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  List of Accepted Contributions - ST2/PS5.2 Theory and simulations of solar system plasmas (co-organized by PS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Antonova, E.E.
Large- and medium-scale plasma transport in the Earth’s magnetosphere and the formation of the spectra of magnetospheric turbulence

Buchlin, E.; Cargill, P. J.; Bradshaw, S. J.; Velli, M.
Turbulent heating and cooling of coronal loops

Panov, E.V.; Buechner, J.; Fraenz, M.; Korth, A.; Fornacon, K.-H.; Reme, H.
Magnetopause current sheet thickness and surrounding magnetic turbulence (withdrawn)

Servidio, S.; Carbone, V.; Veltri, P.; Primavera, L.
Nonlinear Dynamics of Hall MHD Equations: Spontaneous Excitation of Magnetosonic Fluctuations

Buchlin, E.; Verdini, A.; Velli, M.; Cargill, P. J.
Turbulence in anisotropic MHD plasmas

Galtier, S.; Buchlin, E.
Multi-scale Hall-MHD turbulence in the solar wind

Lee, K. W.; Elkina, N.V. ; Buechner, J.
Linearly unstable modes and nonlinear saturation mechanism in coronal current-driven plasma

Onofri, M.; Veltri, P.
Spectral anisotropy in magnetohydrodynamic turblence

Mann, G.; Warmuth, A.; Aurass, H.
Electron acceleration by the reconnection outflow shock during solar flares

Toth, G.; Gombosi, T.I.; Sokolov, I.V.; De Zeeuw, D.L.; Ridley, A.J.; Manchester, W.B.; Ma, Y.
Validation of the Space Weather Modeling Framework

Faganello, M.; Califano, F.; Pegoraro, F.
Two Fluid collisionless simulations on the Kelvin - Helmholtz instability and vortex induced inertial reconnection in the external region of the magnetotail

Kostomarov, D.P.; Echkina, E. Y; Inovenkov, I. N.; Reutov, M. V.
The magnetic reconnection in 3D structurally unstable solar plasma configuration

Panis, JF; Sahraoui, F; Belmont, G; Rezeau, L; Levrier, F; Falgarone, E
Incoherent waves v.s. coherent structures in turbulence: Fourier phase analysis

Nariyuki, Y; Hada, T
Parametric instabilities of parallel propagating incoherent Alfven waves (withdrawn)

Califano, F.; Pegoraro, F.
Two-fluid collisionless reconnection: transition to a vortex turbulent regime

Fahr , H.J.; Siewert , M.
Changing ion distribution functions at the passage of the solar wind plasma over the termination shock

Siewert, M.; Fahr, H.-J.
Analytic relations between the upstream and downstream distribution functions of an ion plasma crossing an MHD shock

Sauer, K.; Dubinin, E.; Mjolhus, E. ; Baumgaertel, K.
Banana-polarized solitons related to Ulysses observations

Garcia, G.; Forme, F.
A collisional kinetic model of the large field-aligned currents in the auroral ionosphere

Zelenyi, L.; Artemyev, A.; Malova, H.; Popov, V.
Stability of thin current sheets in the Earth’s magnetotail

Zelenyi, L.; Malova, H.; Popov, V.; Delcourt, D.; Petrukovich, A.; Shen, C.; Runov, A.
Multiscale and asymmetric current sheets in the Earth's magnetosphere

Vocks, C.; Mann, G.
Generation of supra-thermal electrons in the quiet solar corona (withdrawn)

Araneda, J.; Marsch, E.; Viñas, A.
Collisionless Damping of Parametrically Unstable Alfvén Waves in the Solar Wind

Ofman, L.; Vinas, A.F.
Heating of solar wind plasma by ion beams and waves: 2D hybrid

Chapman, S. C.; Hnat, B. ; Kiyani, K. ; Rowlands, G. ; Watkins, N. W.; Wicks, R.; Nicol, R.
Invited: Quantifying and modelling the scaling properties of solar wind turbulence.

