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  List of Accepted Contributions - OS11 Mediterranean Sea: a laboratory for interdisciplinary studies and climate research (co-listed in BG & CL)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Alhammoud, B.; Béranger, K. ; Mortier, L. ; Crépon, M.
Impact of mesoscale eddies on sub basin-scale circulation in the Eastern Mediterranean sea

Sánchez, A.J.; García-Lafuente, J.; Vargas, J.M.; Criado-Aldeanueva, F.; Delgado, J.; Del Río, J.; Sánchez, J.C.; Arévalo, L.; IEO La Coruña Spain
Groundworking for a future permanent monitoring station in the Strait of Gibraltar: the INGRES project

Cagatay, M. N.; Doner, L.; Okay, N.; Genc, C.; Demirbag, E.; Akkok, R.; Vardar, M.; Tuysuz, O.
EMCOL (Eastern Mediterranean Centre for Oceanography and Limnology): A new European research centre for natural hazards and environmental change studies

Abdennadher, J; Boukthir, M
A numerical model of internal tides with application to the Tunisian shelf and the strait of Sicily

Skliris, N.; Sofianos, S.; Lascaratos, A.
Changes in the Mediterranean Sea climate in relation to changes in the freshwater budget: a numerical modelling study

Font, J.; Salat, J.; Emelianov, M.; Puig, P.; Palanques, A.; Julia, A.; Lopez-Jurado, J.L.; Gonzalez-Pola, C.; Flos, J.
A new Deep Water formed in the NW Mediterranean in 2005

Tangherlini, M.; Schröder, K.; Vetrano, A.; Gasparini, G.P.
An Estimation of Water, Salt and Heat Transports in the Tyrrhenian Sea using an Inverse Box Model

Schröder, K.; Tangherlini, M.; Gasparini, G.P.
Hydrographic Structures in the Western Mediterranean Sea after the Eastern Mediterranean Transient

Tangherlini, M.; Delfanti, R.; Gasparini, G.P.; Schröder, K.; Lavezza, R.
Water Mass Properties and biogeochemical Features in the Sicily Strait

Napolitano, E.; Carillo, A.; Sannino, G.; Artale, V.
Modelling the Tyrrhenian sea circulation: the relative role of remote transports and local winds

Negri, A; Capozzi, R.; Giunta, S. ; Morigi, C.
Sapropels in the Mediterranean Area: what we can learn from these natural archives

Lirer, F.; Sprovieri, R.; Ferraro, L.; Di Stefano, E.; Incarbona, A.
Mediterranean calcareous plankton stratigraphy of the last 10ky

Nieves, V.; Turiel, A.; Isern-Fontanet, J.; Garcia-Ladona, E.
Extraction of coherent vortices from altimetric measurements in the Mediterranean sea: the Coherent Vortex Simulation technique.

Zodiatis, G.; Lardner, R.; Hayes, D.; Georgiou, G.; Sofianos, S.; Skliris, N.; Lascaratos, A.
Implementation and evaluation of regional and coastal ocean forecasting systems in the Eastern Mediterranean

Oguz, T.; Dippner, J.W. ; Kaymaz, Z.
Climatic Regulation of the Black Sea hydro-meteorological and ecological properties at interannual-to-decadal time scales

Picco, P.; Schiano, M.E.; Bozzano, R.; Cappelletti, A.; Sparnocchia, S.; Borghini, M.
Wind stress and currents variability in the central Ligurian Sea

Lovato, T.; Brigolin, D.; Rubino, A.; Pastres, R.
A high resolution hydrodynamical-ecological model for the North Adriatic Sea (withdrawn)

Pavlis, E.; Evans, K.; Mertikas, S.
GAVDOS project: Jason-1 altimeter calibration

Gana, S.; Ben Ismaïl, S.; Sammari, C.
Monthly variability of water masses parameters and mixing in the western side of the strait of Sicily during 2003

Fernandez, V. ; Dobricic, S.; Umlauf, L.; Burchard, H.; Pinardi, N.
Validation and intercomparison of Vertical-Mixing Schemes in Mediterranean Sea scenarios

Marino, G.; Rohling, E.J.; Schouten, S.; Sinninghe Damsté, J.S.
Water column dynamics in the Aegean Sea during MIS5e

Rinaldi, A.; Cardin, V.; Klein, B.
Analysis of oceanographic time series from a mooring in the Southern Adriatic Sea (November 2002 - May 2003)

Özsoy, E.; Sözer, A.
Circulation characteristics of the Cilician Basin of the Levantine Sea

Jordà, G.; Gomis, D.
Numerical study of the Western Alborán Gyre genesis and migration

García Lafuente, J.; Sánchez, A.J. ; Díaz del Río, G.; Vargas , J.M.; Bendahhou, Z.
Seasonal signal in the Mediterranea outflow through the Strait of Gibraltar observed in Espartel sill. A contribution from INGRES project

Chiabai, A.; Nunes, P.
Economic Exploratory Analysis of MFSTEP Forecating Products

Tuenter, E.; Meijer, P. Th
Mediterranean paleocirculation: response to precession-induced climate change

Ruggieri, N.; Castellano, M.; Misic, C.; Gasparini, G.; Cattaneo-Vietti , R.; Povero , P.
Seasonal and interannual dynamics of a coastal ecosystem (Portofino, Ligurian Sea) in relation to meteorological constraints

Zodiatis, G.; Brenner, S.; Hayes, D.; Gertman, I.; Drakopoulos, P.
The Atlantic Water in the Eastern Mediterranean Levantine Basin

Roether, W.; Klein, B. ; Manca, B. B.; Theocharis, A. ; Kioroglou, S.
Coherent account of the big transient in the Eastern Mediterranean deep waters, 1987-2001

Dufau, C.; De Mey, P.; Auclair, F.
Data assimilation in a coastal 3D model of the Gulf of Lions, Western Mediterranean Sea

Testor, P.; Send, U.; D'Ortenzio, F.; Terre, T.; Zappala, G.
Meso- and Submesoscale-Scale circulations of Atlantic Water in the Ionian Sea

Staiano, G.; Donis, D.; Perilli, A.; Piermattei, V.; Volta, C.; Marcelli, M.
Mesoscale distribution of physical, chemical and biological variables in the southern Sardinian Sea and northern Sardinian Channel during the oceanographic cruise MedGOOS6 (march – april 2003)

Marcelli, M.; Piermattei, V.; Ghezzo, M.; Rufoloni, F.; Perilli, A.
Seasonal and dynamical variability of mesoscale phenomena in the Sardinian Sea during MedGOOS cruises

Vassallo, M.; Bobbio, A.; Iannaccone, G.
Analysis of broad band seismic data acquired under the sea of Pozzuoli Gulf (Southern Italy)

Delgado, J; Lafuente, J. G.; Sánchez, A.; Bruno, M.; Vargas, J. M.; Aldeanueva, F. C.
Tidal currents at the Strait of Gibraltar from intensive shipboard ADCP measurements

Martrat, B. ; Grimalt, J. O.; Sierro, F. J.; Flores, J. A.; Canals, M. ; Curtis, J. H.; Hodell, D. A.
The next climate bifurcation as inferred from the Iberian margin paleoarchive

Pinardi, N.; Demirov, E.
Mediterranean circulation from 1979 to 1993: energetics of variability

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