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  List of Accepted Contributions - ST12 Open session on the ionosphere and thermosphere including connections to regions above and below

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Klimenko, M.V.; Klimenko, V.V.; Bryukhanov, V.V.
Numerical Modeling of Dependence of Equatorial Electrojet, Generated by Dynamo-field, from Solar Activity Level for all Seasons

Klimenko, M.V.; Klimenko, V.V.; Bryukhanov, V.V.
Seasonal Variation of Parameters of F2-layer and Upper Ionosphere in Solar Activity Minimum

Klimenko, M.V.; Klimenko, V.V.; Bryukhanov, V.V.
Seasonal Variation of Ionospheric Parameters at station Jicamarca in Solar Activity Minimum

Chargazia, Kh.; Aburjania, G.; Kharshiladze, O.
Mechanism of Amplification and Mutual Transformation of eigen modes in the Ionosphere

Aburjania, G.
Excitation of New Modes of the Global Weather Forming ULF Electromagnetic Waves and its Role in the Generation of the

Muella, MTAH; de Paula, E. R.; Cerruti, A. P.; Kintner, P. M.; Kantor, I. J.; Batista, I. S.; Mitchell, C. N.
Storm-time observations of TEC, scintillations, and ionospheric irregularity zonal drifts at equatorial and low-latitude regions

Oyekola, O. S.; Akinremi Ojo, R.; Akinrimisi, J.
Vertical drift velocity measurements at F-region low latitude ionosphere

Biktash, L.
Space weather effects on the generation of the equatorial scintillation during geomagnetic storms (withdrawn)

Lomidze, L. N.; Didebulidze, G. G.
Multilayer structures in the ionosphere F2 layer as a result of the presence of a shear excited vortical perturbation (withdrawn)

Gudadze, N. B.; Didebulidze, G. G.; Lomidze, L. N.; Marsagishvili, M. A.; Javakhishvili, G. Sh; Shepherd, M. G.
Different long-term trends of the oxygen red 630 nm line nightglow intensity as a result of lowering the ionosphere F2 layer (withdrawn)

Garcia, G.; Forme, F.
A kinetic model for runaway electrons in the ionosphere

Aramyan, A; Bilén, S; Galechyan, G; Hrutyunyan, G; Mangasaryan, N; Soroka , S
Modeling and Natural Researches of Physical Processes in the Upper Layers of The Atmosphere

Liu, L.; Le, H.; Wan, W.
The scale heights based on the Arecibo incoherent scatter radar measurements

Tsurutani, B.T.; The Dayside Superfountain Team
The dayside superfountain effect: Observations and modeling

Vanhamäki, H.; Amm, O.; Viljanen, A.
Role of inductive electric fields and currents in dynamical ionospheric situations

Vanhamäki, H.; Amm, O.; Viljanen, A.
A new method to estimate ionospheric electric fields and currents using ground magnetic data from a local magnetometer network

Kozlovsky, A.; Aikio, A.; Turunen, T.; Nilsson, H.; Sergienko, T.; Safargaleev, V.; Kauristie, K.
Field-aligned currents associated with Sun-aligned auroral arcs in the morning sector

Kozlovsky, A.
Magnetospheric interchange instability with non-linear ionospheric feedback

Safargaleev, V.; Kozlovsky, A.; Sergienko, T.; Yeoman, T.; Uspensky, M.; Wright, D.; Nilsson, H.; Turunen, T.; Kotikov, A.
Optical, radar and magnetic observations of the magnetosheath plasma capturing during a positive impulse in the IMF Bz-component

Amm, O.; Fujii, R.
On the importance of the Cowling channel mechanism in the vicinity of the substorm breakup spiral

Amm, O.; Juusola, L.; Nakamura, R.; Sergeev, V.A.
Conjugate Cluster and MIRACLE observations during an omega band event

Berthelier, J.-J.; Onishi, T.; Pfaff, R. F.
Simultaneous measurements of electrostatic turbulence and plasma density fluctuations gathered by probes on the DEMETER spacecraft

Hargreaves, J.K.; Birch, M.J.; Bromage, B.J.I
D- and E-region effects in the auroral zone during a moderately active 24-hour period in July 2005.

Lühr, H.; Maus, S. ; Stolle, C.
First direct observation of the F region dynamo currents by CHAMP

Woodfield, E.E.; Aruliah, A. ; Holme, R.; Millward, G.
Effects of the neutral atmosphere on the Earth’s magnetic field after a storm.

