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  List of Accepted Contributions - BG5.2 Natural and anthropogenic environmental change as evidenced in high-resolution continental archives (co-listed in CL and SSP)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Court-Picon, M.; Walter-Simonnet , A.V.; Linoir , D.; Bossuet , G.; de Beaulieu , J.L.; Peyron , O.
Palaeoenvironments, climate and human impact during the Late-Glacial and Holocene in mountainous ecosystems: the high-resolution multi-proxy record of the Lauza peat bog (Champsaur, French Alps)

Wall, A; Magny, M; Gilbert, D; Millet, L; Vannière, B; Ruffaldi, P
Subfossil thecamoebians response to climate variations during the transition Lateglacial / Holocene: a case study from Lake Lautrey (Jura, France)

Wagner, B.; Lotter, A.F.; Nowaczyk, N.; Reed, J.; Schwalb, A.; Sulpizio, R.; Valsecchi, V.; Wessels, M.; Zanchetta, G.
The Glacial and Holocene palaeorecord from Lake Ohrid (Albania and Macedonia)

De Vleeschouwer, F.; Lamentowicz, M.; Piotrowska, N.; Mauquoy, D.; Cheburkin, A.; Le Roux, G.; Fagel, N.; Sikorvski, J.; Renson, V.; Fialkiewicz, B.
Recent climatic instability in Poland and the effect of the Little Ice Age on human activities

Shumilov, O.I.; Kasatkina, E.A.; Masloboev, V.A.; Kirtsideli, I.Yu.; Kanatjev, A.G.
The 4th technogenic timberline in dendroclimatology: Climatic sensitivity of tree-ring samples collected in polluted areas

Schulte, L.; Burjachs, F.; Barò, M.; Roten, L.; Julià, R.; Veit, H.; Carvalho, F.; Oliva, M.
Fan delta evolution and environmental changes in the Bernese Alps during Late Holocene: natural and anthropogenic contributions

Elmquist, M.; Zencak, Z.; Gustafsson, Ö.
A 700-year sediment record of black carbon combustion particles in Aspvreten, a Swedish background area

Reuss, N.; Hammarlund, D.; Rosén, P.; Rundgren, M.
Lake ecosystem response to changes in climate and nutrient cycling during the Holocene at the subarctic treeline in northern Sweden

Lawson, IT; Edwards, KJ; Church, MJ; Newton, AJ; Cook, GT; Gathorne-Hardy, FJ; Dugmore, AJ
Human impact on an island ecosystem: Pre- and post-settlement environmental change in the Faroes

von Gunten, L.; Grosjean, M.; Rein, B.; Urrutia, R.
A high-resolution summer temperature reconstruction for Central Chile back to AD 850 based on in-situ reflectance spectroscopy from lake sediments

Francus, P.; Crémer, J-F.; Verschuren, D.; Kröpelin, S.
Annually laminated sediments at Ounianga Kebir, Chad, characterized by micro-fluorescence core scanner (withdrawn)

Ilyashuk, E.A.; Heiri, O.; Koinig, K.A.; Psenner, R.
Holocene climatic changes in the Austrian Alps inferred from fossil chironomid assemblages

Daryin, A.; Kalugin, I.; Maksimova , N.; Ovchinikov , D.; Myglan , V.; Shaporenko , A.
High-resolution geochemical proxies of environmental change in annually laminated lake sediments and tree-rings

Valsecchi, V.; Finsinger, W.; Tinner, W.; Ammann, B.
Testing the influence of climate, human impact, and fire on the Holocene population expansion of Fagus sylvatica in the southern Prealps (Italy)

Castanet, C.; Garcin, M.; Lamothe, M.; Cyprien, A.L.; Camerlynck, C.; Burnouf, J.; Carcaud, N.
Response of the Middle Loire River to climatic and environmental variability during the last deglaciation (Val d’Orléans, France)

