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  List of Accepted Contributions - BG1.07 Remote sensing for terrestrial biogeochemical studies

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

le Maire, G.; François, C.; Soudani, K.; Davi, H.; Le Dantec, V.; Saugier, B.; Dufrêne, E.
An inter-sensor and inter-year stable relationship for estimating forest LAI using within-stand NDVI variability

Wooster, M; Roberts, G; Perry, G
Full Dirurnal Characterisation of African Biomass Burning from Geostationary Remote Sensing of Fire Radiative Power

Verstraeten, WW; Veroustraete, F; van der Sande, C; Janssen, S; Feyen, J
Water limited ecosystem carbon fluxes estimated with C-Fix: inclusion of soil water derived with METEOSAT and ERS Scatterometer imagery

Knorr, D.; Shvidenko, A.; Schmullius, C.
Spatial modelling of greenhouse gas compartments for GIS-based terrestrial carbon accounting in boreal ecosytems

Herold, M.; Knorr, D.; Kornhaß, K.; Shvidenko, A.; Cartus, O.; Schmullius, C.
Building confidence in global VCF tree cover products? - A Siberia case study

Calvet, J.-C.; Beljaars , A.; Friend , A.; van den Hurk , B.; Moors , E.; Jarlan , L.; Lafont , S.; Demarty , J.; Voogt , M.; Jacobs , C.
The carbon observatory of geoland: results and prospects

Kimball, J.S.; McDonald, K.C.; Zhao, M.
Satellite remote sensing of terrestrial freeze-thaw state and its effect on northern vegetation productivity and land-atmosphere carbon exchange

De Roeck, E.; Miya, M.; Verhoest, N.; Samson, R.; Batelaan, O.; Meire, P.; Thomas, A.; Xu, Y.; Brendonck, L.
Remote sensing of temporary wetlands as boundary information for ecohydrological studies in the Cape Region, South Africa

Trudinger, C.M.; Raupach, M.R.; Rayner, P.J.; Reichstein, M.; OPTIC TEAM
The Optimisation InterComparison project (OptIC): evaluation of methods for parameter estimation in biogeochemical cycle models

McDonald, K.; Kimball, J.; Chan, S. ; Njoku, E.
Variability in seasonal freeze-thaw in the terrestrial high latitudes: characterization with spaceborne microwave remote sensing

Vescovo, L.; Gianelle, D.; Cescatti, A.; Marcolla, B.
The use of grassland reflectance data for quantitative remote estimation of NEE and GPP in a mountain meadow

Pintér, K.; Nagy, Z.; Kristóf, D.; Czóbel, Sz.; Balogh, J.; Fóti, Sz.; Barcza, Z.; Csintalan, Zs.; Dinh, N.Q.; Tuba, Z.
Relation of broadband NDVI and GPP in wet and dry periods in Hungary

Richter, N.; Chabrillat, S.; Daebel, A.; Kaufmann, H.
Experimental and methodological development for the determination of soil properties in land degradation studies using imaging spectroscopy

Beer, C.; Schmullius, C.; Lucht, W.; Reichstein, M.; Grünler, S.
Usage of different land cover maps within a DGVM: Effects on simulated carbon pools and fluxes in Siberia

Aè, A.; Malenovský, Z.; Pokorný, R.; Hanuš, J.; Marek, M.
Field imaging spectroscopy investigating PRI spatial distribution of montane grassland canopy in diurnal course

Carvalhais, N.; Seixas, J.
Ecosystem Production Modelling in the Iberian Peninsula

Raddi, S.; Cortes, S.; Pippi, I.; Magnani, F.
Remote sensing of photosynthetic processes by the Photochemical Reflectance Index (PRI)

Le Toan, T.; Delbart, N.; Grippa, M.; Kergoat, L.
Determination of growing season initiation using remote sensing. Comparison with in-situ CO2 measurements and atmospheric inversion in Siberia

Thomson, A.; Milne, R.
Remote sensing and greenhouse gas inventory: a review of current and potential applications

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