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  List of Accepted Contributions - GD04 Lithosphere - Mantle Interaction: Geophysical and Geochemical Constraints

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Doglioni, C.; Carminati, E.; Cuffaro, M.
Lithosphere-Asthenosphere decoupling

Ashchepkov , I.V.; Pokhilenko , N.P.; Sobolev , N.V.; Vladykin, N.V; Rotman , A.Ya.; Karpenko , M.A.; Kostrovitsky , S.I.; Afanasiaev, V.P.; Vishnyakova , E.V.; Logvinova , A.M.
Oxygen conditions in mantle column beneath Siberian kimberlites and it’s application to structure of feeding systems and layering

Ashchepkov, I.V.; Vladykin, N.V.; Karpenko, A.M.; Kuchkin, A.M.; Palessky, S.V.; Saprykin, A.I.; Khmelnikova, O.S.; Rotman, A.Y.
Ilmenite -metasomatism in the lithospheric mantle beneath the Sytykan pipe and Alakite region and its influence on the diamond potential.

Corti, G.; Ranalli, G.; Piccardo, G.B.
Softening of the lithospheric mantle by asthenospheric melt percolation and the continental extension/oceanic spreading transition

Boutelier, D.; Cruden, A.
On the relationship between flow in the asthenosphere and the subduction process: can mantle flow control subducting slab geometry? Insights from physical modelling.

Prelevic, D; Cvetkovic, V; Foley, S
Accretion of arc-oceanic lithospheric mantle in Mediterranean: evidence from lamproites and mantle xenoliths

Afonso, J. C.; Fernàndez, M.; Ranalli, G.
Combined geophysical-petrological modelling of the lithosphere

Portnyagin, M.; Hoernle, K.; Hauff, F.; Savelyev, D.; van den Bogaard, P.
New data of Cretaceous Pacific MORB from accretionary complexes in Kamchatka: Implications for the origin of depleted component in the Hawaiian hotspot lavas

Artemieva, I.M.; Billien, M.; Leveque, J.-J.; Mooney, W.D.
Can temperature variations alone explain large-scale seismic Vs and Qs variations in the continental lithosphere?

Garfunkel, Z
Factors conrolling the thickness of stable continental lithopshere and its changes with time (withdrawn)

van Hunen, J.; Cadek, O.
The Role of small-scale Convection on the Characteristics of seismic Anisotropy below oceanic Lithosphere

Korenaga, J.
Thermal cracking and the deep hydration of oceanic lithosphere: a key to

Le Roux, V.; Bodinier, J.-L.; Alard, O.; Tommasi, A.; Dautria, J.-M.; Vauchez, A.; Lorand, J.-P.
The spinel lherzolite at Lherz : a result of mantle refertilization?

Vauchez, A; Tommasi, A
Asthenosphere-lithosphere interaction: Effects on the microstructure and seismic

Loddoch, A.; Stein, C.; Hansen, U.
Temporal variation in the convective style of planetary mantles

Piccardo, G.B.; Poggi, E.; Vissers, R.L.M
The interplay of tectonic metamorphic and melt-related processes in the exhumation history of the Erro-Tobbio ophiolitic peridotite (Voltri Massif – Ligurian Alps, Italy)

Stein, C.; Hansen, U.
Low viscosity zone and mantle dynamics

Hillier, J.; Watts, A.
The size-frequency and spatial distributions of submarine volcanic features

Foley, S.F.; Andronikov, A.V.; Jacob, D.E.
Slow erosion of sub-rift continental lithospheric mantle : xenolith evidence for rising geothermal gradients beneath the Lambert-Amery Rift, East Antarctica

Tommasi, A; Godard, M
Magma-rock interactions above plumes: Effects on seismic velocities and anisotropy in the lithospheric mantle

Foley, S.F.
Alkaline magmatism and the rifting of cratonic lithosphere: behaviour of mantle solidi during sub-rift metasomatism and lithosphere erosion

Ashchepkov, I.V.; Sobolev, N.V.; Pokhilenko, N.P.; Vladykin, N.V.; Dobretsov, N.L.; Rotman, A.Y.; Afanasiev, V.P; Logvinova, A.M.; Kostrovitsky, S.I.; Vishnyakova, E.V
Fife –mineral concerned monomineral thermobarometry for the mantle columns layering beneath Siberian craton

Tappe, S.; Foley, S.F.; Stracke, A.; Romer, R.L.; Heaman, L.M.; Kjarsgaard, B.A.; Joyce, N.; Jenner, G.A.
Sr-Nd-Hf-Pb isotope evidence from alkaline magmatism on the Labrador Sea margins for the temporal evolution of a rift in the North Atlantic cratonic mantle lithosphere

Kusznir, N.J.; Izarra, C. ; Nippress, S. ; Booth, S.
Subduction mass balance, dynamic topography and its isostatic implications for the Central Andes

Dias, G.; Mendes, A. ; Simões, P.
Acid to intermediate/basic plutonic associations in NW Iberia: evidence of distinct mantle sources in late-Variscan times

Kendall, J-M.; Stuart, G.; Ebinger, C. ; Pilidou, S. ; Keir, D. ; Bastow, I.
Seismic anisotropy and rifting in Africa

Abratis, M.; Viereck-Götte, L.; Hentschel, R.; Munsel, D.; Cajz, V.; Ulrych, J.
Lithosphere penetrating structural elements determine the composition of magmas within the Central European Volcanic Province (CEVP)

Thoraval, C.; Tommasi, A. ; Doin, M.P.
Plume-lithosphere interaction beneath a fast-moving plate

Garrido, C. J.; Tommasi, A.; Lenoir, X.; Palasse, L.
Correlated Geothermometry, Geochemistry and Texture of French Massif Central coarse-grained Peridotite Xenoliths with Geophysical Manifestations of Plume-lithosphere Interaction

Korenaga, J.
Unstable tectosphere and the evolution of continents

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