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  List of Accepted Contributions - IG1 Stable Isotopes in Geosciences - Open Session (include special attention to Mass-Independent Fractionation)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Piotrowska, N.; Pazdur, A.; Halas, S.; Rutkowski, J.
Carbon and oxygen isotope record in carbonate sediments of Lake Wigry (NE Poland)

Brennner, I.B
Developments of plasma mass spectrometry in geoanalysis

Peres, P.; de Chambost, E.; Schuhmacher, M.
CAMECA IMS 7f-GEO: specialized SIMS tool for Geosciences

Hiraki, Y.; Kasai, Y.; Ozima, M.; Seta, T.; Seki, K.; Yamada, A.
High MIF atomic oxygen ions in Earth Wind (EW)

Schwab, V.F.; Sachs, J.P.
Alkenone purification for hydrogen isotope analysis by HPLC-MS: implications for paleoenvironmental reconstruction

Miller, M. F.
Oxygen three-isotope distributions in terrestrial carbonates, silicates and waters Insights and inferences from high precision measurements and a 'mass-independent' fractionation process

Aichner, B.; Herzschuh, U.; Wilkes, H.
Carbon and hydrogen isotope analysis of n-alkanes in aquatic macrophytes and recent lake sediments from the Eastern and Central Tibetan Plateau

Landais, A.; Barkan, E.; Luz, B.
The record of d18O and 17O-excess in ice from Vostok Antarctica during the last 150,000 years

Capron, E.; Landais, A.; Masson-Delmotte, V.; Barnola, J.-M.; Mulvaney, R.
Isotopic composition of the air trapped in the Berkner Island ice core (d15N, d18Oatm, d40Ar) over the last glacial period and the deglaciation (50-6 kyrs)

de Groot, P.
Stable isotope thermometry and climatology versus traceability An unfortunate situation?

Alexandre, A; Crespin, J; Sonzogni, C ; Hilbert, D
Oxygen isotope composition of phytoliths from tropical forests: towards a new paleo-climate tool

Onac, B. P.; Darmiceanu, V.; Sumrall, J.; Tamas, T.
Sulfur and oxygen isotope constraints on the genesis of gypsum in caves from Cerna Valley (Romania)

Hastings, M.G.; Alexander, B.
The global distribution of the oxygen isotopic composition in nitrate and sulfate (withdrawn)

Mandic, M.; Takac, D.; Lutz, H. O.; Roller-Lutz, Z.
Stable isotope composition of precipitation in Croatia

Kolodny, Y.; Rosenfeld, D.; Calvo, R.
Stronger tropical cyclones in the warmer geological past V a possible explanation for abnormally low 18O rain.

Aubert, A.; Lazareth, C.E.; Cabioch, G.
Sclerochronological and 18O study of the giant clam Hippopus hippopus shell. Application to Sea Surface Temperatures reconstructions

Sachse, D.; Sachs, J.P.; Gleixner, G.; Buchmann, N.; Kahmen, A.
Source-water independent processes influence the hydrogen isotopic composition of lipid biomarkers - Two examples: salinity and leaf water evapotranspiration

Dyroff, C.; Zahn, A.; Werle, P.; Freude, W.
Design and ground-based testing of a tunable diode laser spectrometer for airborne water isotopic ratio measurements

Tuzson, B.; Mohn, J.; Zeeman, M. J.; Werner, R. A.; Eugster, W.; Emmenegger, L.
QCLAS. A compact isotopologue specific analyzer for atmospheric CO2

Waechter, H.; Mohn, J.; Tuzson, B.; Emmenegger, L.; Sigrist, M.W.
Nitrous oxide isotopomer determination with a quantum cascade laser based spectrometer

Pack, A.
Determination of D17O by fluorination of silicates without cryogenic separation of NF_3

Fallas Dotti, M.; Van molle, M.
Describing vertical paths of carbon stable isotopes for soils of Costa Rica

Dublyansky, Y.; Spoetl, C.
Carbonate bedrock alteration during low-temperature hydrothermal karstification: a potential tool for hydrogeological paleothermometry using oxygen isotopes

Blessing, M.; Jochmann, M. A.; Haderlein, S. B.; Schmidt, T. C.
Compound-specific isotope analysis at trace concentrations: evaluation of a large volume injection (LVI) based method

Pickering, J.C.; Lyons, J.R.; Stark, G.; Blackie, D.; Blackwell-Whitehead, R.
Laboratory measurements of SO2 isotopologues for studies of the ancient Earth atmosphere, in particular for understanding the cause of Sulphur Mass Independent Fractionation.

Cuna, S.; Cuna, C.; Berdea, P.; Balas, G.; Szilagyi, E.; Magdas, A.
The study of mineral water resources from Oriental Carpathian area using stable isotopes (withdrawn)

Sonke, J.E.
Mass independent fractionation of mercury isotopes.

Halas, S.; Pelc, A.
New IRMS method of precise d37Cl measurement

Thiemens, M.
New Mass Independent Isotopic Measurements and the Origin of the Solar System

Bojar, A.-V.; Halas, S.; Bojar, H.-P.; Saran, J.
Regional implications of a Miocene acid sulphate alteration, Austria : insights from the H, O, S and K-Ar isotopic record

Petrov, O.V.; Malitch, K.N.; Shevchenko, S.S.; Tuganova, E.V.; Kapitonov, I.N.; Prilepsky, E.B.
Isotope-geochemical criteria in exploration for Cu-Ni sulphide ores associated with the Norilsk-type intrusions (Russia): constraints from S and Cu isotope data

Cisneros-Dozal, M.; Heikoop, J.; Fessenden, J.; Fawcett, P.; Kawka, O.; Sachs, J.
Glacial-Interglacial climatic shifts during the mid-Pleistocene in northern New Mexico, USA: inferences from \delta$^{13}$C and \deltaD analyses of lacustrine organic matter

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