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  List of Accepted Contributions - GMPV6 Accessory minerals in metamorphic and igneous rocks: petrogenetic indicators of chemical and physical processes

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Budzyñ, B.; Michalik, M.; Malata, T.; Poprawa, P.
Low temperature metamorphic event recorded in the gneiss and granulite pebbles from the Silesian Unit (Western Outer Carpathians, S Poland)

Majka, J.; Budzyñ, B.
Replacement of monazite by apatite-allanite coronas in metapelites from Wedel Jarlsberg Land (Svalbard)

Köksal, S.; Toksoy-Köksal, F.; Göncüoglu, M. C.; Möller, A.
Chemical and typological characteristics of zircon as evidence for magma mixing/mingling in the H-type granitoids of central Anatolia (withdrawn)

Nitkina, E.; Bayanova, T.; Vursy, G.
Zircon mineralogy of the earliest and the last Pt-bearing rocks of the Proterozoic Federov-Pansky layered intrusion and Archaean surrounding gneisses.

Lowery, L.E.; Miller, C.F.; Wooden, J.L.; Mazdab, F.K.; Bea, F.
Hf and Ti zoning in zircons: detailed records of magmatic processes

Van Lichtervelde, M.; Linnen, R.L.; Salvi, S.; Béziat, D.
Magmatic versus metasomatic origins for tantalum mineralisation at the Tanco Deposit, Manitoba, Canada

Shang, C.K.; Liegeois, J.P.; Satir, M.; Siebel, W.; Nsifa, E.N.; Mvondo, J.O.
Zircon Pb loss as a result of a metacratonization process. The case of Sangmelima high-K granitoid zircons, Archaean Ntem complex, Congo craton, southern Cameroon

Novák, M.; Dosbaba, M.
Subsolidus Replacement of Primary Columbite-tantalite by Microlite and Fersmite associated with Alpine Type Epidote at Maršíkov-Schinderhübel I Pegmatite; Implications to Redistribution and Mobility of Ta, Nb and Ti

Harlov, D.E.
The role of apatite as a potential reservoir for the storage of Cl and F in the lower crust and upper mantle

Chi, S. J.; Yun, U.
Radioactive intensity and geochemistry of uranium –bearing black shale from the Ogcheon Fold Belt, South Korea

Bingen, B.; Stein, H. J.; Corfu, F.; Hannah, J. L.
Paired Re-Os molybdenite and U-Pb zircon ages resolve Mo ore-forming events in magmatic-metamorphic environment, Knaben district, S Norway

Breiter, K; Škoda, R; Uher, P
Nb-Ta-Ti-W-Sn-oxide minerals – monitor of evolution of a peraluminous granite system, Podlesí, Czech Republic

Zaccarini, F.; Morales, S.; Garuti, G.
Gold, silver and rare accessory minerals in hydrothermal volcanic massive sulfide deposits of the Northern-Appennine ophiolites (Italy)

Koglin, N.; Meinhold, G.
Fragments of a Tethyan ophiolite on Chios Island, Aegean Sea, Greece: first petrographical and mineral chemical data

Tropper, P.; Harlov, D.; Krenn, E.; Finger, F.; Rhede, D.; Bernhard, F.
Baddeleyite + W-bearing zirconolite + zircon-bearing veins as indicators for the polymetamorphic evolution of the eastern, lower Austroalpine nappes (Stubenberg Granite contact aureole, Styria, Eastern Alps, Austria)

Wyhlidal, S.; Thöny, W. F.; Tropper, P.
Petrology of metapelites from the Permian contact aureole of the Southalpine Brixen Granite (S-Tyrol/Italy)

Thöny, W. F.; Wyhlidal, S.; Tropper, P.
Mineral chemical investigations in metapelites from the Permian contact aureole of the Southalpine Brixen Granite (S-Tyrol/Italy)

