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  List of Accepted Contributions - GMPV9 Magmatic differentiation: current ideas and future developments (including Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Medal Lecture)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Sharkov, E.
Mechanisms of realization of physicochemical regularities during solidification of layered intrusions

Andreeva, I.A.; Kovalenko, V.I.; Yarmolyuk, V.V.
Silicate-fluoride liquid immiscibility: evidence from melt inclusions study

Solovova, I.P.; Girnis, A.V.; Ryabchikov, I.D.
Carbonatic melt and its genetic link with ultropotassic rocks of the Dunkeldyk complex, southeastern Pamirs (Tajik Republic)

Helmy, H.; Yoshikawa, M.; Shibata, T.; Arai, S.; Kagami, H.
Petrology of the Genina Gharbia mafic-ultramafic intrusion, Eastern Desert, Egypt: insight to deep levels of late-Precambrian island arcs

Monsef, R; Emami, M.H
The evolution and geochemical aspect of megaporphyritic basic- intermediate lava in Azerbaijan Iran

Belousov, I; Portnyagin, M; Mironov, N
Composition and evolution of parental melt of Karymsky volcano (Kamchatka) inferred from study of melt inclusions in olivine

Shafaii Moghadam, H.; Rahgoshay, M.; Whitechurch, H.
The Nain-Baft ophiolites: an evidence of back-arc basin spreading in the active margin of the Iranian continent (withdrawn)

Kovalskaya, T.N.; Kovalsky, A.M. ; Kotelnikov, A.R.
Mineralogy and magmatic evolution of PR alkaline Tiksheozerskiy massif (Northen Karelia, Russia).

Prokof'ev, V.; Baksheev, I.; Zorina, L.; Kryazhev, S.
CONDITIONS OF TOURMALINIZATION FORMATIONS EASTERN TRANSBAYKALIA GOLD DEPOSITS, RELATED WITH MESOZOIC RIFTOGENIC VOLKANISM (RUSSIA)Chemical composition and formation conditions of tourmaline from matrix of ore veins of the Eastern Transbaykaliae gold deposits (Darasun, Talatuy, Baley, Sredne-Golgotay, Teremkin and Borovushka) have been studied. All these deposits are spatially related to the Na- and K-rich masozoic riftogenic porphyry-type subvolcanic intrusive bodies. (withdrawn)

Konilov , A.N. ; Somin , M.L.
A record of Late Paleozoic regional metamorphism in the gneiss-migmatite core of the Great Caucasus

Borodina, E.V.
Using computer programs to model fractional differentiation in magma chambers. Estimation of layered intrusions parental magma

Słaby, E.; Götze, J.
Cathodoluminescence and geochemical studies on crystal growth as a marker of magma mingling dynamics

Meade, F.C.; Troll, V.R.; Ellam, R.M.; Font, L.; Chadwick, J.P.
Relative timing of crustal contamination processes: Carlingford Igneous Centre, Republic of Ireland

Poli, G.; Perugini, D.; Petrelli, M.
Viscous fingering during replenishment of felsic magma chambers by continuous inputs of mafic magmas: field evidence and fluid-mechanics experiments

Perugini, D.; Petrelli, M.; Poli, G.
Diffusive fractionation of trace elements by chaotic mixing of magmas

Martin, E.; Sigmarsson, O.
Crustal thermal state and origin of silicic magma in Iceland: the case of Torfajökull, Ljósufjöll and Snćfellsjökull volcanoes

Troll, V.R.; Nicoll, G.R.; Meade, F.C.; Ellam, R.M.; Emeleus, C.H.; Font, L.; Donaldson, C.H.; Meighan, I.M.; Gamble, J.A.
The British-Irish Palaeocene Igneous Province revisited: influence of crustal composition on differentiation processes across five major crustal terranes

Meade, F.C.; Chew, D.M.; Troll, V.R.
Magma ascent at a major terrane boundary: crustal contamination at the Drumadoon Intrusive Complex, Isle of Arran, Scotland

Allibon, J; Bussy, F; Lewin, E
Modelling of in-situ crystallisation processes in the PX1 Miocene pyroxenitic layered intrusion, root-zone of an ocean-island volcano, Fuerteventura

