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  List of Accepted Contributions - SM15 Groundshaking scenarios, ground motion models and site effects (Conveners Fabrice Cotton and Stefano Parolai)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Ehret, D.; Schmitt, S.; Hannich, D.; Osinov, V.
Non-linear Modelling for Estimating Site Effects in Bucharest, Romania

Oth, A.; Wenzel, F.; Radulian, M.
Source scaling of intermediate-depth Vrancea (Romania) earthquakes with empirical Green's functions

ZARE, M.; Zahedi Khameneh, A.
Implication of the Empirical Greens Functions for the Simulation of Strong Ground for North Tehran Fault

García-Jerez, A.; Luzón, F.; Navarro, M.; Enomoto, T.; Pérez-Ruiz, J.A.
An alternative method for determination of Rayleigh and Love wave velocities from microtremor records in a single circular array without central station

Spectral Attenuation of Strong Motions for Near Source Motions in Iran

Zaslavsky, Y.; Hofstetter, R.; Perelman, N.
Local site effect assessment using two felt earthquakes recorded by Israel Seismic Network

Bala, A.; Balan, S.; Hannich, D.; Ritter, J.R.R; Rohn, J.
Local site effects based on in situ seismic measurements in Bucharest City, Romania

Barazza, F.; Carniel, R.; Del Pin, E.; Di Cecca, M.; Grimaz, S.; Malisan, P.; Puntel, E.; Riuscetti, M.
Site effects estimation for the seismic reclassification of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

Gallovic, F.; Franek, P.
Application of Synthetic Transfer Functions to Earthquake Motion Scenario Study in the Grenoble Valley, French Alps

Giampiccolo, E.; Langer, H.; Tusa, G.
Peak ground displacement attenuation on Mt Etna – Controlling factors and variability of predictions (withdrawn)

Maufroy, E.; Ribodetti, A.; Sénéchal, G.; Zeyen, H.; Dietrich, M.; Operto, S.; Gaffet, S.
Seismic imaging for topographic site effect modelling at the Low Noise Underground Laboratory (LSBB), Rustrel, France

Sokolov, V.; Wenzel, F.; Boese, M.
Development of shakemap methodology based on Fourier amplitude spectra and its application for the case of Vrancea (Romania) earthquakes

Sokolov, V.; Bonjer, K.-P.; Wenzel, F.; Radulian, M.; Grecu, B.
Attenuation relations for the intermediate depth Vrancea (Romania) earthquakes based on Fourier amplitude spectra

Pavlenko, O.
Site effects (parameters of soil response) revealed from surface records of a strong earthquake: example of the 1999 Chi-Chi, Taiwan, earthquake (withdrawn)

Alvarez, S.; Havenith, H.; Fäh, D.
Seismic ground motion evaluation in the Valais : modelling and response spectra

Carvalho, A.; Campos Costa, A.; Sousa Oliveira, C.
Ground motions relations for Portugal Mainland using a stochastic finite fault modeling

Pinsky, V.; Zaslavsky, Y.
Algorithm for site-effect evaluation from non-stationary seismic noise using a priory knowledge

Weatherley, D.; Leonard, M.
Numerical investigations of epistemic uncertainty in attenuation relations

Causse, M.; Chaljub, E.; Cotton, F.; Cornou, C.; Bard, P.Y.
Ground motion simulation in the Grenoble valley using empirical and numerical Green's functions

Mena, B.; Mai, P. M.
Time-frequency characterization of near-fault directivity pulses for structural and geotechnical analysis

Bergamaschi, F.; Azzara, R.M.
Evaluation of local site effects in the city of Sansepolcro (central Italy): preliminar results obtained by a urban seismic network.

Zaslavsky, Y; SET
Site effect investigation using microtremor measurements in towns of Israel for development earthquake damage scenarios: the case study of Haifa Bay area

Gorstein, M.; Site Effect Team
Construction of analytical subsoil models in ground shaking scenarios using H/V ratios of ambient noise

Petermans, T.; Rosset, P.; Camelbeeck, T.
Combining ambient noise Measurement with 1D numerical ground Modelling to constrain Site Effects in the Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium.

Awad Hassoup, A
Estimation of ground motion amplification of the alluvial deposits in the Nile delta, Egypt

Massa, M.; Morasca, P.; Moratto, L.; Marzorati, S.; Augliera, P.; Spallarossa, D.; Costa, G.
Reviewed empirical ground motion attenuation reletions for norther Italy using weak and strong motions data

Massa, M.; Ameri, G.; Pacor, F.; Augliera, P.; Castro, R.
A method to select EGF by using waveform similarity analysis: an application for modelling the 24 of November 2004 Salň earthquake (northern Italy, Ml 5.2)

Bindi, D.; Castello, B. ; Luzi, L. ; Mele, F.; Milana, G.; Pacor, F.; Sabetta, F.
Improving the Italian strong ground motion attenuation relationship: preliminary results with an updated accelerometric data set

Michelini, A.; Malagnini, L.; Worden, B. C.; Wald, D. J.; THE S4 TEAM
Near Real-Time ShakeMaps in Italy

Özyalin, Ţ.; Türk, N.; Akgün, M.; Tunçel, A.; Yurdakul, A.
Microtremor studies in the Izmir province of western Turkey (withdrawn)

Cagnan, Z.; Zulfikar, C. ; Durukal, E.; Erdik, M.
Development of Shakemap Methodologies for Europe

Safak, E
New techniques for site characterization from ambient ground noise

Pacor, F.; Rovelli, A.; Boehm, G.; Albarello, D.; Parolai, S.; Mucciarelli, M.; Ferretti, G.; Scarascia, G.
DPC-INGV S3 Project - The Gubbio experiment: multidisciplinary investigations for the characterisation of local seismic response.

Zulfikar, C.; Cagnan, Z.; Durukal, E.; Erdik, M.
Consistency of site response in Istanbul based on data from the Istanbul Earthquake Rapid Response System

Semmane, F.; Allili, T.; Flifla, A.; Ouargli, A.
Correlation between strong motion parameters and observed damage following the 2003 Boumerdes earthquake. (withdrawn)

Skarlatoudis, A.A.; Papazachos, C.B.; Moczo, P.; Kristek, J.; Theodoulidis, N.; Apostolidis, P.
Evaluation of ground motion simulations for the city of Thessaloniki, Greece using the FD method: the role of site effects and focal mechanism at short epicentral distances

Skarlatoudis, A.A. ; Papazachos, C.B.; Margaris, B.N.; Papaioannou, Ch.; Vendouzi, Ch.; Vamvakaris, D.; Bruestle, A.; Meier, T.; Friederich, W.; Stavrakakis, G.
Combination of strong- and weak-motion data from both permanent and temporary networks for attenuation studies: The case of the January 8, 2006 Kythera intermediate-depth earthquake

Martirosyan, A.; Hansen, R.
Seismic site classification in Alaska for generation of real-time ground shaking maps

Stupazzini, M.; Faccioli, E.
3D Strong ground Motion Simulation of the Gubbio alluvial basin by GeoELSE

Karimi-Paridari, S.; Zaré, M.; Memarian, H.
Seismic Hazard Zonation of Shahr-e-kord Region, Central Iran, Using Probabilistic Approach

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