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  List of Accepted Contributions - CL045 Earth System Modelling: Strategies and Software

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Guilyardi, E.; Valcke, S.
PRISM: a sustained software infrastructure initiative for the Earth System modelling community

Zhou, S.J.; Spahr, J.; Zhang, S.; Cheung, S.
Coupling Earth System Models through ESMF

Schultz, M.G.; Stein, O.; Legutke, S.; Rast, S.; Eskes, H.; Segers, A.; Alkemade, F.; Peuch, V.H.; Flemming, J.; Brasseur, G.P.
On the coupling of chemistry transport models to an integrated numerical weather forecasting system with data assimilation

Stein, O.; Legutke, S.; Brasseur, G.P.; Schultz, M.G.
Coupling the global CTM MOZART3 to ECMWF operational forecasts via the OASIS4 coupler

Gayler, V.; Legutke, S.; Wegner, J.
The PRISM Standard Compile and Runtime Environments (withdrawn)

Ghattas, J.; Redler, R.; Ritzdorf, H.; Valcke, S.; Vogelsang, R.
OASIS: A code coupler for climate modelling

Ritzdorf, H.; Redler, R.
The OASIS4 multi-grid search for data interpolation

Valcke, S.; Morel, T.; Buis, S.
PALM: An efficient tool for dynamic coupled applications

Döscher, R. ; Wyser, K.; Redler, R. ; Meier, H.E.M
RCAO, the Rossby Centre Atmosphere-Ocean model

Larsson, C.; Wedi, N.
prepIFS, a software infrastructure tool for climate research in Europe

Steenman-Clark, L.; Bouton, K.A.; Hatcher, R.S.
Metadata for models, an essential element in Earth System Modelling

Strand, W
Climate model data management - future challenges

Tobis, M; Steder, M; Jacob, R; Pierrhumbert, R
PyMCT, PyCPL and PyCCSM: Toward a scripting layer in high performance climate modeling

Wilson, S; Christensen, C; Aina, T
Ensemble regional climate modelling using a global public resource distributed computing network

Park, W.; Keenlyside, N.; Redler, R.; Latif, M.
The Kiel Climate Model

Masson, S.; Luo, J.-J.; Caubel, A.; Madec, G. ; Yamagata, T.; Talandier, C.; Benshila, R.; Foujols, M.-A.; Levy, C.
The new SINTEX-Frontier coupled model on the Earth Simulator

Messager, M
A fully coupled architecture for atmosphere-vegetation-hydrology legacy models applied to the West African Monsoon

Treshansky, A.; Mullerworth, S.; Carter, M.
FLUME: the flexible unified model environment

Price, A. R.; Jiao, Z.; Lenton, T. M.; Williams, G.; Valdes, P. J.; Cox, S. J.
Exploiting the Grid for collaborative ensemble studies using GENIE Earth System Models

Flemming, J.; Mogensen, K. ; Redler, R.; Valcke, S.; Schultz, M.G.; Larsson, C.; Wedi, N.; Hollingsworth, A. ; Simmons, A.; Hortal, M.
OASIS4 at ECMWF - Coupling earth-system-component models to an operational numerical weather-prediction model

Jacob, R; Craig, T; Kauffman, B; Larson, J
Cpl6 and MCT: coupling software for the community climate system model

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