Thöny, W. F.; Tropper, P.; Krenn, E.; Finger, F.; Kaindl, R.
Thermobarometry and electron microprobe dating of monazites of the Winnebach migmatite (Ötztal-Stubai-Kristallin, Austria): clues to the P-T-t history of a complex pre-Variscan metamorphic basement unit of the Eastern Alps

Xirouchakis, D.
Redox equilibria and crystallization of Martian basaltic meteorites

Pattison, D.
The fate of graphite in prograde metamorphism of pelites: an example from the Ballachulish Aureole, Scotland

Spicer, E.M.; Scheepers, R; Miller, J
Apatite, allanite and monazite as petrogenetic indicators in S-, I- and A-type granites of the Cape Granite Suite, Western Cape Province, South Africa (withdrawn)

Mordberg, L.; Antonov, A.; Petrov, O.; Klindukhov, V.; Kapitonov, I.; Malitch, K.; Sergeev, S.; Petrov, E.
REE distribution as a tool for understanding origin of the Norilsk-1 differentiated ore intrusion

Skridlaite, G.; Baginski, B.; Whitehouse, M.
The ca 1.5 Ga zircons and monazites in charnockites from the western East European Craton

Wyhlidal, S.; Abart, R.
Contact metamorphism and fluid-rock-interaction in the eastern Monzoni contact aureole; the Gardena sandstone formation

Krenn, E.; Finger, F.
Satellite monazites: A peculiar microstructural feature in polymetamorphic basement rocks of the Alps and its origin

Chopin, C.; Armbruster, Th.; Cenki-Tok, B.; Ragu, A.
REE-bearing epidotes in Mn-rich systems: new compounds and fO2 controls

Storey, C.D.; Jeffries, T.E.; Smith, M.P.
In-situ U-Pb dating of titanite, allanite and xenotime overgrowths on zircon in polished thick section by quadrupole LA-ICP-MS

Janots, E.; Engi, M.; Berger, A.
Phase relations and prograde evolution of REE minerals from diagenetic to amphibolite facies conditions in pelites from the Central Alps, with implications to geochronology

Rubio-Ordóñez, A.; Cuesta, A.; Gallastegui, G.; Suárez, O; Pupin, J.P.; Corretgé, L.G.
Zircon morphology vs. whole-rock geochemical characterization in meta-volcanic rocks

Tichomirowa, M.; Sergeev, S.A.; Matukov, D.I.; Berger, H.J.; Leonhardt, D.
Processes leading to disturbance of the U/Pb system of metamorphic zircons - evidence from SHRIMP analyses

Petrov, O.V.; Malitch, K.N.; Distler, V.V.; Sluzhenikin, S.F.; Shevchenko, S.S.; Matukov, D.I.; Presnyakov, S.L.; Knauf, V.V.; Lepekhina, E.N.; Khalenev, V.O.
Isotopic and geochemical characteristics of zircons from rocks of the Noril’sk-1 intrusion (Siberian Craton, Russia): preliminary results

Zaccarini, F. ; Morales, S.; Garuti, G.
Compositional variations of accessory chlorite from sulfide ore deposits and their mafic-ultramafic country rocks in the Northern Apennine ophiolites (eastern Liguria and Emilia Romagna, Italy)

Hovis, G.; Wattles, D.; Roux, J.; Person, E.
Thermodynamic Mixing Properties of Rubicline - Microcline Crystalline Solutions

Wiegand, B.A.; Wooden, J.L.
SHRIMP evidence for complex pre-Variscan history in the Western Bohemian Massif

Gaspar, M.; Knaack, C.; Meinert, L.; Moretti, R.
In situ LA-ICP-MS analyses of skarn garnets: insights into metasomatic processes and implications for Lu/Hf geochronology

Sulovsky, P.
Unusual alteration textures in allanite – a clue to metamictization processes

Baziotis, I.; Mposkos, E.; Skarpelis, N.
Raman micro-spectroscopy of carbonaceous material using the 633nm line of a He-Ne laser: application to the metamorphic rocks of Attica

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