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  List of Accepted Contributions - HS3 Quantification of anthropogenic impacts on catchment hydrology and water quality for sustainable catchment management

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Gao, JF
Past and future effects of socio-economic development on the aquatic environment of Taihu Basin,China (withdrawn)

Jensen, B; Rasmussen, S; Thors°e, M; Bismo, M; Wahl, N.A.
GIS-based modelling of nitrogen loading at the catchment scale: a case study from the Karup ┼ catchment, Denmark

Krueger, T.; Schaerer, M.; The GRASP team
Evaluating the predictive power of empirical tools for the simulation of phosphorus loads under uncertainty

Skj°tt Linnberg , M.; Holmgren M°ller, F.; Wahl, N.A.; Westergaard, M.
Modeling the impact of groundwater withdrawal: a case study from northern Denmark

de Leˇn, H.; Lizßrraga, L.; Medina, F.; Nßvar, J.; Yutsis, V.
Evaluation of the aquifer impacted by the landfill of Linares, Mexico

Wendland, F.; Bogena, H.; Eisele, M.; Kunkel, R.; Schńfer, W.
Determination and ranking of target areas to plan and implement nitrogen reduction measures in catchment areas

Krein, A.; Iffly, J.-F.; Salvia-Castellvi, M.; Pfister, L.; Hoffmann, L.
Phosphorus and nitrogen input to the drinking water reservoir of the Upper Sűre River and the role of predams as a tool for reservoir water quality management

Branger, F.; de Sesmaisons, D.; Tournebize, J.; Kao, C.; Carluer, N.; Vauclin, M.
Improvement of a simplified subsurface drainage simulation model

Bronstert, A. ; Hundecha, Y.; Lammersen, R.; Niehoff, D.
Multi-Scale Modelling of land-use Change and River Training Effects on Floods in the Rhine

Bormann, H.; Breuer, L.; Bronstert, A.; Grńff, T.; Huisman, J.A.; Frede, H.-G.
Assessment of the effects of change in soil properties associated with land use changes by applying three different catchment models for scenario analysis

Stevens, C; Quinton, J
Field testing of mitigation options for phosphorus and sediment (MOPS)

Solntsev, V.; Motovilova, M.
Landscape principles of catchment areas planning

Koskova, R.; Brych, K.; Buchtele, J.
Estimation of runoff change caused by possible deforestation in two hilly catchments

Montreuil, O.; Merot, Ph.
Measuring the effect of valley bottom wetlands as buffer zones in large catchments.

Dean, S; Freer, J; Beven, K; Wade, A; Butterfield, D
Uncertainty Assessment of a Process-Based Phosphorus Model: INCA-P

Niggli, M.; Pozzoni, M.
Assessment of the hydropower management effect on the floods in the Verbano Lake area (Switzerland, Italy)

Krause, S.; Bauer, A.; Habeck, A.; Jacobs, J.; Morgner, M.; Bronstert, A.
Assessing the potential for controls on floodplain water balance and water quality due to the alteration of land management practices

Schiedek, T.; Schmidt, C.; Hartmann, J.; Kempe, S.; SchŘth, C.
Time series analyses of organic contaminants in the river Rhine

Kodes, V.; Leontovycova, D.
Complex monitoring of surface water quality in a national observation network

Perrin, J.L.; Tournoud, M.G.; Salles, C.; Picot, B.; Rodier, C.
Hydrological behaviour and nutrient loads in an intermittent Mediterranean river

Tiemeyer, B.; Moussa, R.; Lennartz, B.; Voltz, M.
MHYDAS-DRAIN: Spatially distributed modelling of a small, artificially drained lowland catchment

Branger, F.; de Sesmaisons, D; Tournebize, J.; Carluer, N.; Kao, C.; Vauclin, M.
Conceptual modelling of solute transport in a subsurface drained field using equivalent soil compartments

Bernard-Michel, C.; de Fouquet, C.
Geostatistical model of water disgarge in the Moselle basin (withdrawn)

