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  List of Accepted Contributions - HS9.1 Subsurface flow, solute transport, and energy processes: concepts, modelling, and observations (co-listed in SSS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Pang, L; Walshe , G; Nowostawska , U; Hunter, K; Flury , M; Close , M; Sinton, L; Leonard , M
Transport of MS2 phages in the presence of kaolinte in gravel aquifer media

Chen, C.-S.; Lan, C.-K.
Influence of tested interval length on and new shape factors of the multilevel slug test in a vertically heterogeneous aquifer

Liang, C.; Chen, J.
Analytical power series solution to the one-dimensional advection-dipsersion equation with asymptotic distance-dependent dispersivity

Shahedi, K.; Torfs, P.J.; Troch, P.A.; Uijlenhoet, R.
The role of bedrock geometry on hillslope hydrological response

Weihermüller, L.; Polmeier, A.; van Dusschoten, D.; Vereecken, H.
Imaging water and solute fluxes in porous media by Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Experimental and modelling results

Chen, J.-S.; Chen, Y.-C.; Liang, C.-P.
Analysis of chemical transport in a vertical circulation flow field

Anders, R.; Chrysikopoulos, C.V.
Transport of MS2 and PRD1 through saturated and unsaturated columns packed with sand

Kodesova, R.; Kapicka, A.; Lebeda, J.; Fialova, H.; Kopac, J.; Petrovsky, E.
Experimental and numerical study of fly-ash migration in sands of various particle size distributions

Radu, F. A; Attinger, S.
Simulation of multicomponent reactive solute transport in saturated/unsaturated flow by mixed finite elements (withdrawn)

Li, H.T
Using remote sensing data to automatically calibrate a groundwater model

Han, J.; Wuttke, M. W.; Halisch, M.; Kessels, W.
Numerical Modelling of Underground Coalfire Fighting by Saltwater in the Wuda Coal Mining Area

Pryce, O; Quinton, J; Heathwaite, L
Development of Fluorescent Polystyrene Microspheres as Tracers for Soil Colloids

Durand, V.; Léonardi, V.; de Marsily, G.
The estimation of recharge and the roles of the weathered layers and fractures in hard-rock aquifers assessed by a finite-difference model

Duwig, C.; Prado, B.; Raymundo, E.; Lopez, J.; Hidalgo, C.; Müller, K.; Etchevers, J.
Herbicide fate in an allophanic soils: comparison of several experimental and data analysis techniques

Wissmeier, L.; Barry, D.A.
Reactive transport in unsaturated soil: Comprehensive modelling of the dynamic spatial and temporal mass balance of water and chemical components

Spaaks, J.H.; Bouten, W.
Nonlinearity in subsurface stormflow generation: comparison of an explicitly nonlinear model to a Richards equation based approach.

Ratej, J.; Krivic, J.
Hydrogeological evaluation of future radioactive waste repository design using finite element numerical modeling

Robinson, C.; Barry, D. A.; Kouznetsova , I.; Gerhard, J. I.
BUCHLORAC: Program for predicting the buffer requirement for enhanced anaerobic bioremediation of chlorinated solvents

Fumagalli, L.; Guermandi, M.; Laruccia, N.
Modeling soilwater and nitrogen balances in the Emilia-Romagna plain

Brovelli, A.; Barry, D.A.
Three-dimensional reactive transport modelling in the vadose zone

Brovelli, A.; Malaguerra, F.; Barry, D.A.
Hydrodynamic changes of saturated porous media due to biomass growth

Michel, L.; Meheust, Y.; Bouquain, J.; Caudal, J.-P.; de Bremond d'Ars, J.; de Dreuzy, J.-R.; Davy, P.
Solute exchange between a fracture and the surrounding porous matrix: an analog experiment

Wuttke, M. W.; Han, J.; Halisch, M.; Kessels, W.
Application of numerical modelling to support underground coalfire fighting in the Wuda coal mining area

Bastock, J; Romero-Gonzalez, M; Wilson, R
Contaminant transport and fate in engineered charcoal remediation systems

Derx, J.; Blaschke, A.P.
Dynamic 3D numerical Simulations of Groundwater Exchange Processes at the Danube Riverbank

Canone, D.; Ferraris, S.; Lunati, I.; Or, D.
Characteristics of acoustic emissions during fluid front displacement in porous media

Marnach, S.; Ippisch, O.; Bastian, P.
Simulation of CO2 sequestration in geological formations using mimetic finite difference methods

Blum, P.; Iturralde, C.; Maier, U. ; Weede, M. ; Grathwohl, P.
Methods for the estimation of the mixing zones and the length of steady state contaminant plumes

Halisch, M.; Kessels, W.; Wuttke, M.W.; Han, J.
Petrophysical experiments for coalfire fighting by using saltwater in the Wuda Coal Mining Area

De Biase, C.; Baeder-Bederski, O.; Maier, U.; Oswald, S.; Thullner, M.
microbial contaminant degradation in vertical soil filter systems: analysis by reactive transport simulations

Engwer., C.; Bastian, P.; Kuttanikkad, S. P.
Using Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Numerical Upscaling in Porous Media

Dagčs, C.; Voltz, M.; Ackerer, P.; Fabre, J. C.
Simplified modelling of surface water – groundwater interactions based on coupled one-dimensional Richards and Boussinesq equations.

Hesse, F; Radu, FA; Thullner, M; Attinger, S
On the upscaling of the reaction-advection-diffusion equation in porous media with Monod-like kinetics

Mohrlok, U.; Radny, D.; Scheytt, T.
Experimental investigations of the dynamics of the capillary fringe

Spilotro, G.; Canora, F. ; Caporale, F.; Fidelibus, M.D.
Fine soils-water interactions: study methodologies and main results.

Mazi, K.; Koussis, A.
Quantitative assessment of well vulnerability by an efficient 2-D backward transport model

Huber, J.; Voelkel, J.; Leopold, M.
Periglacial slope deposits and saprolites controlling water discharge – results from a three years measurement on a test site in the Bavarian Forest, Germany

Barontini, S.; Bacchi, B.; Ranzi, R.
Ephemeral saturated layers in the vadose zone: some theoretical results for gradually variable soils

Mancarella, D.; Simeone, V.
EPR modelling of groundwater level response to precipitation

Farkas, Cs.; Flachner, Zs.; Bakacsi, Zs. ; Hagyó, A.; Tóth, E.; Szabó, J.; Németh, T.; Pásztor, L.
Evaluation of the soil water regime of the Hungarian Bodrogköz Region at profile and sub-regional scales

Kjaergaard, C; Mogensen, J; Hřj, A; Petersen, C
Effect of variable flow-pathways on in situ mobilization of soil colloids in structured soils

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