Enters, D.; Jahns, S.; Kirilova, E.; Kuhn, G.; Lotter, A.; Lücke, A.; Parplies, J.; Zolitschka, B.
Holocene palaeoenvironmental change in NE Germany: the multi-proxy record from Sacrower See

Newman, L.; Gibson, J.A.E; Hodgson, D.A.; Wagner, B.; Barmuta, L.; Swadling, K.M.
The response of the Antarctic freshwater fauna to past environmental changes

Heiri, O.; Ilyashuk, B.P.; Ilyashuk, E.A.
Chironomid-based reconstruction of Lateglacial temperatures and the Holocene thermal optimum in the Altai-Sayan mountain region, southern Siberia

Schneider, H.; Höfer, D.; Trog, C.; Daut, G.; Hilbich, C.; Mäusbacher, R.
Geoarcheological reconstruction of lagoon development in the Algarve Region (South Portugal)

Leroux, A.; Bichet, V.; Magny, M.; Walter-Simonnet, A-V.; Richard, H.; Gauthier, E.; Adatte, T.; Simonnet, J-P.
Evolution of detrital input to the Lac Saint Point (Jura Mountains, France)

Thielemann, A.; Daut, D.; Mäusbacher, R.; Raphael, F.
Investigations of the sediment dynamic and debris flow activity of Lake Braies (N-Italy) by using sediment traps and sediment cores

Engels, S; Helmens, KF; Bohncke, SJP; Bos, JAA; Brooks, SJ; Heiri, O; Väliranta, M
A multi-proxy record of environmental and climate changes during Oxygen Isotope Stages-3 and -5C from an unusual location: Finnish Lapland

Cremaschi, M.; Bernabò Brea, M.; Aceti, A.; Ferrari, P.; Mutti, A.; Pizzi, C.; Ravazzi, C.; Rottoli, M.; Salvioni, M.; Zerboni, A.
The Noceto “pool”: a detailed lacustrine anthropogenic record for the middle-late Holocene in the central Po Plain

Kuiper, S.; Lammertsma, E.I.; Heiri, O.; Hoek, W.Z.; Kasse, C.
A chironomid-based temperature reconstruction for the Younger Dryas – Holocene transition from a palaeo-channel of the Niers-Rhine, Germany

Finsinger, W.; ACCESA Members
Early to mid-Holocene climate changes on the Italian Peninsula: a pollen-based reconstruction

Axford, Y.; Geirsdóttir, Á.; Miller, G.; Langdon, P.
Climate events from the early Holocene to the Little Ice Age in North Iceland: Paleolimnological reconstructions from midges and other proxies

Lotter, A.F.; Heiri, O.; Brooks, S.; van Leeuwen, J.N.F; Eicher, U.; Schwander, J.; Ammann, B.
Rapid summer temperature changes during Termination 1: multi-proxy reconstructions from Gerzensee (Switzerland)

Garcia-Amorena, I.; Hodgson, DJ.; Marchant, R.; Tzedakis, P.C.
Time series analysis of long term palaeoecological records for the understanding of climate change impacts on vegetal ecosystems

Lamentowicz, M.; van der Knaap, W.O.; van Leeuwen, J.; Lamentowicz, £.; Mitchell, E.A.D; Kamenik, C.
High-resolution palaeohydrology of an Alpine mire since AD 1864: the impact of recent temperature trends

Olsen, J.; Björck, S.
Preliminary results from three Faroese lakes

Koinig, K.A.; Ilyashuk, E.; Hirt, A.; Tessadri, R.; Lami, A.; May, B.; Wagenbach, D.; Drescher-Schneider, R.; Psenner, R.
A multi-proxy approach allows disentangling oxic from anoxic and acid from alkaline conditions during warm and cold periods in a high alpine lake

Kamenik, C.; Gisler, P.; Grosjean, M.
The Central European heat-wave as recorded by chrysophyte stomatocyst assemblages in lake sediments

Westover, K.; Bigler, C.
High-resolution diatom-inferred climate reconstruction (AD1500 to 1950) from the eastern Swiss Alps

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