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  List of Accepted Contributions - CL027 (Sub)Arctic Ocean circulation and climate change - natural and anthropogenic forcing (co-listed in OS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Mendoza, V.M.; Garduño, R.; Martínez, B.; Adem, J.
Climatic change in the north hemisphere due to change in the sea surface isotherms associated to the gulf stream (withdrawn)

Bertrand, S.; Hughen, K.; Giosan, L.; Tierney, J.; Sepúlveda, J.; Pantoja, S.
Late Holocene climate variability of South America reconstructed by a multi-proxy analysis of Chilean fjord sediments

Taldenkova, E.; Bauch, H.A.; Stepanova, A.; Strezh, A.; Dem'yankov, S.; Ovsepyan, Ya.
Fossil benthic assemblages document Postglacial to Holocene environmental changes at the Laptev Sea continental margin

Aagaard-Sørensen, S.; Seidenkrantz, M.-S.; Kuijpers, A.; Møller, H.S.; Ebbsen, H.; Jensen, K.G.; Kunzendorf, H.
Holocene hydrographic conditions of Ameralik Fjord, SW Greenland

Seidenkrantz, M.-S.; Davis Strait team
Hydrography of the Davis Strait since the Last Glacial Maximum

Seidenkrantz, M.-S.; Davis Strait Arctic Gateway Team
The Davis Strait Arctic Gateway: Ocean Circulation and West Greenland Climate since the Last Glacial Maximum (DASAG)

Hamilton, J.; Prinsenberg, S.
Freshwater transport through the Canadian archipelago

Alekseev, G.; Golovin, P.; Pnyushkov, A.; Sokolov, V.
Changes of warm Atlantic Water and fresh water distribution in the Arctic Ocean from observations for 1930s - 2005

Van Nieuwenhove, N.; Bauch, H.A.; Matthiessen, J.
A comparative study of past surface ocean properties in the subarctic using dinocysts and foraminiferal assemblages

Knies, J.; Rühlemann, C.
The paleoclimatic development of the Trondheimsfjorden during the late Holocene

Johannessen, H; Hald, M; Husum, K
Decadal to centennial climate variability 8000-1600 cal. years BP inferred from a proxy record in the subarctic Malangen fjord, North Norway.

Lloyd, J.; Moros, M.; Kuijpers, A.; McCarthy, D.
Changes in strength of the West Greenland Current over the past 400 years – evidence of natural climate change and anthropogenic warming during the 20th Century

Lange, C. B.; Pantoja, S.; Sepulveda, J.; Rebolledo, L.; Smith Wellner, J.; Anderson, J. B.; Hughen, K.
The Chilean Fjords

The decoupling of surface vs. subsurface water conditions in the Arctic during the Holocene: a ground for a re-assessment of sea ice conditions in the NW North Atlantic during the LGM and Heinrich events? (withdrawn)

Husum, K.; Alve, E.
Development of dysoxia in Norwegian fjords during the 20th century: natural or anthropogenic causes?

Klitgaard-Kristensen, D.; Koc, N.
Paleoceanographic development of the last two millennia in the Arctic, evidence from Hinlopen Strait, Northern Svalbard

Kandiano, E. S.; Bauch, H. A.
Surface ocean dynamics in the eastern Nordic seas during MIS 5e

Austin, W.E.N; Howe, J.A.; Cage, A.G.; Shimmield, T.M.; Gillibrand, P.A.; Bates, C.R.; Tilyard, P.J.; Baltzer, A.
Scottish sea lochs (fjords): testing the evidence for Holocene rapid climate change events (withdrawn)

Renssen, H.; Goosse, H.; Fichefet, T.
Contrasting trends in North Atlantic deep-water formation in the Labrador Sea and Nordic Seas during the Holocene

Hald, M.; Salomonsen, G. R.; Wilson, L. J.
High resolution paleotemperatures for the last 2000 years from the northern Norwegian continental margin

Ceramicola, S.; PLATES & GATES partners, IPY
Tackling Cenozoic variations of palaeoceanographic pathways in the sub-Arctic and North Atlantic Ocean (PATHWAYS - cluster PLATES & GATES, International Polar Year)

Maslowski, W.; Clement, J.; Jakacki, J.
On oceanic forcing of Arctic climate change

Slubowska, M.A. ; Koç, N.; Rasmussen, T. L.; Klitgaard-Kristensen , D. ; Hald, M.
Time-Slice Reconstructions of Ocean Circulation Changes at the Continental Margins of the Nordic and Barents Seas through the last 16 cal kyr B.P.

Vare, L; Shimmield, T; Black, K; Shimmield, G
Anthropogenic inputs of heavy metals to the Kongsfjord area, Svalbard.

Ebbesen, H.; Hald, M.; Eplet, T. H.; Salomonsen, G. R.
Sea surface conditions during the Younger Dryas and the Holocene on the western Barents Sea margin

Spielhagen, R.F.; Bauch, H.A.
Eurasian Arctic ice sheet margins reflect glacial climatic trends during the last 500 ky

Furevik, T. ; Sandø, A.B.
Atmospheric Forcing of Atlantic Water inflow to the Nordic Seas and Arctic Ocean (withdrawn)

Nam, S.-I.; Stein, R.; Lee, H.-K.; Bahk, J.J.; Chang, S.W.; Winkelmann, D.; Mackensen, A.; Matthiessen, J.; Niessen, F.
Glacial history and paleoceanographic changes of the Eastern Arctic Ocean during the late Quaternary glacial-interglacial cycles

Hanslik, D.; Nordberg, K.
The foraminiferal record of pollution and recovery of the formerly heavily polluted Idefjord, Sweden/Norway (withdrawn)

Nordberg, K.; L. Filipsson, H.
Ultra-High Resolution Late Holocene Temperature Reconstruction of NW Europe: Gullmar Fjord on the Swedish West Coast as a Key Climate Archive (withdrawn)

Bendle, J; Rosell-Mele, A
High resolution alkenone sea surface temperature variability on the North Icelandic Shelf: implications for Nordic Seas paleoclimatic development during the Holocene

Korsun, S.; Hald, M.; Khomenko, L.; Yoon, Ho-II; Nam, S.-Il; Forwick, M.
High-resolution marine Holocene record from an Arctic fjord of Svalbard: stable isotopes, micro- and macrofauna, geochemistry and lithology

Filipsson, H.L.; Bernhard, J. M.; McCorkle, D.C.; Mackensen, A.; Nordberg, K.
Proxy Improvement of d18O and d13C for Quantative Climate Reconstructions: Field and Foraminifera Culture-based Calibration studies -an Introduction to the FrISBEe Project

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