Emami, M
New Petrological and Geochemical consideration on the Tuyserkanite meteorite

Baroni, M.; Savarino, J.; Thiemens, M.H.; Delmas, R.
High time resolution study of the mass-independent sulfur isotopic composition in the Pinatubo and Agung volcanic eruptions as recorded in Dome C (Antarctic) snow.

McCabe, J.; Savarino, J.; Thiemens, M.
South Pole nitrate: isotopic insights into origins and post-depositional processes

Iannone, R; Koppmann, R; Rudolph, J
Kinetic isotope effect (KIE) measurements of isoprene, methacrolein, and methyl vinyl ketone in reaction with OH radicals and ozone in the gas phase (withdrawn)

Seth, B.; Schneider, C.; Storck, F.
New backflushing system on GasBench II improves reliability of oxygen isotopic analysis of water

Putnis, C. V.; Geisler, T.; Stephan, T.; Giampaolo, C.
18O as a tracer to determine the mechanism of replacement of leucite by analcime.

Thiemens, M.H..
Mass Independent Isotopes in Nature

Rouxel, O; Sholkovitz, E
Large Scale Iron Isotope Fractionation in Subterranean Estuaries

Assonov, S. S.; Brenninkmeijer, C.A.M
On the N2O correction used for mass-spectrometric analysis of atmospheric CO2

de Groot, P.; Robb, L.; Deloule, E.
Pyrite d34S spot-analyses of selected reefs of the Witwatersrand Basin and implications for interpretation of the gold emplacement

Chakraborty, S.; Thiemens, M. H.; Kimura, Y.; Nuth III, J. A.
Non-mass dependent oxygen isotopic composition of refractory oxide dust produced by a gas phase chemical process: Implications for the evolution of the solar nebula

Lyons, J
The mechanisms of mass-independent fractionation of sulfur isotopes

Georg, R.B.; Reynolds, B.C.; Valley, J.W.; Halliday, A.N.
Co-Variations of d30Si and d18O during metamorphism of the Mid-Proterozoic Adirondack Mountains, New York, USA.

Jourdan, A-L.; Vennemann, T. W.; Mullis, J.
Trace element and oxygen isotope zoning in natural Alpine quartz crystals – Is there a link?

Wombacher, F.; Eisenhauer, A.; Heuser, A.; Weyer, S.
Combined chemical separation of Mg, Ca and Fe from geological reference samples for stable isotope determination by MC-ICP-MS and double-spike TIMS

Fehr, M. A.; Andersson, P. S.; Hålenius, U.
Iron isotope fractionation associated with pyrite formation and redox changes in Holocene Baltic Sea sediments

Chapman, J.B.; Weiss, D.J.; Wilkinson, J.J.
Stable Fe isotope variation within a hematite ore-body and related Fe source rocks

Antra, Antra; Bhattacharya, S. K.
Confirmed estimate of anomalous oxygen isotope enrichment in CO2 produced from O+CO

de Groot, P.
Metrology and stable isotope analysis: Are we doing the right job?

Demény, A.; Casillas, R.; Nagy, G.; Ahijado, A.; De la Nuez, J.
Fluid/rock interaction during migmatitization of carbonatite dikes, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Duliñski, M.; Wachniew, P.; Rozanski, K.; Talik, M.
A multitracer approach for verification of physicochemical parameters of bottled waters in Poland

Demény, A.; Vennemann, T.W.; Koller, F.
Stable isotope compositions of the Penninic ophiolites of the Kõszeg-Rechnitz series

Ohno, T; Hirata, T
Development of analytical methods for stable and radiogenic isotope geochemistry of Sr using MC-ICPMS

Vander Wel, G.; Meijer, H.; Kerstel, E.
Real-time measurement of the evolving isotope ratios (2H/1H and 18O/16O) of water vapor emerging from plant leaves

Hansen, H-E.; Grönvold, K.; Košler, J.; Pedersen, R. B.
Lithium isotopic variations in volcanic rocks from the northern Icelandic rift zone

Durand, C.; Marquer, D.; Boulvais, P.; Rossy, M.
Fluid circulations, chemical mass-transfer and volume change across chemically contrasted boundaries: examples from metacarbonate septa in the Quérigut granite (Eastern Pyrénées, France)

