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  List of Accepted Contributions - GMPV15 Precipitation and dissolution of carbonates - mechanisms, kinetics, solid solution formation and fractionation effects

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Sanz, E.; Ayora, C.; Cama, J.; Carrera, J.
Experimental evidences of calcite dissolution by mixing of carbonate waters: preliminary results

Rifai, R. I.; Holail, H.; Belkin, H.E.; AboEl-Safa, M.
Depositional cyclicity, diagenetic environments and porosity evolution of wadi El-Giddi Middle Jurassic coal bearing paralic sandstones, Central Sinai, Egypt.

Frisia, S.; Fleitmann, D.; Borsato, A.; Meibom, A.; Fairchild, I.J.; Susini, J.; Wooden, J.; Burns, S.J. ; Bradley, R.; Jercinovic, M.J.
Atmospheric sulphate increase in the past 200 years recorded in stalagmites from Italy and Oman

Dietzel, M. ; Kirchhoff, T.
Acidulous ground water – chemical and isotopic evolution

Benezeth, P.; Palmer, D.A.; Horita, J.; Anovitz, L.M.
Experimental determination of dawsonite stability and reactivity: Implications for geological CO2 sequestration

Kosednar-Legenstein, B.; Dietzel, M.; Leis, A.; Wiegand, B.; Stingl, K.; Benischke, R.; Baumgartner, M. ; Schrettle, B.
Historical Carbonate Mortar and Plaster - Isotopic and chemical signatures

Hänsel, S.; Dietzel, M.; Köhler, S.
Crystallization of calcite, aragonite, vaterite, otavite, strontianite, and witherite by CO2 diffusion technique between 10 and 30°C

Harouiya, N.; Kohler, S.; Dietzel, M.; Oelkers, E.; Renac, C.
The coupled apatite dissolution-pyromorphite precipitation process: A novel method for cleaning polluted waters.

Rinder, T.; Dietzel, M.; Leis, A.; Koehler, S. ; Klammer, D.; Reichl, P.
Calcite sinter formation in alkaline drainage solutions of tunnel buildings – chemical evolution and distribution of 13C/12C and 18O/16O isotopes

Köhler, S.J.; Cubillas, P.; Blanco, J.D.; Prieto, M.
Application of Aragonite Shells for the Removal of aqueous Metals from polluted Soils and Waste Waters

Prieto, M.
Crystallisation behaviour of carbonate solid solutions

Baraka-Lokmane, S.; Sorbie, K.
Effect of phosphonate scale inhibitor (DETPMP) concentration, application pH and adsorption on inhibitor and cation return concentrations in carbonate cores

Jamtveit, B.; Hammer, Ø.; Jettestuen, E.; Podladchikov, Y.
Growth of complex carbonate surfaces

Tang, J.; Köhler, S.; Dietzel, M.; Leis, A.; Prieto, M.
Experimental crystallization of CaCO3 polymorphs for trace element and isotope fractionation

Usdowski, E
Kinetics of carbon isotope fractionation and CaCO3 crystallisation upon the setting of lime mortar (withdrawn)

Fernández-González, A.; Cubillas, P.; Prieto, M.
Crystallisation of (Ca,Mn)CO3 solid solutions from aqueous solutions

Bosbach, D.; Marques-Fernandez, M.; Stumpf, T.; Dardenne, K.; Fanghänel, T.
Trivalent actinide coprecipitation with calcite

Toussaint, R.; Schmittbuhl, J.; Koehn, D.; Renard, F.; Gratier, J.P.
Stylolite formation: dissolution patterns of disordered granular rocks

Leis, A.; Dietzel, M.; Hänsel, S.
Modeling´13C/12C fractionation of dissolved inorganic carbon species and precipitated calcite along the flow path of natural streams

Wiegand, B.A.; Dietzel, M.; Leis, A.; Benischke, R.; Haensel, S.
Evolution of d13C and d44Ca in calcite and spring water (Carinthia, Austria)

A numerical approach to quantify volume and surface changes at the pore scale during CO2 sequestration from synchrotron microtomographies (withdrawn)

Böttcher, M.E.
The rhodochrosite-calcite solid-solution aqueous-solution system at low temperatures

Böttcher, M.E.; Bernasconi, S.M.; Simon, K.
Carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen isotope fractionation during experimental formation of pirssonite

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