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  List of Accepted Contributions - SSS24 Soil organic matter – cycling of elements and characterization of stable C pool(s) (co-listed in BG)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Muylaert Araujo, M.A.; de Campos, C.P.; Rosa, L.P.
N2O historical emissions from animal waste manure management from domestic livestock

El-Sadek, A.
Simulation of nitrogen balance of maize field under different drainage strategies using the DRAINMOD-N model

Kocowicz, A.; Weber, J.
Accumulation of organic matter in anthropogenic soil profiles derived at subalpine zone in Sudety Mts. as result of touristic activity

Wahl, N.A.
Nitrate leaching from sandy forest soils with stands differing in tree species

Bruhn, F.; Prior, C.A.; Baisden, W.T.
An integrated research programme on radiocarbon as a tracer for carbon cycling in New Zealand soils.

Tatzber, M.; Stemmer, M.; Haberhauer, G.; Spiegel, H.; Katzlberger, C.; Gerzabek, M. H.
Carbon mineralization and stabilization in soils in response to different crop rotations and tillage treatments

Knicker, H.; Lindl, S.; Johnsson, L.; González-Vila, F.J.; González-Pérez, J.A.; Almendros, G.
Stabilization of nitrogen during peatification

Koelbl, A.; von Luetzow, M.; Koegel-Knabner, I.
Decomposition and stabilization of 15N labeled mustard litter (Sinapis alba)

Jehlicka, J.; Rouzaud, J.N.; Prochazka, R.
Structural, microtextural and Raman spectroscopic characterization of carbonaceous particles accumulated in peat bogs of the Bohemian Massif

Scheel, T; Dörfler, C; Kalbitz, K
Contribution of DOM-Al-precipitates to the stable C-pool

Miltner, A.; Kindler, R.; Hoffmann-Jäniche, C.; Lüders, T.; Friedrich, M.W.; Kästner, M.
Incorporation of microbial biomass carbon into the soil microbial food web and soil organic matter

de la Rosa, J.M.; González-Pérez, J.A.; González-Vázquez, R.; De Andrés, J.R.; Sánchez-García, L.; Hatcher, P.G.; Knicker, H.; González-Vila, F.J.; Terán, A.; Polvillo, O
Detection of nitrogen stable forms in marine sediments by high resolution magic angle spinning (HRMAS) 1H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR).

Descolas, C.; Bantignies, JL; Maurin, D; Granier, M
FTIR-derived ratios on sporopollenin

Krull, E.; Swanston, C.; Skjemstad, J.; McGowan, J.; McClure, S.
Chemical characteristics, age, weathering and transport of different pools of charcoal

Kalbitz, K.; Kaiser, K.; Bargholz, J.; Dardenne, P.
Role of lignin for litter decay and production of dissolved organic matter

González-Vila, F.J.; Almendros, G.; Knicker, H.; González-Pérez, J.A.
Occurrence of Stable N-forms in Chemically- and Physically-altered Peat Samples as seen by 15N NMR

Bekier, JB; Drozd, JD
Transformation of bitums and fatty acids during composting of municipal solid wastes

Habermann, J.; Ellerbrock, R. H.; Remus, R.; Augustin, J.; Matschullat, J.
Sequential extraction of a carbon-14 labeled soil from Halle, Germany

v. Lützow, M.; Kögel-Knabner, I.; Ekschmitt, K.; Flessa, H.; Guggenberger, G.; Matzner, E.; Marschner, B.; Ludwig, B.
A conceptual model approach to the stable carbon pool

Templier, J.; Derenne, S.; Mercier, F.; Barré, N.; Miserque, F.; Largeau, C.
Spectroscopic analysis of N-compounds in various fractions of riverine dissolved organic matter

Franko, U.; Kuka, K.; Kolbe, H.
Long term stabilised carbon as product of physical protection (withdrawn)

Helfrich, M.; Ludwig , B.; Mikutta, R.; Dreves, A.; Flessa, H.
Are chemical fractionation methods able to isolate stable soil organic matter pools?

Ellerbrock, R.H.; Gerke, H.H.; Kaiser, M.
Composition of stable soil organic matter fraction related to polyvalent cations

Kaiser, M.; Ellerbrock, R.H.; Gerke, H.H.
Effect of crop rotation and fertilization on soil organic matter composition of differently stable fractions for two long-term field experiments

Saari, P.; Saarnio, S.; Kukkonen, J.V.K; Akkanen, J.; Saari, V.; Luotonen, H.; Lyytikäinen, V.; Heikkinen, S.M.; Alm, J.
Dynamics of N2O as Indicator of the Function of Peatland Buffers

Kocowicz, A.; Weber, J.
Accumulation of organic matter in anthropogenic soil profiles derived at subalpine zone in Sudety Mts. as result of touristic activity (withdrawn)

Dell'Abate, M.T.
Thermal analysis techniques in the characterization of C stability in soil

Séquaris, J.-M.; Guisado, G.; Magarinos, M.R.; Moreno, C.; Sánchez, S.; Burauel, P.; Narres, H.-D.; Vereecken, H.
Effects of mineral surface properties on the distribution and sequestration of organic matter pools in five German agricultural topsoils

Moscatelli, M. C.; Lagomarsino, A. ; De Angelis, P.; Grego, S.
Soil carbon storage under elevated atmospheric CO2

Dorodnikov, M; Kuzyakov, Y
Thermal stability of soil organic matter fractions and their d13C and d15N values after C3-C4 vegetation change (withdrawn)

Eusterhues, K.; Rumpel, C.; Kögel-Knabner, I.
Composition and radiocarbon age of chemically stable soil organic matter fractions

Drozd, J.; Licznar, M.; Szajdak, L.
Nitrogen’s transformation in municipal solid wastes as an effect of different composting conditions

Szajdak, L.; Maryganova, V.
Chemical properties of humic substances from soils under shelterbelts and adjoining cultivated fields

Fernández-Getino, A.-P.; Guerrero, F.; Gascó, J.-M.
Fixed CO2 in two forest soils in Spain

Morier Jaquet, I.; Guenat, C.; Schleppi, P.
Retention of atmospheric N deposition in soil: results from two contrasting sites in Switzerland

Knicker, H.
Stabilization of soil organic N by biotic and abiotic processes

Piccolo, A.
Strategies of organic carbon sequestration in soil (withdrawn)

Al Chami, Z.; Mondelli, D.; Miano, T.
Effect of compost and manure amendments on zinc bioavailability in an artificially contaminated soil

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