Mann, J.; Kelly, W.; Shuman, C.; Kreutz, K.
Measurement of sulfur isotope composition in two high-elevation snowpits by Multiple-Collector Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry (MC-TIMS) using a 33S-36S Double Spike

Iannone, R.; Romanini, D.; Chenevier, M.; Kassi, S.; Jost, H.; Dahniyala, S.; Eddy, P.; Kerstel, E.
An ultra-sensitive near-infrared spectrometer for in-situ water isotope measurement in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere

Rummel, S.; Rossmann, A.; Hölzl, S.; Horn, P.
Determination of fruit juice origin by using multi-element stable isotopes

Krymsky, R.; Belyatsky, B.; Klindukhov, V.; Kapitonov, I.; Lazareva, L.
Cu isotope systematics of the MAR hydrothermal fields

Kaiser, J.; Reuer, M. K.; Barnett, B.; Sturtevant, B.; Bender, M. L.
Productivity estimates from triple oxygen isotopes and oxygen/argon ratios in the Equatorial Pacific

Yang, Y; Rouxel, O; Shi, X; Liu, J
Fe isotope composition of Fe-Mn crusts in Pacific and its significance for Paleoceanography

Verheyden, S.; de Jong, J.; Taillez, A.; Petit, J.; Mattielli, N.
Cd isotope fractionation in a polluted estuary (The Scheldt): preliminary results from MC ICP mass spectrometry on reference material, suspended particulate material and sediments.

Boering, K.
Mass-dependent and non-mass-dependent isotope effects in O3 and CO2 photochemistry experiments: Is there really any evidence for unusual isotope effects beyond O+O2+M?

Taillez, A.; Petit, J.; Verheyden, S.; Chou, L.; Rebreanu, L.; Maerschalk, C.; Mattielli, N.
Lead isotopic composition of sediments from the Scheldt estuary (SW-Netherlands - Belgium).

Gianfrani, L.; Castrillo, A.; Casa, G.; Tedesco, D.
Field isotope-ratio analysis of carbon dioxide in volcanic gases by means of high-precision diode-laser spectrometry

Malitch, K.N.; Petrov, O.V.; Distler, V.V.; Sluzheninkin, S.F.; Kapitonov, I.N.; Krymsky, R.S.; Lokhov, K.I.; Prilepsky, E.B.; Petrov, E.O.; Sergeev, S.A.
S, Pb and Cu isotopic characteristics of PGE-Cu-Ni ores from the Noril’sk-Talnakh deposits (Russia)

Barling, J.; Shiel, A.; Mueller, B.; Weis, D.
An Investigation of Non-Spectral Matrix Effects on the Accuracy of Non-Traditional Stable Isotope Measurements by MC-ICP-MS

Wagner, G.; Jaeger, F.; Meijer, H.; Kerstel, E.
Using the non-dispersive infrared technique to measure the 13CO2/12CO2 isotope ratio in atmospheric air: Influence of humidity

Strauch, G.; Braeuer, K.; Kaempf, H.; Niedermann, S.
The effect of swarm seismicity on fluid transport – a natural long-distance gas tracer experiment using stable isotopes

Verchovsky, A.B.; Wright, I.P.; Watson, J.S.; Lokhov, K.I.; Prasolov, E.M.; Prilepski, E.B.; Polekhovski, Yu.S.; Goltsin, N.A.
Nitrogen isotopes in Shungites

Puig, R.; Soler, A.
Multi-isotopic approach (d15N, d13C, d34S, d18O and dD) for tracing nitrogen groundwater contamination and evaluating natural attenuation processes in Empordà basin (NE Spain)

Mohn, J.; Werner, R.A.; Emmenegger, L.
Trace gas and ?13C - CO2 analysis by FTIR spectroscopy

Rembacz, K.P.; Boverhof, R.; Faber, K.N.; Stellaard, F.
Yeast as a bioreactor to convert glucose to CO2 for glucose 13C abundance measurements. (withdrawn)

Fischer, H.; Wetzel, K.; Tauer, G.
Non-Dispersive Infrared Spectrometry as a Means of Research in Geochemistry of Carbon

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