Kunkel, R.; Berthold, G.; Blum, A.; Elsass, P.; Fritsche, J.-G.; Wendland, F.; Wolter, R.
Assessment of natural background levels and threshold values for groundwater bodies in ther Upper Rhine Valley (France and Germany)

Delgado, J.; Llorens, P.; Gallart, F.; Calder, I.
Simulating the effects of land use and cover change on hydrological processes and water balance in the headwater catchments of the Llobregat River (NE Spain)

Loos, S; Middelkoop, H
Linking seasonal nutrient load fluctuations to hydrological regimes by explicitly modelling water flow components

Bernard-Michel, C.; Fouquet, C. de
Some geostatistical models on hydrographic networks (withdrawn)

Reaney, S M; Lane, S N; Heathwaite , A L
Integrated land-water risk analysis for the protection of sensitive catchments from diffuse pollution

Pavanelli, D.; Bigi, A.; Rigotti, M.
Total nitrogen concentration in suspended sediment yield for three Apennine torrents: relationships and comparison among basins

Ondr, P.; Zlabek, P.
Nitrate concentrations in runoff and baseflow before and after grassing on systematic and sporadic drainage

Vachal, J.; Vachalova, R.; Vasinova, K.
Dynamic changes in the landscape structure in interaction with surface and ground water quality

O'Donnell, G. M.; Ewen, J.; O'Connell, P. E.
Modelling the Impacts of Land Use and Management Change on Flood Risk using Information Packets

Macleod, C; Deal-Cruz, J; Haygarth, P; Glegg, G; Scholefield, D; Mee, L
Development of geospatial data-based nutrient models at the global scale: influence of dataset spatial resolution on Kappa map comparison statistics and geospatial catchment descriptors

Haygarth, P. M.; The GRASP team
Phosphorus, sediment and colloid transfers from grasslands

Scholefield, P; Heathwaite, L; Schaerer, M; Brazier, R; Walling, D; Hodgkinson, R; Haygarth, P; Beven, K
Application of fuzzy decision trees in predicting phosphorus retention and delivery in headwater catchments in the UK

Susperregui, A. S.; Gratiot, N.; Esteves, M.; Prat, C.
Hydro-sedimentary characterization of Cointzio and UmÚcuaro dams

Holvoet, K.; van Griensven, A.; Seuntjens, P.; Vanrolleghem, P.A.
The Importance of a Measuring Campaign for Model Development: Modifications to SWAT for Pesticides

Deunert, F.; Fohrer, N.
Impact of crop rotations on water retention in agricultural areas

Pinheiro, A.; Cernesson, F.; Tournoud, M.G.; Kosuth, P.
Evaluation of uncertainties on water quality management of an agricultural catchment for different time scales

Ducharne, A.; Billen, G.; Brisson, N. ; Garnier, J.; Kieken, H.; Ledoux, E.; Mary, B. ; Viennot, P.
Compared impacts of direct anthropogenic pressures and climate change on the Seine River

Wheater, H. S.; Butler, A. P.; Ireson, A. M.; Jackson, B. M.; Mathias, S. A.; McIntyre, N. ; Wade, A. J.; Whitehead, P. G.
Catchment-scale modelling of flow and nutrient transport in the Chalk unsaturated zone

Fenrich, E.K.; Schnauder, I.; Bockelmann-Evans, B.N. ; Marx, W.
Effect of land-use change on nutrient pollution in estuaries

Steidle, D.; Gocht, T.; Kuntz, D.; Ruopp, K.; Moeckel, C.; Jones, K. C.; Grathwohl, P.
Monitoring of atmospheric deposition of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in different European catchments

Trancoso, A.; Braunschweig, F.; Neves, R.; Cortez, C.; Picado, A.; Mendonša, E.; Morbey, M.; Brito, F.
Modeling ecotoxicity: a tool in river basins monitoring and management programs

Sande-Fouz, P.; Miras-Avalos, J.M.; Vidal Vazquez, E.; Paz-Gonzalez, A.
Rates of erosion and sediment yield in an agroforestry catchment in Galicia, Spain

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