Zherebtsov, G.A.; Pirog, O.M.; Polekh, N.M.; Romanova, E.B.; Tashchilin, A.V.
On the formation of afternoon troughs of ionization in the F-region in the East sector

Chung, J.-K.; Lee, W.-K.; Park, J. U.; Cho, J. H.
Comparison of FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC data with Ionosonde measurements in the mid-latitude

Webb, P.; Benson, R.; Grebowsky, J.; Bilitza, D.; Huang, X.
Global variations in topside ionospheric electron-density profiles over two solar cycles

Codrescu, M. V.; Fuller-Rowell, T. J.; Araujo-Pradere, E. A.; Fedrizzi, M.
Memory efects in the ionosphere storm response (withdrawn)

Yuan, Y.B.; Wen, D.B.; Ou, J.K.; Huo, X.L.
A hybrid reconstruction algorithm for three-dimensional ionospheric tomography

Semenova, N.V.; Yahnin, A.G.
Observations of the spectral resonance structures in the range of 0.1-5 Hz in Barentsburg on Svalbard

Zhao, B.; Wan, W.; Liu, L.; Ning, B.
Classification of ionospheric storm at the sub-equatorial ionization anomaly (SEIA) area in the Eastern Asian region

Wang, K.; Wang, Y.-C.; Su, H.-T.; Hsu, R.-R.
ELF emissions observed below 100 Hz at Lulin Observatory (withdrawn)

MacDougall, J; Jayachandran, P.
Polar patches

Zhou, Y.L.; Ma, S.Y.; Luehr, H.; Liu, R.S.
Wave-like structures in upper thermosphere from CHAMP accelerometer measurements (withdrawn)

Simon, C.; Lilensten, J.; Moen, J.; Holmes, J.M.; Ogawa, Y.; Oksavik, K.; Denig, W.F.
TRANS4, a new coupled electron/proton transport code - Comparison to observations above Svalbard using ESR, DMSP and optical measurements

Bencze, P.
Some remarks concerning long-term changes of the F region

Bencze, P.
Ionospheric sporadic E and HF radio wave propagation

Nesse, H. ; Sorbo, M. ; Stadsnes, J.; Mertens, C. J.; Evans, D. S.
Statistical evaluation on upper mesospheric temperature effects caused by energetic particle precipitation using NOAA and TIMED

Rothkaehl, H.; Krankowski, A.; Blecki, J.; Parrot, M.; Berthelier, J-J.; Lebreton, J-P.
Dynamic and fine structure of main ionospheric trough-unique boundary layer, recent, new in situ measurements and GNSS diagnostics

Nyland, I.; Stadsnes, J.; Søraas, F.; Sandanger, M. I.; Honary, F. ; Evans, D. S.
Comparison Study between Cosmic Noise Absorption and Flux of Precipitating Energetic Electrons (withdrawn)

Agapitov, O.; Milinevsky, G.; Zanimonsky, Ye.
Magnetized Rossby waves in mid-latitude ionosphere F-layer

Barthelemy, M.; Moen, J.; Lilensten, J.; Simon, C.; Thissen, R.; Lorentzen, D. A.; Dutuit, O.
Considering the polarization of the oxygen thermospheric red line for Space Weather studies: theory and first measurements

Balan, N.; Alleyne, H.; Aylward, A. D.; McCrea, I.; Andre, M.; Jensen, J.; Fejer, B. G.; Bailey, G. J.
Response of the Global Ionosphere to CME Events: Observations and Modelling

Boska, J.; Kouba , D.; Šauli, P.
Effects of geomagnetic activity on the E and F region ionospheric drifts.

Zapfe, B.D.; Mitchell, C.N.
Ionospheric Scintillation in the Northern Polar Region

Marghitu, O.; Karlsson, T.; Klecker, B.
Auroral electrodynamics on arc and oval scales: Insights from a new technique

Stauning, P.; Troshichev, O. ; Janzhura, A.
The unified Polar Cap (PC) index. Calculation procedures, quality control and interpretation

Vanina-Dart, L.B.; Sharkov, E.A.
The solar-ionosphere-troposphere coupling in the equatorial region

Truhlik, V.; Bilitza, D.; Zhang, S.R.; Triskova, L.
Comparison of Topside Satellite Electron Temperatures with Incoherent Scatter Radar Measurements

Steinbach, P.; Lichtenberger, J.; Ferencz, Cs.; Hamar, D.; Ferencz, O.E.; Berthelier, J.J.; Lefeuvre, F.; Parrot, M.
Parallel evaluation of spaceborne and ground-based VLF recordings: Comparative study of lightnings, spherics and whistlers in DEMETER data

Hamar, D.; Lichtenberger, J.; Steinbach, P.; Ferencz, Cs.; Berthelier, J.J.; Lefeuvre, F.; Parrot, M.
Recent results on fine structure analysis of whistlers recorded onboard of LEO satellites

Silbergleit, V.M.; Larocca, P.A.
Geomagnetic effects on the Center-West Argentina gas pipeline (withdrawn)

Silbergleit, V. M.; Elias, A. G.
Long-term variation of strong geomagnetic storms and its effect on ionospheric and telluric currents (withdrawn)

Choi, B.K.; Park, J.U.; Jo, J.H.
Real-Time Ionospheric Monitoring over South Korea using KASI GPS Network

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