Freda, C.; Gaeta, M.; Scarlato, P.
Crustal contamination during magmatic differentiation: the case of ultrapotassic magmas of Alban Hills (Central Italy)

Ferlito, C.; Viccaro, M.; Cristofolini, R.
Magma differentiation induced by volatile migration in the shallow plumbing system of active volcanoes: evidence from the 2001 eruption at Mt. Etna (Italy)

Fernández-Soler, J.M.; Acosta-Vigil, A.; Gómez-Pugnaire, M.T.; Comas, M.C.
Magma mixing in El Hoyazo volcanics, Betic Cordilleras, SE Spain

Acosta-Vigil, A.; Hermann, J.; Cesare, B.
Distribution and partitioning of trace elements during crustal anatexis: a LA-ICP-MS study of metapelitic enclaves within El Hoyazo dacite, SE Spain

Sřrensen, E.V; Sigmarsson, O
Major and trace element composition of the Hvítserkur ignimbrite, E-Iceland: preliminary results

Castro, A.; Aragón, E.; Moreno-Ventas, I.; Fernández, C.
Liquid immiscibility and magma flow in calc-alkaline glassy and plutonic rocks. Implications for magma rheology and differentiation in deep magma chambers

Gertisser, R.; Self, S.; Thomas, L.E.; Handley, H.K.
U-series and Sr-Nd-Hf isotopic constraints on the petrogenesis of the 1815 Tambora magma

Gamble, J.; Price, R.; Smith, I.
New Zealand Andesites: Priming the lithosphere for a supervolcano.

Krause, J.; Brügmann, G.E.; Pushkarev, E.V.
Magma Mixing in Gabbros of Uralian-Alaskan-Type Complexes in the Ural Mountains, Russia: Lessons from Trace Element Variations in Clinopyroxene

Nicoll, G; Troll, V; Donaldson, C; Ellam, R; Emeleus, H
Isotopic evolution of a large igneous centre; insights from the Isle of Rum, Scotland.

Wiesmaier, S.; Troll, V. R.; Hart, G. L.; Carracedo, J. C.; Wolff, J. A.
Sr isotope systematics in feldspars from post-collapse lavas of the Pico Teide/Pico Viejo complex and associated rift zones, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Blake, S; Rogers, N; Smith, I; Wilson, C
Rates, mechanisms and environments of fractional crystallization of basaltic magmas

Ferlito, C.; Coltorti, M.; Cristofolini, R.; Giacomoni, P.P.
The contemporaneous emission of low-k and high-k trachybasalts along the ne rift during the 2002 eruptive event (Etna, Sicily)

Gardner , M.F.; Troll , V.R.; Hart , G.; Gamble , J.A.; Ellam , R.M.; Wolff , J.A.; Gertisser , R.
Shallow-level processes at Krakatau volcano: crystallisation and late stage crustal contamination

Meyer, R. ; Hertogen, J.; Pedersen, R. B.; Nicoll, G.; Troll , V.; Abratis, M.; Viereck-Götte, L.
Caesium as a geochemical tool to investigate continental crustal contaminations within LIPs.

Gregori, G.P.; Lupieri, M.; Poscolieri, M.
The isotopic chemistry of basalts as a tool to inferring their origin and dynamics

Gardner , M.F.; Gamble , J.A.; Ellam , R.M.; Price , R.C.; Troll , V.R.
Plumbing the roots of andesite volcanoes: evidence from short-duration eruptions in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand.

Pappalardo, L; Mastrolorenzo, G
Evolution and Opening of the Campi Flegrei super-volcano magma chamber.

Ribeiro, L.P.; França, Z.; Rodrigues, B.; Forjaz, V.H.
First approach to geochemical study of Săo Jorge lavas, Azores

Gagnevin, D.; Waight, T.E. ; Daly, J.S.; Poli, G.; Conticelli, S.
Complex magma differentiation history revealed by chemical and isotopic zoning in plagioclase phenocrysts from Capraia Volcano (Italy)

Altunkaynak, S.
Origin of Eocene granitoid magmatism in Northwestern Turkey: evidence from Nd and Sr isotopes, and trace elements

O'Neill, H.
What can the variations in chemical composition among the Earth and other terrestrial planetary bodies tell us about how terrestrial planets form? (Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Medal Lecture)

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