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  List of Accepted Contributions - NP3.07 Scaling, scale and nonlinearity in Solid Earth (co-listed in GMPV, NH, SSS & TS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Wang, W.; Ma, L.; Wang, T.; Yin, B.; Huang, J.; Zhang, C.
Analysis the coseismic records of teleseismics at the groundwater level of Tangshan well in China and its mechanism exploration

Agterberg, F
Mixtures of multiplicative cascade models in geochemistry

X, D.; Cheng, Q
Scaling Property of Ideal Granitic Sequences

Leoni, L.; Catani, F.; Vannucchi, P.
Scaling properties within S-C deformation bands. The case of the Monti Sibillini thrust (Central Apennines)

Chmel, A.; Kuksenko, V.; Tomilin, N.
Statistical evidence of hierarchic transition during the controlled rock fracture

Gómez, J.B.; Pacheco, A.F.
Failure by fatigue of hierarchical load-transfer models: lifetime of infinite systems

McClung, D
Time between snow slab avalanche events

Caserta, A.; Govoni, A.
Ballistic to diffusive transition in the seismic noise-field: a marker for the resonance frequencies of the near-surface geological structures?

Lopez, M.; Aldana, M.
Facies recognition using Wavelet Based Fractal Analysis and Waveform Classifier at the Oritupano A field, Venezuela

Carrier-Nunes, M.; Gaonac'h, H.; Lovejoy, S.; Schertzer, D.
Three dimensional continuum percolation of bubbles in magma and explosive volcanism

Cheng, Q
Power-Law Distribution of Eigenvalues of Large Matrix: Application for Decomposing, Filtering and Compressing 2D Images

Cheng, Q
Power-Law vs. Exponential Models for Fitting River Peek Flow as Wavelets

Gloaguen, R.; Marpu, P.; Niemeyer, I.
Automatic extraction of faults using object oriented classifications and fractal analysis

Caserta, A.; Consolini, G.; De Michelis, P.
Fractal properties of the seismic noise-field and their implications on the soil motion

Kawada, Y.; Nagahama, H.
Irreversible thermodynamics and time-scale invariance for viscoelastic behaviour of rocks

Beaulieu, A.; Gaonac'h, H. ; Lovejoy, S.
Anisotropic scaling of remotely sensed drainage basins

Garcia, M.R.; Saa, A.; Tarquis, A.M.; Díaz, M.C.
Multifractal Análisis as a tool to measure soil surface rugosity.

Xie, S.
Quantitative Characterization of Carbonate Pore Systems by the N-S Fractal Model

Caniego, F. J.
Multifractal analysis of pedotaxa distributions at planetary scale

Saa, A.; Tarquis, A.M.; Gascó, G.; Grau, J.B.; Díaz, M.C.
Comparison of gliding box and box-counting methods in river network analysis

Piñuela, J.A.; Andina, D.; McInnes, K.; Tarquis, A.M.
Wavelet Analysis In A Structured Clay Soil Using 2D Images

Vidal Vázquez, E.; Miranda, J.G.V; Paz González, A.
Effect of tillage on fractal indices describing soil surface

Garcia-Gutierrez, C.; San Jose, F.
Multifractal analysis of soil micro and macroporosity using digital images obtained with fluorescent dye

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