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  List of Accepted Contributions - SSP9 Cave Sediments (co-listed in CL)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Kempe, S.; Bauer, I.; Dirks, H.; Dorsten, I. ; Hüser, A.
Naturally damaged speleothems, a new facies caused by Glacial cave ice?

Forti, P.
Cave minerals as archives and proxies of palaeoenvironmental changes

Forti, P.; Pagliara, A.; Galli, E.; Rossi, A.; De Waele, J.; Borsato, A.; Zanchetta, G.; Shopov, Y.
Santa Barbara cave (Sardinia, Italy): some hundred million years of development as recorded in speleothems

Siklosy, Z.; Demeny, A.; Vennemann, T.W.; Kramers, J.; Leel-Ossy, Sz.
Stable isotope data and trace element variation from Holocene speleothems in Hungary

Couchoud, I.; Genty, D.; Ghaleb, B.; Gilmour, M.; Blamart, D.; Texier, J.P.
Study of speleothems in archaeological context: case studies from Southwestern France

El Anbaawy, M.; Helba, A.; Nassar, T.
Cave Deposits around the Farafra Depresion, Western Desert, Egypt. (withdrawn)

Frisia, S.; Borsato, A.; Spötl, C.
Non-equilibrium fabrics in speleothems: implications for palaeoenvironmental reconstructions

Verheyden, S.; Genty, D.; Cattani, O.; Van Breukelen, M.
Characterization of fluid inclusions in speleothems: heating experiments and isotopic hydrogen composition of the inclusion water.

Spötl, C.; Mangini, A.
Alpine glacier history during isotope stage 5 from speleothems: a case study from a flowstone near Innsbruck, Austria

De Geest, P.; Verheyden, S.; Cheng, H.; Edwards, L.; Keppens, E.
High-resolution Speleothem Records from Soqotra Island, Yemen: an approach to reconstruct Indian Ocean Monsoon Variability?

Cliff, R.A.; Meyer, M.; Spoetl, C.
Extending the dated continental climate record: U-Pb ages on speleothems from high-Alpine caves

Baldini, J.; McDermott, F.; Clipson, N.
Towards an understanding of phosphorus cyclicity in stalagmites: a year of P, TOC, and drip rate monitoring at Ballynamintra Cave, S. Ireland

Johnson, K.R.; Henderson, G.M.; Hu, C.; Belshaw, N.S.
Reconstruction of seasonal and inter-annual changes in the East Asian monsoon from multi-proxy analysis of Chinese speleothem material

Borsato, A.; Frisia, S.; Richards, D.A.; Miorandi, R.; Davanzo, S.
Discontinuous Holocene stalagmite growth from a shallow Alpine cave (Cogola di Giazzera, NE Italy): temperature sensitivity and hydrology control

Boch, R.; Spötl, C.
The palaeoenvironmental significance of laminated flowstones in caves: insights from hydrochemical monitoring and isotopic studies

Meyer, M.; Faber, R.; Spötl, C.
Extracting proxy data of high resolution from annually laminated speleothems: the WinGeol Lamination Tool

Atkinson, T.C.; Rowe, P.J.; Dennis, P.F.
Isotopic composition of palaeo-precipitation from a British speleothem : the temporal slope of d18O vs mean annual temperature over a 100 ka timescale

Baldini, L.; McDermott, F. ; Baldini, J.
Modern drip water oxygen isotope variability in Crag Cave, SW Ireland: Implications for palaeoclimate studies of stalagmites

Hoffmann, D.L.; Richards, D.A.; Smart, P.L.; Beck, J.W.; Paterson, B.A.; Mattey, D.P.; Hawkesworth, C.J.
Using high-resolution radiocarbon, stable-isotope and trace-element variation in Bahamian speleothems to investigate the climate-system during the last glacial period

van Breukelen, M.R.; Vonhof, H.B.; Kroon, D.
Results of 1 Year of Cave Monitoring in Cueva de las Lechuzas, Peruvian Amazonia

Dorale, J.; Lepley, S.; Edwards, R.L.
The ultimate flood recorder: flood-deposited sediments preserved in stalagmites

Vonhof, H.B.; van Breukelen, M.R.; Postma, O.
Continuous-flow fluid inclusion oxygen and hydrogen isotope analysis: a progress report

Mattey, D; Lowry, D; Fisher, R; Poole, C
New speleothem growth in New St Michaels Cave, Gibraltar: comparison of high resolution oxygen isotope data with local rainfall oxygen isotopes and the instrumental record

Zerboni, A.; Cremaschi, M.; Borsato, A.; Spötl, C.
The Acacus travertines (SW Fezzan, Libyan Sahara) and their palaeoclimatic significance: initial results

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