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  List of Accepted Contributions - HS16 Hydrological Assessment and Integrated Water Resources Management with special focus on developing countries

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Strobl, R.O.; Robillard, P.D.
Design Methodology for the Identification of Critical Stream Sampling Points in Upland Watersheds

Janssen, M.; Lennartz, B.
Water losses through bunds in paddy rice fields

Ertsen, M.W.; Hut, R.; van de Giesen, N.C.
Understanding Hydrological Processes around Groundwater Dams in Kenya

Bagayoko, F.; van de Giesen, N.; Yonkeu, S.; Elbers, J.
Inter-annual energy partitioning over the West African savanna: evaporation and surface conductance measurments and modeling in Eastern Burkina Faso

Amisigo, B. A.; Rogers, C.; Andah, W. E.; Friesen, J.
Monthly Streamflow Prediction in the Volta Basin of West Africa: A SISO NARMAX Polynomial Modelling

Collick, A.S.; McHugh, O.V.; Liu, B.M.; Abebe, Y.; Steenhuis, T.S.
Integrated Water Resources Management Strategies in Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia: Challenges and Solutions

Lasage, R.; Mutiso, S.; Mutiso, G.M.; Odada, E.O.; Aerts, J.; de Vries, A.C.
Adaptation to droughts: Developing community based sand dams in Kitui, Kenya

Liebe, J.; Steenhuis, T.; Andreini, M.
The Small Reservoirs Project: Research on distributed multi-purpose water sources

Gaiser, T.; Printz, A.; Schwarz von Raumer, H.G.; Stahr, K.; Barthel, R.
Development of a regional model for integrated management of water resources at the basin scale

Olufayo, A. A.; Fasinmirin, J. T.; Abeh, O. A.; Oguntunde, P. G.
Assessment and Modelling of flood Occurrences of river Lokoja, Nigeria

Kwadijk, J; Bakr, A
On the relevance of climatic change on water management in developing countries, the Nile case.

Kunstmann, H.; Wagner, S.; Jung, G.; Clottey, H.
Integration of atmospheric sciences and hydrology for the development of decision support systems in sustainable water management

Ngo, L. L.; Madsen, H.; Rosbjerg, D.
Simulation and optimisation modelling approach for operation of the Hoa Binh reservoir

Bakr, B; Magdy, W
Using Sea Surface Temperatures to forecast the annual inflow in Lake Nasser

Barthel, R.; Jagelke, J.; De Aguinaga, G.; Gaiser, T.; Götzinger, J.
Groundwater modelling within the framework of integrated regional models in Germany, Uzbekistan and Benin

Friesen, J; Rodgers, C; Oguntunde, P
Improvement of ground sampling schemes via hydrotopes – first results from an observation campaign in the Volta Basin, West Africa.

Compaore, H.; Hendrickx, J.; Vlek, P.
Actual evapotranspiration changes under land-use and land-cover types in the Volta Basin

Georgakakos, A.
A decision support system for water resources planning and management in the Nile basin

Tilmant, A.; van der Zaag, P.
Towards good governance of hydraulic works: exploring management instruments

Winsemius, H.
Verification of LandSAF Down-welling Surface Short-wave radiation Flux (DSSF) over a Savanna area in Burkina Faso, Africa

Nyarko, B.K.; Diekkrüger, B; Rodgers, C
Modeling floodplain extent in the white volta basin: an application of the lisflood-fp model

Rodgers, C.; Manful, D.; Amisigo, B.
Drought analysis of African rivers: a study of non-stationary low-flow trends in the Volta and Nile

Forzieri, G.; Gardenti, M.; Caparrini, F.; Castelli, F.
A methodology for the pre-selection of suitable sites for small dikes in arid areas: a case study in the region of Kidal, Mali

Ihrig, D. F.; Licht, M.; Brunert, U.; Eggemann, J.
Win drinking-water using radiation exchange

Marloes, M.; Kirya, R.; Foppen, J.; Uhlenbrook, S.; Savenije, H.
Groundwater flow systems in the south Pare mountains, Tanzania

Gupta, J.; van der Zaag, P.
Interbasin water transfers and integrated water resources management; where engineering, science and society interlock

Kluge, T; Liehr, S; Lux, A; Niemann, S; Urban, W; Umlauf, N
IWRM-concept for the Cuvelai Basin in Northern Namibia

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