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  List of Accepted Contributions - IS21 - HS1.3/NH2.8/NP3.11 Hydrological Extremes (co-organised by HS, NH & NP; co-listed in GM)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Kjeldsen, T. R.; Jones, D. A.
Model error correlation in a regression model of the median annual maximum flood

Kjeldsen, T. R.; Jones, D. A.
A revised procedure for pooled flood frequency analysis in the UK

Renard, B.; Lang, M.
Nonstationary frequency analysis of hydrological extremes

Castiglioni, S.; Castellarin, A.; Montanari, A.
Prediction of low-flow indices in ungauged basins through physiographical space-based interpolation

Allamano, P.; Claps, P.; Laio, F.
A simple model to assess flood risk in mountainous basins

Grimm, A.; Tedeschi, R.; Pscheidt, I.
The Influence of ENSO and Interdecadal Variability on the Frequency of Extreme Precipitation Events in South America

Laaha, G.; Blöschl, G.
An operational predictive low flow model for the Austrian province Burgenland

Bormann, H.; Pinter, N. ; Elfert, S.
Hydrological signatures of flood magnification in German rivers

Wegehenkel, M.; Kersebaum, K.C.
An evaluation of the impact of climate change on the water balance of a mesoscale catchment in northeastern germany – a case study

Bernardara, P.; Gailhard, J.; Dupeyrat, A.; Paquet, E.; Garçon, R.; Hendrickx, F.
Frequency analysis of daily rainfall in France

Sauquet, E.; Chopart, S.
Using spot gauging data to interpolate low flow characteristics

Matthews, D.; Brilly, M.; Gregoric, G.; Polajnar, J.; Houser, P.; Cosgrove, B.; Rodell, M.
Extreme Event Analyses from WaterNet: The NASA Water Cycle Solutions Network

Hurkmans, R.; Terink, W. ; Uijlenhoet, R.; Moors, E. ; Troch, P.A.
Effects of changes in land cover on streamflow generation in the Rhine basin

Terink, W.; Hurkmans, R.; Uijlenhoet, R.; Warmerdam, P.; Moors, E.
Hydrological analysis of remo climate scenarios developed for the rhine river basin

Beven, K.; Blazkova, S.
Estimating the frequency of hydrological extremes with uncertainty: Skalka catchment, Czech Republic

Viglione, A.; Blöschl, G.
Process controls on the mapping of rainfall to flood return periods

Uhlemann, S.; Thieken, A.H.; Merz, B.
A national set of coherent large scale flood events in Germany

Blume, T; Francke, T; Günther, K; Bronstert, A
Possible flood retention in an alpine landscape: A case study from the Upper Iller, Germany

Stahl, K.; Moore, R.D.; Allan, D.M.; Whitfield, P.
Hydroclimatic controls on late-summer low flow in British Columbia, Canada

Lepore, C.; Veneziano, D.; Langousis, A.
Lognormal Upper Tail of Rainfall Intensity and POT Values: Implications on the IDF Curves

Gubareva, T; van Nooijen, R; Kolechkina, A; Gartsman, B; Blöschl, G.
Extreme flood estimation by different probability distribution laws in different climatic conditions

van Nooijen, R; Gubareva, T; Kolechkina, A; Gartsman, B
Interval Analysis and the Search for local Maxima of the Log Likelihood for the Pearson III distribution

Gaal, L.; Szolgay, J.; Kysely, J.; Lapin, M.
On the possibility of using climatic forcing indices in the ROI method for 1 and 5-day precipitation extremes in Slovakia

Woods, R.; Henderson, R.; Schmidt, J.
Estimating low flow statistics in ungauged basins of New Zealand using a mechanistic approach

Sivapalan, M.; Samuel, J. M.
Effects of multi-scale rainfall variability on flood frequency: a comparative multi-site analysis of dominant process controls

Lange, J.; Gunkel, A.; Shadeed, S.; Fischer, C.; Krier, R.; Morin, E.; Grodek, T.; Menzel, L.
New insights into the variability of water resources in the Jordan River Catchment

Guse, B.; Thieken, A. H.; Castellarin, A.; Merz, B.
Probabilistic regional envelope curves in Saxony/Germany using two methods to form homogeneous regions

Wong, W.K.; Chen, Y.D.; Jiang, T.; Chen, X.H.; Hisdal, H.; Xu, C-Y.
A statistical study of drought characteristics of the Pearl River Basin, China (withdrawn)

Kanellou, E.; Tsiros, E.; Domenikiotis, C.; Dalezios, N.R.
Meteorological and Agrohydrological drought monitoring based on conventional and remotely sensed data

Van Loon, A.F.; Van Lanen, H.A.J
Drought propagation through the terrestrial part of the hydrological cycle – How to move forward? (withdrawn)

Horvat, A.; Rakovec, J.; Kobold, M.; Vertačnik, G.; Primoľič, M.; ©irca, A.; Gorąak, D.; Brilly, M.
Probable Maximum Flow Calculation

Niemeyer, S.; Laguardia, G. ; Kurnik, B.; Rossi, S.
Online pre-operational drought monitoring at the European scale

Bell, V. A.; Moore , R. J.; Cole , S. J.; Kay , A. L.; Davies , H. N.; Jones, R. G.; Reynard , N. S.
Estimation of extreme river flows over the UK using rainfall and potential evaporation estimates from both a Regional Climate Model and observations

Thorndycraft, V.; Benito, G.; Rico, M.; Sopeńa, A.; Sánchez-Moya, Y.; Barriendos, M.; Casas, A.
A long-term perspective on flood response to climatic variability and human impact: Evidence from Spanish palaeoflood records

Pásztor, L.; Pálfai, I.; Bozán, Cs.; Körösparti, J.; Bakacsi, Zs.; Szabó, J.
Regionalization of lowland excess water hazard

Machlica, A.; Stojkovova, M.; Fendekova, M.
Assessment of hydrological drought occurrence in Nitra River catchment (Slovakia) in the period 1976 – 2005

Tagliaferri, L.; Merz, R.; Castellarin, A.; Blöschl, G.
Probabilistic depth-duration envelope curves for Austria and Italy

Longobardi, A.; Villani, P.
Low flows regional pattern defined by catchment properties and climatic forcing

Hiscock, K.; Sparkes, R.; Hodgson, A.; Martin, J.L.; Taniguchi, M.
Evaluation of future climate change impacts in Europe on potential groundwater recharge

Kumar, R.; Samaniego, L.
Investigation of seasonal low- and high-flow characteristics in a mesoscale basin using a process-based distributed hydrologic model

Jutla, A
On Probability Distribution of Extreme Precipitation Events

de Lima, M.I.P
Temporal multifractal signature of river discharge

Malmir, M; Kholghi, M
Low streamflow frequency analysis and its application in environmental planning

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