Podgorny, A. I.; Podgorny, I. M.; Meshalkina, N. S.
MHD Simulation of Magnetic Field Evolution in Preflare State above the Active Region AR 0365

Modolo, R.; Chanteur, G.M.; Dubinin, E. ; Matthews, A.P.; Wahlund, J.-E.
Global hybrid simulations of planetary plasma environment

Gubchenko, V.M.; Biernat, H.K.; Rucker, H.O.
On energy, helicity and force characteristics of the generated magnetotail/solar streamer described in kinetic approach.

Berchem, J.; Richard, R.
Large-scale topology of magnetic reconnection at the dayside magnetopause: Results from global simulations

Pulkkinen, T. I.; Goodrich, C. C.; Lyon, J. G.
Solar Wind Electric Field Driving of Magnetospheric Activity: Is it Velocity or Magnetic Field?

Kuznetsov, E.; Passot, T.; Sulem, P.L.; Califano, F.; Hellinger, P.; Travnicek, P.
Theory and simulations of nonlinear mirror modes near instability threshold

Travnicek, P.; Hellinger, P.; Schriver, D.; Somr, J.; Paral, J.
Structure of Mercury's magnetosphere: three dimensional hybrid simulations

Sulem, P.L.; Passot, T.; Borgogno, D.
Generalized MHD for weakly nonlinear waves in the gyrokinetic regime

Lepreti, F.; Carbone, V.; Veltri, P.
Dynamical model for the spatio-temporal intermittency of the turbulent energy cascade: first results and possible applications to coronal loops

Schekochihin, A; Cowley, S; Dorland, W; Hammett, G; Howes, G; Quataert, E; Tatsuno, T; Yousef, T
Gyrokinetic theory and simulations of the turbulence in the solar wind

Cai, D; Lembege, B; Nishikawa, K-I
Current Disruption and Dynamics of the tail in 3D PIC simulation of the magnetosphere during IMF rotation from north to south

Hess, S.; Mottez, F.; Zarka, P.
Jovian S-bursts generation by Alfvén waves

Burgess, D.; Scholer, M.
Dimensionality effects in simulations of collisionless perpendicular shocks

Mottez, F.; Belmont, G.; Chust, T.; Hess, S.
Particular initial perturbations that kill Landau damping.

BELMONT, G.; Grappin, R.; Mottez, F.; Chust, T.; Hess, S.
Particle signature of linear Landau damping

Sadovski, A.
Electromagnetic waves generated by ion distribution with velocity space holes

Leubner, M. P.
Equilibria, scaling properties and intermittency as consequence of nonextensive duality in space plasmas: theory and observations

Bruno, R.; Bavassano, B.; D'Amicis, R.; Carbone, V.; Sorriso-Valvo, L.; Noullez, A.
Turbulence and anomalous scaling in the solar wind

Arnold, L.; Dreher, J.; Grauer, R.
Numerical simulation of expanding flux ropes

Alexandrova, O.; Grappin, R.; Mangeney, A.
Stability of an Alfven vortex: numerical evidence

Kartalev, M.; Amata, E.; Dobreva, P.; Marcucci, M.F.; Coco , I.; Savin , S.
Comparison of Numerical Modelling and Cluster Observations of Magnetosheath Flow near the Cusps

Zharkova, V.V.; Agapitov, A.
Energy exchange between accelerated electrons and protons in an RCS with variable electric field

Ferencz, O.E.; Steinbach, P.; Ferencz, Cs.; Lichtenberger, J.; Berthelier, J.J.; Lefeuvre, F.; Parrot, M.
Guided UWB transient phenomena in anisotropic plasmas

Divin, A.; Sitnov, M.; Swisdak, M.; Drake, J.
Reconnection onset in the magnetotail: Particle simulations with open boundary conditions

Guio, P.; Forme, F.
Zakharov simulations of Langmuir turbulence: effects on waves observed by incoherent scattering (withdrawn)

Roth, I.
Bootstrap electron energization at solar and planetary environments. (withdrawn)

Elkina, N.; Buechner, J.
The momentum transfer rate due to current-driven turbulence in magnetized plasma

Cai, D; Lembege, B
Hysteresis of Magnetospheric Structure Varying Southward IMF in Global Three-dimensional Electro-Magnetic Particle Simulation

Ridley, A; Wang, H; Yu, Y; Toth, G; De Zeeuw, D; Gombosi, T
Modeling Results From the Space Weather Modeling Framework During a Variety of Storms

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